Watson ‘storms out’ of ShadCab – because can’t have paper copy of manifesto

Labour deputy leader upset at viewing manifesto on big screen

Not happy: Tom Watson

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has reportedly ‘stormed out’ of this morning’s Shadow Cabinet meeting, after the party’s draft EU manifesto was displayed on a big screen in the room, rather than being distributed as a hard copy.

The party’s leadership, mindful of the fact that Labour’s 2017 general election manifesto was leaked, decided not to provide hard copies for the discussion.

Watson is a member of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC), so will receive one later at today’s NEC meeting – but apparently the absence of hard copies this morning was a blow.

A Labour insider told the SKWAWKBOX:

It’s just a precaution given the 2017 leak and a perfectly sensible one. He’ll get one at the NEC anyway, but he really wasn’t happy.

Tom Watson’s office has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Watson is a liability to those of us on the left who want to Remain in the EU. We don’t need this enemy of Jeremy Corbyn to support us.

    1. I agree about Tom Watson he should resign, Those of us on the left who want to Remain in the EU, Are you having a laugh ? Why would you want to stay in the European Union? the EU is a dictatorship run by a council of ministers they make a decision that’s the end of it, you can’t vote these psychopaths out, Look what’s happening in France the level of violence Macron is prepared to inflict on working class people, An attempted military coup is underway in Venezuela right now and the President of the European Parliament has welcomed it and thrown his full support behind the US backed mercenaries. This is all you need to know about the EU.

      1. Using such extreme language I’m not surprised you want to leave the EU, your tone follows that of other fanatical Leavers on these pages. It would do you good to do a little research into how the EU functions before you mouth off about it.

      2. I know exactly how the EU works, and It doesn’t work for the people, you only have to look at what’s happening to the yellow vests in France, French Police where attacking school kids with batons, tear gas and rubber bullets, for demonstrating against Macron’s Educational reforms, French police seen carrying claw hammers to use against gilets jaunes protesters in Paris and It’s still going on now, and you want to be apart of that ?.

  2. Tom Watson has undermined and attacked the party leadership and members for the last four years. That is simply a matter of public record.

    So of course he can’t be trusted to have a copy of the party manifesto, he would leak it in an attempt to damage the electability of the Labour Party.

    He betrays the Labour Party at every opportunity. His only political purpose is to prevent the election of a socialist Labour government.

    He is the best asset the Tory party has.

    1. “He is the best asset the Tory party has”
      If there’s a general election, I’m horribly afraid you’re right. He might as well move into the BBC studios and start rehearsing his autocue technique. A gift to the spinners.

      1. Hairnet, weren’t it?

        Whatever, in answer to David’s question; well they both look like bulldogs licking piss off a nettle bush, so yes.

    1. This is a bit neater:
      the trouble with change.org petitions on Internal Labour issues, is that there’s no way to know how many signers are labour Members , or even supporters.
      I don’t want UKIPers telling the labour party what to do. Or tories. Or tiggers. Heck, I don’t even want LibDems telling the party what to do, and heaven knows they need something to make them feel worthwhile!

      1. Sample comments from signers:
        “Labour are betraying the working man”
        “Although I am not a member of the Labour Party …”
        “All MPs are corrupt and liars”
        … Though I’ll grant you that the more intelligent Labour-haters are more than happy for him to remain as a thorn in the party’s side.

  3. he needed it so he could give it to Tig’s why else do you think they have donors that are funding him .

  4. It is such a real shame that the party had to present our manifesto in the way it did because someone present at the Shadow Cabinet meeting could not be trusted not to leak it to a hostile press. This illustrates what we are up against – non stop vilification by the MSM and the Tories and having to combat the enemy within daily.
    It is widely believed – rightly or wrongly – that Tom leaked the 2017 manifesto. However I can think of at least 20 MPs who would have done the same if they had had the chance.
    This is a big problem for us. Being a broad church accommodating various views is one thing but nominating and electing MPs whose sole mission in life appears to be to prevent a Socialist government is quite another.We need to have a complete clear out of all treacherous and disloyal MPs and the sooner the better given that we could be fighting a snap election in the next few months.

    1. After all, Chris Williamson was suspended for far less. Twatson the tory mole

  5. It’s no good having petitions against Tom Watson: we need someone on the Left to stand against him, so that we, the members, can vote for that other person.

    1. Petitions (and complaints) can’t do any harm in the meantime. Even if only a gauge of people’s opinon of the utter dolt for the MSM to take note of.

    1. France is a Mayor player in the EU, Macron and Chancellor Merkel have announced they support for an EU Army to complement NATO. the President of the European Parliament has thrown his full support behind the US backed attempted military coup in Venezuela. I don’t have to try to discredit the EU the EU does that very well on Its own.

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