Mobile billboard tours Peterborough to remind voters why their kids’ schools need Labour

Union initiative has embarrassed government for some time

The National Education Union (NEU) #SchoolCuts initiative – supported by an array of other unions – has long been a thorn in the government’s side. Since it was set up in 2017 it has drawn the attention of parents in the most concrete terms to the breadth and depth of Tory cuts to education funding – and allowed them to interrogate the SchoolCuts website directly to find out the impact on their children’s and grandchildren’s schools.

Now the initiative has gone mobile in a different sense, with a van touring to ensure that even less tech-savvy citizens get to see what’s happening to schools in their area. Today it is in Peterborough, warning voters ahead of Thursday’s by-election what is being done to their children’s prospects and what will continue if the country does not get a change of government:

If you want to check what is being done to your local school, visit https://schoolcuts.org.uk/ and enter your location or postcode.


The danger of further draconian cuts is not averted by merely avoiding a vote for the Tories. The Brexit party is even further to the right and more Thatcherite – and a vote for the LibDems or Greens simply empowers the right to continue channelling funds from the poorest to the richest.

Only a vote for Labour on Thursday carries the hope of the real change the country desperately needs.

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  1. Having looked at this week’s LabourList’s survey on the Peterborough by-election Labour really needs to do everything it can to get our vote out. We can’t let Farage win.

  2. Yes the NEU do a great job with this and you can’t imagine the Neo-Liberal Brexit Party reversing the Tory school cuts. But the other Neo-Liberals – Tories and Lib Dems set education into a further mess (following Blair) with the expansion of undemocratic and unaccountable academies “And it’s all right for bloody Nigel the bloody ex-public school boy!”
    Of course the first thing the Tories and Lib Dems did was TO PROTECT THE RICH with tax cuts for millionaires (some got an extra £100k) and for Big Business Corporations, so don’t worry rich and powerful this austerity stuff won’t effect you, it is only for working people.
    Oh and the Brexit Party would privatise the NHS and bring in Trumps chlorinated chicken!
    Get Lisa Labour in, in Posh!

  3. When AI has taken enough jobs the historic purpose of educating the masses – their added value to Capital – will be continuously threatened by Tories bent on tax cuts for the rich.
    We’ll have to make lifelong education a universal right – possibly an obligation – if we want to avoid a Googleopoly/Idiocracy future.

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