Knowsley4Corbyn talks to working class people about ‘Robinson’ – and shows Labour supporters a lesson

Local Labour group speaks directly to local people about so-called ‘Tommy Robinson’ and the dangers he poses – and lays out an important lesson for Labour supporters and the party
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A Merseyside Labour group has sent a message to local residents after the visit of far right European Parliament candidate ‘Tommy Robinson’.

The message, published in a Twitter thread, thanks those who turned out to help stand against Robinson’s message – but crucially, it also has something vital to say to those who turned out to listen to him: “we are not your enemy and the problems we face can only be solved together”:

The tone of the message is a crucial lesson to many Labour supporters – especially those who want to stay in the EU – and to many of Labour’s elected representatives.

No punches were pulled about ‘Robinson’s hateful message, or in condemning those who behave abhorrently. But by talking to those who feel angry and frustrated – or just curious – as equals, as friends and as people who face the same problems so many of us do, Knowsley for Corbyn reached across the divide, instead of building a wall.

Some Labour supporters are horrified by the rise of the far right exploiting anger over the failure of the Tories to enact Brexit and by those Labour MPs and MEPs who push the idea of another referendum – but react to their horror by attacking or talking down to those whose anger is being exploited.

But Knowsley for Corbyn talked to local working class people as people – as equals, friends and potential allies against common hardships.

If all of us who support Labour do the same, much of the power of the far right will be drained. And of course, more ears will be open to this week’s essential message to vote Labour – and to find solutions together.

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    The tone of the message is a crucial lesson to many Labour supporters – especially those who want to stay in the EU

    Why the specific reference to the majority of Labour Party members and voters❓

  2. The ONLY reason for the rise of this man is that the right-dominated Parliamentary Labour Party colluded with the Tories to stop us leaving the EU on 29th March. Had we left the EU already, he would have been crushed; and if we leave in October, he will be crushed.

    1. Danny 22/05/2019 at 6:05 am

      I’m not sure that crashing out of the EU in order to appease the likes of Tommy Robinson & Farage is a good look.

    2. A much more accurate description would be that Labour have been looking after the interests of the economy and working people by ensuring that we don’t crash out of the EU or leave on a bad Tory deal.

      1. Fear, uncertainty, doubt…

        I give you Greenland as a reply.

    3. Your comment describes Farage. Robinson wouldn’t be running if we had left, as there would be nothing for him to try to join.

      Robinson is always going to be around, as he is an Israeli paid provocateur.

    4. “colluded with the Tories”

      … I think that accurately describes the minority Lexiteer sect … May was precisely echoing their rhetoric about a second vote today in the Commons.

      The arse-about-tit argument about the right being parasitical on ill-focused anger is, of course, correct. But it isn’t dependent on Brexit, and quailing in the face of threats from the knob-head right, as Steve says, isn’t a great look for Labour.

  3. Guy Verhofstadt claims that Russia is financing the ‘Leave Campaign’ (whatever that is) as EU countries continue to sell arms to Israel & promote their adoption of the IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism. In Germany, support for the ‘Boycott; Divest & Sanction’ of Israel is now ‘illegal’ & officially Anti-Semitic. One of the great criticisms of Stalin was that the state controlled what you could think & say……………….Tommy Robinson eat your heart out!

    1. It amazes me how Russia can do so much around the globe with a GDP similar to Italy

      1. NVLA 22/05/2019 at 10:56 am

        “It amazes me how Russia can do so much around the globe with a GDP similar to Italy”

        That may have something to do with Italy spending 1.3% of their GDP whilst Russia spends 3.9%, 3 times as much.
        The actual figures are Italy US$ 24.9billion compared to US$63.9billion for Russia.

      2. Spending 1.3% on what?!?!

        The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Italy was worth 1934.80 billion US dollars in 2017

        The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Russia was worth 1577.52 billion US dollars in 2017.

        Both figures obtained from tradingeconomics.com

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