Immigration lawyer’s viral thread highlights real tears May should be remembered for

Barbara Muldoon knows all too well impact of May’s ‘hostile environment’ conscious cruelty

Many, including the SKWAWKBOX, have pointed out that Theresa May’s self-pitying tears at the end of her resignation speech are nothing compared to the suffering she and her party have inflicted on huge numbers of vulnerable people during her time in government.

May was one of the shortest-serving Prime Ministers in UK history, but she was one of the longest-serving Home Secretaries – and as the personal architect of the despicable, consciously cruel and racist ‘hostile environment’ policy, it is perhaps the brutality of that policy that best defines why she is so undeserving of sympathy.

Certainly a short thread posted by an immigration lawyer, which quickly went enormously viral on Twitter, suggests so.

Barbara Muldoon served as an immigration lawyer throughout May’s tenure as Home Secretary and saw at first hand many examples of the hideous impact on the lives of those affected. In a ‘thread’ of seven tweets, she gave just a few examples – and they were quickly ‘retweeted’ thousands of times:

May infamously said that asylum seekers whose case was rejected should be deported first and appeal later. But few people would be able to imagine a regime of such cruelty that it wanted to deport a woman in a vegetative state, deport a family including young children over a parking fine, a nurse for submitting photographs that were ‘too dark’ or a woman who couldn’t describe a building she last saw three years ago.


Theresa May does not deserve sympathy, though the media have almost without exception talked up her distress.

She does deserve trial for her cruel and racist policies that even knowingly deported or barred UK citizens as it targeted those of a different skin colour and for continuing policies that have blighted the lives of millions of others – all while lying to the people about their impact.

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  1. Yes – this is an excellent reminder of the actuality of the hinterland of all the current political bullshit and the end result of using ‘furriners’ as a political trigger/dog whistle.

    Time for bottle and dropping the excuses for Farage voters – and telling it as it is; in the end there’s a line to draw – not an accomodation to be made.

  2. It is so utterly disgusting that Theresa May should weep for herself but not for others on whom she inflicted great suffering without hesitation.
    She has lost the top job due to being incompetent and over promoted but she still has a well paid job as an MP, she and her husband as are both extremely wealthy, well clothed, fed and housed.
    People in Sunderland are facing unemployment, a life on benefits and potential homelessness. I’ll save my pity for them and other victims of the callous and uncaring government Theresa May led.

    1. Aren’t Theresa & her husband shareholders in Lockheed Martin?

      They won’t be going short anytime soon…

  3. One of these appalling examples looks to be in relation to a student falsely accused of cheating. This is going to be another scandal created by May’s racist and heartless Home Office policies. Thousands of foreign students whose plans, hopes and careers have been shattered.
    Skwawkbox makes the point well; she was a terrible prime minister and an even worse home secretary.

  4. Yes goodbye to a Right Wing Tory Neo-Liberal Barbarian to be replaced by another who is possibly even more vile.
    But perhaps one of my poems from the last Tory leadership contest which also supports Jeremy could be dusted off:
    ‘As Gove the Grimest Reaper.
    In selfish search for fame.
    Stabs Boris of Big Brother.
    As Queen of Nasty lies waiting in the frame.
    And Tory internal slaughter.
    Brings forth our howls and derisions.
    But stands not alone a decent man,
    With pockets full of visions.
    Take care of this human.’

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