More MSM fake – and crass – news: Karie Murphy is not acting GS – and Jennie Formby’s going nowhere

Second piece of outright fake news about Labour is callous as well as untrue
Great Labour women: Jennie Formby, left, and Karie Murphy

Another piece of wholesale fake news has been circulated by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media about the Labour Party – and the second is worse than the first.

This afternoon, the SKWAWKBOX confirmed that Robert Peston’s claim, that a Labour leaflet for the EU elections was being rewritten, was untrue – but this evening a number of media outlets have run with a claim that Jeremy Corbyn’s chief of staff Karie Murphy has been appointed as acting general secretary to replace Jennie Formby.

This claim is also entirely untrue.

But not only did the ‘MSM’ make the false claim, some even stooped so low as to try to exploit it to portray it as the cause of strife within the party:

Ms Formby announced some weeks ago that she is being treated for breast cancer, but would continue to fulfil the role except for time out for treatment – a point she underlined elegantly on Twitter this afternoon:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Just when you thought the ‘mainstream’ media couldn’t go much lower – clearly desperation at Labour’s strong polling is biting hard.

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  1. Tories are definitely rattled. There isn’t a good thing anyone can say about them. I wouldn’t like to be doorstepping this week with a blue rosette on my jacket.

    1. Christine, add quotation marks to your final sentence and that is exactly what most tory party members are thinking at the moment!

    2. Hullo Christine, I live in N. Yorkshire, Scarborough which is blessed to have a certain Tory ,Mr Goodwill (sic) as our M.P. Nobody knows what he looks like what his opinions are and if you were to to speak to the media it has been blocked. They never go on the knock in working class areas. We had a Redhands Regardsm.p during the dark days so it is feasible that Labour can return Corbyn since his personal popularity is high. Good luck to any Tory that goes knocking around here. Regards

  2. Absolutely appalling and disgraceful false reporting by politics home and the Mirror.

    They seem oblivious to the fact that the only damage they are causing is to their own credibility as sources for information.

    We probably currently have the worst ever generation of journalists in the mainstream media. They are worse than useless.

    1. “They seem oblivious to the fact that the only damage they are causing is to their own credibility as sources for information.”
      After getting away with much worse than this for generations they don’t worry about their credibility any more. The incredible thing is that Labour still hasn’t put together its own newspaper, run on socialist principles and is thus reduced to leaning on the goodwill of its enemies, such as The Guardian. Of which it can only be said that, when such media are supporting you, you are doing something very wrong.

      1. “Start their own paper” , is a very good idea bevin, perhaps not call it overtly anything Labour in nature , but its content is simply factual and only factual , rebutting and pointing out the lies of MSM stories against Labour with just facts and of course factual articles on what Labour is doing and stands for . Gather a broader range of information/news from around the world that our MSM don’t bother to report on and also perhaps run a section on political history and education .
        Building a reputation as a paper to go to to get the truth of things more than the lies of opinion of MSM owners.
        Base it predominantly on-line free but with the option to subscribe to pay for a paper version.
        Most of all IMO though is for Labour to implement Leveson 2 fully and completely ASAP once in power.

      2. We don’t have a Labour paper because no one wants to get stitched up and go to nick. Cheers.

  3. With every lie, with every falsehood, with every smear and half-truth and one-sided story, they sow the seeds of their own destruction (I don’t know if that’s true, but it would be nice to think so, and even if it’s NOT, it sounds good anyway!).

    The following is a link to the wikipedia newspaper circulation figures, and it makes interesting reading. For many of them their circulation has halved in the past eight to ten years, and if the present trend continues, the Sun and the Mail, for example, will be down to just two or three hundred thousand a piece in ten years from now. And check out the brief history at the beginning, it’s quite interesting too:


  4. It is absolutely despicable for the MSM to exploit Jennie’s illness in order to further undermine the party.
    Anyway so what if it caused her to take time off and Karie was temporarily acted up to cover? This is perfectly normal workplace practice.
    Jennie must never be made feel she has to work on if she is feeling unwell or exhausted. She has the same entitlement to sick leave as any other worker and she must take it as and when she needs it.
    It is well known that she is totally dedicated to Labour but she has to put her own health first now. If that means Karie, another capable and dedicated employee, standing in for her, so be it. It is beneath contempt and furthermore shows a lack of basic human decency for anyone to suggest otherwise.

  5. Haven’t you noticed that the press often write their wish fulfilments as ‘news’? Perhaps it gives them a temporary hit while the truth is uncertain until the real facts emerge. Something very heroin like is going on here.

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