CLPD asks all CLPs to pass urgent motion at their next meeting

Left Labour organisation publishes model motion calling on NEC and MPs to give full support to Corbyn’s ‘unifying’ Brexit approach and to resist attempts to push party into abandoning ‘half of the population’
The Telegraph is hostile to Corbyn, but its Blower cartoon yesterday perfectly illustrates that Corbyn is the only political leader attempting to bridge the Brexit divide

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) is one the party’s major and longest-standing left-wing caucuses and has played a key role in many of the left’s successes since 2015.

The organisation has recognised the merits of party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts to reach across the Brexit divide and the dangers of abandoning half the population – and has asked local Labour parties (CLPs) to discuss and pass the following motion urgently to the National Executive Committee and to Labour MPs and peers (PLP):


CLPD is absolutely right. If you’re a Labour member, please put this motion to your next meeting and organise to ensure it passes.

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  1. Excellent move. Let’s hope it works.Shame about the rogue apostrophe, though (Tory’s, para 1)…

    Unexpectedly good Telegraph cartoon, too.

    1. “Unexpectedly good Telegraph cartoon, too.”

      Indeed, sums up the situation aptly.

      1. Telegraph? I seen it in the latest edition of ‘eye’ earlier today.

        (No, I haven’t read ‘rateater’ yet…If I decide to, now I now who it is :/ )

      2. Correction: It wasn’t ‘eye….But I DID see it somewhere else other than here (or the torygraph) today

        …I’m certain of it :s

      3. The Toffee… lol.

        Parody accounts have as much gravitas as most of the ‘real politics’ in UK these days…

    2. It’s Tories not Torys and it’s rein not reign.
      Since we’re being pedantic.

      1. Which I was, if you look. Similarly, it was “Tory’s”, not “Torys”.

        Well spotted on “reign”, though!

      2. timfrom, “rogue [redundant] apostrophe” clearly implies a belief that “Torys” is the correct form of “Tory’s.”
        I pointed out that error and another in the document – on which I would not normally comment – only because “a man’s got to know his limitations.”
        If any other contributors wish to fake adequate literacy I charge only £35.75 per hour.
        That was a free sample.

      3. You’re a con artist. I don’t think you’ll be getting any takers!
        My literacy’s fine, thanks. I don’t “believe” either spelling is correct.

  2. Looks like an endorsement of the 14% vote share rather than a strategy.

    Worth noting that Brexit is a *Tory* policy, and the ‘unexpectedly good’ Telegraph a *Tory* paper. 🙂

    Now – about policy …. and that slippage of 40+% of Labour support. As Einstein (allegedly) said ….

    1. I suspect timfrom is quite aware that the telegraph is a tory rag, as indeed many others are too.
      I suspect that was why he wrote “*Unexpectedly* good Telegraph cartoon, too.”
      (my added emphasis)
      But thank you for that accurate info.
      Though ,sadly, you included your usual attack on the party leadership.

      1. heenan73

        Thank you. You are quite correct in your suspicion! 😃

        Those remainders can’t resist a little needle, can they? After all, it’s what they’re here for…

      2. I doubt it will get anywhere near the amount of support that the pro referendum motion gets.
        However, given the extensive disagreements on this site as to what party members actually want, it looks as if we’ll get some indication from those motions (in addition to those polls and academic articles that we are told must be biased😄).
        Tell you what, anyone here want to predict how many CLPs will pass the CLP motion and how many the pro referendum one?

      3. “your usual attack on the party leadership”

        No. Attacks on a proven policy failure.

        But – that apart, I’m not in this Party as a nodding dog to anything any member of the hierarchy says, whatever their formal position, whether Blair or Corbyn is the leader (or Watson is Deputy Leader)..

  3. What is the agenda of an organisation that seeks to perpetuate what has been proved beyond doubt to be a disastrous policy for the Labour Party?

    1. What? Lying down and being trampled on over an unbridgeable divide?

      Sadly, I think yo’re right. The alternative cartoon might involve being speared by a fence.

      1. That’s what I love about RH … Whatever anyone says, he can always twist it into an attack on the party. Never misses an opportunity. Ever.

  4. This is yet another crazy attempt to introduce muddled thinking and CLPs shopuld have no part in it. Hasn’t the CLPD learnt anything from the Euro results? In a GE, those who do not want Brexit in ANY form will go to the Libdems or the Greens – Labour will be wiped out, no question.

    Those in the Party who have been advocating some sort of Brexit as a middle way have to realise that there is NO middle way, it’s Brexit or Remain and we have to fight for the best interests of the Country which is the also best for Labour, it is REMAIN. The far right need to have a proper opposition and not be appeased in any way whatsoever by those who do not have the stomach to fight them.

    1. REMAIN is good for Labour … if it wants to be a pro-austerity Party which places the capitalist system on a firmer footing.

      The EU free movement of capital alone guarantees that any Labour anti-austerity programme would crumble WITHIN DAYS as the corporations and the rich withdraw their money. Hence the Blairite adoration of the EU.

      That’s not to mention the EU constitutionalised privatisation, its veto right over state subsidies and its outsourced concentration camps raping and torturing non-EU refugees.


    2. Jack T. I have to concur. If SkwaWkbox finally gets this imminent General Election that he’s been going on about for ages, I will only vote Labour if it includes an unambiguous commitment to a Confirmatory vote, with remain being an option. Otherwise, I will vote Green and, if I’ve rejoined the Labour Party by then, I will leave it again.

  5. All that’s missing from this cartoon are the 500,000 Labour Party Socialists (who far outnumber the Neoliberals, Blairites and Traitors) supporting him from a rope walkway which spans the gap.

    1. Just out of interest, is this the 38% of the 2007 supporters who voted for Labour last week – or the rest who didn’t?

      Just asking – because I couldn’t work it out.

      1. Of course you couldn’t.
        Thanks for the confession.
        But hey, it gave you an excuse to attack Labour, which is all you ever wanted.

  6. This is a typically insipid word-stew spewed out by the CLPD word generator. What it boils down to is nothing more than “steady as we go” while Watson and co’s – never mind our external enemies – shrill attempts to do everything to undermine the democratic Conference decision and obviously Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Where are the PLP or NEC voices of support? The cowardly silence is deafening.

    1. I agree. We have two ‘vital motions’ doing the rounds, one apparently written by the LibDems, and one that murders the English language.
      I sincerely hope that neither get supported.
      We can do better. We must do better.

  7. As a Socialist for all of my adult life I have seen many politicians come & go or seen & heard them on television. Nye Bevan; Tony Benn; Dennis Skinner et al. I am having serious problems taking current Labour Party MPs seriously. For all his great attributes Jeremy Corbyn is not the great orator; the rest of the bunch leave me cold. Where are the leaders who inspire; where are the visionaries; where are the ambassadors of Socialism? I see Sir Keir Starmer; Emily Thornberry; Yvette Cooper; Tom Watson; Mary C…………..& I despair. I identify & share the values of so few, in fact none. Hypocrites! Jeremy is alone & he cannot form a Socialist government by himself.
    I have recently taken time to research & analyse IHRA Definition plus 11 examples of Anti-Semitism; their legal consequences & how it will affect the Labour Party & its members. Not only have the NEC adopted the IHRA definition +, but Labour MPs overwhelmingly voted for it……….but how does it affect you? Will you be expelled from the Labour Party if you say that Israel is a racist endeavour & are you breaking the law? I have written to EHRC requesting some clarification that is much lacking from our senior politicians. I will keep you advised.

    1. steve richards 29/05/2019 at 2:15 pm

      Thanks for doing something constructive. I hope you will share their reply with us all.

    2. Hmmm. You are merely picking up and repeating the “No great orator” negative meme of the Tory press and Labour Right, steve richards. But in fact those of us who have witnessed Jeremy address huge mass meetings of thousands of people – particularly during the 2017 General election campaign, will be able to attest that you are taking bollocks. Jeremy is not only an excellent mass rally speaker, but speaks with evident SINCERITY. That is why he is such a motivating and mobilising political figure. Of course if you hate his message – then you are going to denigrate his speaking skills. And completely contrary to that other negative meme about claimed “awkwardness, Jeremy is brilliant in one-to-one interactions too, the sincerity shining through. But then who takes your views seriously , given your obsessive bee in the bonnet about Jews and Israel ?

      1. I have much respect for Jeremy Corbyn who brought me back to the Labour Party after walking away with the advent of Blair. I have watched Jeremy live on numerous occasions & his confidence improves with time, but in my opinion his delivery is not comparable to Nye Bevan.
        Yes I do have a bee in my bonnet about the genocide of the Palestinian people by the IDF & strongly believe in a one state solution for the country of Palestine. I have another bee in my bonnet about the fact that I can not only be expelled from the Labour Party for saying so, but I could be breaking the law. Je suis Charlie Ebdo.

      2. ” But then who takes your views seriously , given your obsessive bee in the bonnet about Jews and Israel ?”

        The give-away line, taking the BoD position and conflating the words ‘Jews’ and ‘Israel’ into a linked phrase.

        Of course, the insupportable nature of the Israeli state is opposed by a host of Jews outside the fake establishment. And anyone who denies the fakery of many ‘antisemitism’ scam accusations either has difficulty keeping up or has ulterior motives.

        I find it inexplicable that anyone can have any doubt about the ill-intent from Israel and its allies in the UK ,towards Corbyn – or the wider background in the Middle East as outlined by Jonathan Cook.

      3. RH, I too thought that reference strange. I know that we’re all daggers drawn on Brexit here, but I thought that there was general agreement about the antisemitism smears. Seems JP has a different attitude.

    3. Yes Steve, please do. I hope you will be able to do so quickly. Unfortunately, I suspect your question is a bit too uncomfortable for ERHC to answer.
      We’ll see.
      Not sure why JP thinks your question is ‘bee in bonnet’; it’s an important issue.

      1. It’s worth doing – I’ve been trying to decide how best to phrase an enquiry about the criteria they are using and related issues (such as how they intend avoiding the traps – and whether they recognise such – set by political interests), whilst avoiding diverting into the details of the IHRA definition.

        I’m thinking that keeping it simple is the way forward.

      2. RH, good work. I’m happy to give some input if you want; you could put a draft up on here?

  8. Bottom line is Bercow has made another GE or referendum a certainty if they the cheap and nasties want out by October
    They can choose to face the people or be consumed by Brexit party post October
    Either way they go to country on a No Deal ticket which allows JC and Labour to stick with conference and 2017 manifesto pledge
    Excuse me while I have a moment

  9. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know but there are two stories tonight at odds with each other. One says that friends are telling Jeremy he must support Remain and a PV but his ‘closest advisers’ are saying the opposite.

    My advice to Jeremy if this is true is: DITCH YOUR CLOSEST ADVISERS, so far they have let you and hundreds of thousands of members, down big time.

    1. Election Maps UK

      European Election Voting Intention IF Labour ‘Became Pro Remain and Promised an in/out 2nd Referendum’:

      LAB: 36% (+12)
      BXP: 30% (-2)
      CON: 11% (=)
      LDM: 9% (-6)
      NAT: 4% (=)
      CHUK: 3% (-1)
      UKIP: 3% (+1)
      GRN: 2% (-4)

      Via @ComRes, 17 May.
      Changes w/ Regular poll.
      11:19 AM – 21 May 2019

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