Video: LibDem candidate accused of removing Labour election materials from letterboxes

LibDem hopeful in Newton, near St Helens, caught on CCTV removing items from voter’s mailbox

A LibDem candidate in a north-west election has been accused of stealing rival election materials from at least one letterbox in his ward – after being caught on a CCTV camera removing an item that appears to be a Labour leaflet while posting his own:

A local Labour councillor tweeted her opinion of the footage:

The LibDem candidate could not be reached but the LibDems have been contacted for comment.


With centrist parties languishing on single-figures in voting intention polling in spite of the supposed popularity of their ‘stop Brexit’ position, it seems some of them are showing signs of desperation.

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  1. I know stealing from the royal mail used to be a criminal offence but I guess it’s possible items delivered by other hands might not count.
    Attempting to subvert democracy by removing election materials from a letterbox certainly ought to be a crime.

    1. Technically, it’s theft, regardless of who delivered the leaflet.

      Don’t hold me to it, but had it been inside an enclosed porch IIRC it could be classed as burglary & theft as he’s then actually entered the premises and the implied right of access is invalidated.

      How did smith get on anyway, I wonder? Be most amusing if he’s elected then gets nicked at the result…

  2. I’ve delivered hundreds of leaflets in the last couple of weeks, and not one of them could have been lifted. It’s sloppy practice to leave leaflets hanging out. It opens people, and it tells burglars that they’re out. Poor training.

    1. Absolutely. Having been a postie meself, seeing examples of that is a massive bugbear of mine. Thats as well as these imbeciles who, despite a sign in my door window and one on my letterbox, persist in posting their garbage through my door.

      What next? will they do what that ukip canvesser did a year or two back and have a wee in my porch?

  3. Haha! Just look at the national LANDSLIDE this morning. Here’s hoping thousands upon thousands of similar videos make their way onto social media.

    Personally, I would self-harm or worse if I was ever reduced to such pathetic conduct, done in the name of the treacherous Tory Party Mark II.

  4. It’s always been a sneaky practice. That’s why when training people to deliver leaflets it is stressed that they must be pushed right through. Locally many houses have draft proof letter boxes (highly sprung, with thick internal brushes) that make pushing leaflets through hard on the hands, so we also use wooden spoons or spatulas (30p Ikea). They also prevent dog bites.

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