Breaking: Def Sec Williamson sacked after Huawei leak

Williamson dismissed for ‘conduct’ after investigation into national security leak

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has been dramatically sacked after an investigation into a national security leak.

Theresa May said his dismissal was ‘informed by his conduct’ and that she had lost confidence in Williamson’s ability to serve.

The government has been investigating since the leak of information, discussed at a top secret committee, revealing that ministers intended awarding part of a key contract to Chinese company Huawei. The company is the subject of concerns over possible cooperation with Chinese intelligence.

Williamson was expected to be a contender for the Tory leadership when May steps down or is removed.


And the Tories have the nerve to smear Jeremy Corbyn as a threat to national security…

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  1. Oh dear! Seems like Williamson’s baseless allegation against JC “betray[ing]” the country has rather come home to roost!

  2. That’s what happens when you send a boy to do a man’s job. Jail him!

    Penny Mordant is no better, she’s the one who lied when she said we didn’t have a veto over Turkey joining the EU.

    1. They should’ve appointed Rory Stewart instead. At least he’s been an actual, y’know, soldier! And a diplomat in Iraq.

  3. Strange that Theresa May didn’t think to mention this when she was in the House of Commons earlier today.

  4. Strenuously denying it of course.
    If he’s a good boy Jonathan Aitken might let him borrow The Simple Sword Of (Tory) Truth.

  5. My reaction to seeing the title of this email….. To roar with laughter.
    OK it’s not a laughing matter, but omg the spineless squatter finally worked out that you don’t “ask” members of the cabinet to resign so they can keep their perks when they have been “caught out”… Long list of those.
    Then that jumped up nasty bully-boy has at last got what he deserves, should have been sacked the first time he messed up, infact should never have been given a cabinet position…. Not even tea boy or cleaner!!!

  6. Is Penny, who stopped Turkey from joining the EU, (ha, ha) now gong to stop supporting Turkish and al Qaeda ambitions in Syria?

  7. Well … we can celebrate Williamson getting shafted. But he’s only a cipher in short trousers.

    What about the rest of the b’tards who continue auctioning the family silver because the UK now doesn’t have the technological capability to do large scale innovation and is buttering up China as it junks closer neighbours.

    … and it’s going to get worse.

  8. A government in total chaos, utterly not fit fir task.
    Get them out !!!!

  9. In the old days he would be guilty of treason and his head would be on a spike at the Tower !!

  10. Just SACK the effin lot of em !!
    I guess the nation must be utterly sick to the back teeth with all of these total and complete shitesters

  11. Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s the end of this Spiderman only what 290 of the other Bs’tards to go!
    It’s time for the Labour Avengers to fight homelessness, poverty, poverty pay, housing need, climate change etc. and to transform society under Super Corbyn!

  12. He’ll be back after 6 months. Disgraced ministers fromTory and NuLab don’t stay away from the trough for long

  13. It appears Williamson refused to resign because because it would be an admission of guilt and he is still vehemently denying that he’s responsible for the leak. It will be a little embarrassing if Theresa May got this wrong.

  14. Gavin Williamson hasn’t been sacked, he’s been demoted ! That’s all. Demoted for breaching Her Majesties Official Secrets Act. He’s still on the payroll of the tax payer !!!!!!!

    A social security claimant can be late for an appointment with the DWP and voila, all money sanctioned, stopped, zilch to live on. This system stinks

    1. I’m no fan of Gavin Williamson but he is strongly denying that he is responsible for the leak, claims he would welcome a police investigation and to date he has not been found guilty of anything

  15. has gavin williamson been sacked for giving away theresa mays next employers

  16. Is no one else alarmed at the substantive issue? I find it extremely alarming to have a private company with links to the Chinese government involved in sensitive aspects of our telecommunications.

    Labour’s clarion call should be to take the work in-house as part of our reversal of the hollowing-out of the State during the neoliberal decades.

  17. Listening to this morning’s early news reports (now the dust has settled a little) it is starting to look like this sacking may prove to be yet another example of Theresa May’s lack of judgement

    1. It’s simpler than that : he’s a twat. I wouldn’t trust him to keep a birthday treat secret, let alone anything to do with security.

      … but, of course, he’s not the real story … which is being in hoc to the Chinese in the area of advanced technology.

  18. Now the dust settles, it seems that a mandarin is behind his sacking. Mark Sedwill. Seems to have a lot of power too…

    The reason? Gav has started bleating about the EU army, and how we have lost the ability to enforce our sovereignty.

    I’m sure there was lots of denials about an EU army a few years ago…

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