Keeping it real: Corbyn’s one-line pro-NHS put-down to Hancock goes viral

Labour leader needs just four words to put Health Secretary in his place – and send an unmistakable message to the people

Labour still dominate social media, in spite of the armies of suspectedly-paid trolls who attempt to mislead and clutter. In the end, you just can’t fake authenticity – as Jeremy Corbyn demonstrated yesterday with a Twitter response to hapless Health Secretary Matt Hancock that quickly went viral.

Hancock went outside his brief with a ‘lame’ attempt to rubbish Labour’s plan to renationalise utilities such as water companies – but Corbyn’s response and the reaction of Twitter users made it a Labour triumph.

Corbyn’s response – just four words long – dragged Hancock back to the area he’s responsible for and succinctly reminded the public just what Hancock, his predecessors and party are doing to the nation’s greatest treasure:

Well, three words and an acronym, to be precise.

The response was immediate and enormous. The message has been ‘retweeted’ – shared to all the Twitter followers of each sharer – thousands of times, along with hundreds of comments.

And what comments. The messages were almost entirely supportive of Corbyn – and withering toward Hancock and the Conservative party. Here are just a few from the top of the thread, with just a little censoring:


Who’d have ever thought there could be a ‘lite’ version of Jeremy Hunt? But Hancock has managed it.

Corbyn v Hancock is an extreme example of heavyweight v featherweight, substance v vapour, authenticity v PR. Statesman v placeman. A match that would never be allowed in a boxing ring and an embarrassment for the ‘JH-lite’ Hancock.

Labour – and its leader – have something to say to the UK’s people that they need and want to hear. The Tories always have to find ways to mask or divert from the damage they cause.

The ongoing and ceaseless damage to our health service is therefore the epicentre of endless and shameless Tory spin – but the truth can often be expressed in just a few words, as Corbyn showed.

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  1. Why does the cheap and nasty Tory party have a visceral hatred of public services in general and the NHS in particular
    Capatalism fails when it runs out of peoples assets to sell

    1. It’s not hatred, it’s greed, to share out amongst themselves and their minions.

  2. A pedant writes: Nope, Skwawkie, not “three words and an acronym”. It’s three words and an abbreviation. An acronym isn’t spelt out, it’s pronounced as a word – NATO, radar, scuba…..

  3. Wirral hard right Labour Council were keen to privatise the NHS locally. Then May 2nd happened. They’re now in No Overall Control and need the support of er, the local Tories and Lib Dem to do it.

    Yep, could not make it up.

    1. I see Wirral Labour Group have made my local councillor, Pat Hackett (Or ‘Pot Haircut’ as he’s known around here) their leader. He was only made mayor a few years ago after two other councillors turned it down. I wonder how many others put their names in the hat?

      And lord preserve us whenever he’s interviewed for local news…

    2. “Wirral hard right Labour Council were keen to privatise the NHS locally”

      Uh? What power has a local council to do that?

      1. They don’t. They were keen to jump through hoops to enable the local CCG to force it through. But now the old leader has gone, they’ve lost control and people power may now prevent it happening.

  4. Matt Hancock received regular salary payments from Neil Record, chairman of Institute of Economic Affairs that is funded by healthcare privateer vultures.

  5. Tory Neo-Liberal political Moron Hanncock.
    It is the labour of working people that makes everything work and really creates the wealth whilst the Neo-Liberal Tories legally nick the majority for the rich and powerful.
    And with everything including the NHS. the Tories know the price of everything and the value of nothing!
    Right wing Barbarians.

  6. I wonder if Hancock has shares in private healthcare companies? I would be very surprised indeed if he has not.

    Base, venal Tory bastard!

    1. Plenty of Labour MP’s do, too IIRC

      And some of them even accept ‘donations’ from WCA lobbyists maximus, like angela (ill)eagle & caroline (skin)flint.

      1. This is one of the reasons I’ve lost faith in Labour. Many of them are simply out to line their pockets. Some are content with the generous perks of being an MP, but some just can’t help themselves.

        When you consider that Labour is supposed to be about socialism, and “the many”, it’s surprising that it’s allowed or condoned by the NEC. There’s nothing socialist about accepting money from individuals.

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