Left breaks right’s hold in Dulwich & W Norwood

Left-wing Labour members take all major elected positions in another London constituency

Dulwich and West Norwood CLP (constituency Labour party_ broke the right’s longstanding hold on the CLP’s executive at its annual general meeting last night, winning all positions except those of women’s officer and BAME officer.

The left also won the CLP’s three seats on the Local Campaign Forum (LCF), the key body that oversees selection procedures and the constituency/area campaigns.

The local Labour MP, back-bencher Helen Hayes, participated in the 2016 ‘chicken coup’ no-confidence vote that attempted to topple Jeremy Corbyn but is not considered among the ‘hard core’ of the parliamentary Labour right.

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  1. No parting blasts of ‘Antisemites, misogynists, extreme-left bullies, trots and stalinists’ or owt of that order to report about?

    Not that matters if there wasn’t anyway; we’ll still see kuenssberg, neil and the rest of them rubbing their hands in their delusion that the party’s supposedly haemorrhaging membership and their continued batting for the ‘moderates’ that are still stinking the place out.

  2. Given the earlier left victory in overturning the longstanding right dominance of Streatham there is now a left majority on the Lambeth LCF and a base to challenge the Progress dominated Lambeth Labour Group.

  3. Where are SteveH, RH, Jim Denham etc? Normally they clutter up the comments section with literally dozens of comments but when there is a good news story about socialists winning they are nowhere to be found.

    Says it all really, doesn’t it? Their absence gives them away for the right wing trolls they are.

    They really hate it when Labour wins.

    1. IA, personal insults, particularly those which have no basis on fact, do you no credit. All it does is undermine your arguments. This post by skwawk is uncontroversial good news which doesn’t particularly need to be commented on(unless, like Mike above) there is extra information to add. Suggesting that a failure to post btl on this topic makes you a ‘right wing troll’ is just ridiculous.
      ….and I sincerely hope that your response is not to call me an enabler of fascism!

    2. Internal Affairs – I disagree with both RH and SteveH on Brexit and the requirement of a Second Referendum, however, on other issues we seem united, particularly with regards Palestine, so find your comment is somewhat unfair as the Labour Movement is split from top to bottom with regards Brexit but united on most other important issues. I don’t suffer Rightists lightly and don’t believe SteveH and RH are Rightwing Trolls.

      1. Thank you, Simon & Chis, for those inputs of a sane perspective.

        Somewhere I read a rubbishing of the ‘broad church’ idea. But the hard fact is that the Labour Party is a ‘broad church’, with areas of agreement and disagreement, or it is electorally dead. By definition.

        There are limits, and I’ve fulminated with others at the active disloyalty of too many in the PLP – but, as is rightly said, the Brexit issue is one that divides opinion within genuine Party support., not a token of ‘left’ virility. Beyond that, a Party that can’t sustain vigorous debate within those limits is also dead. Assent to leadership is always qualified and questionable in a progressive political context. There are enough examples of the failed alternatives.

  4. To get back to the actual article I would be interested to know more details and whether this indicates a decline in support/membership of the right or/and a growth in support etc for the left. And when using the label left which one, surely it’s no longer a euphemism for Momentum?

  5. @RH, 11:43
    “Broad church” is usually taken to mean Socialism with a dash of Toryism and that’s how I understand it. Call it “centrism” if you must but there’s no room for it in my idea of Labour.
    The reason is simple – anything other than full-on Socialism allows the neoliberal 1% to continue hoovering up everything of monetary value that’s worth having. Blair’s so-called Labour government didn’t slow them at all and neither would today’s “Better Boris than Corbyn” so-called “centrists.”
    It’s imperative that we REVERSE the growth of wealth inequality – however the centre boast about the puny “reforms” they’d make the best they’d do is slow them slightly – the 1% still end up owning everything that’s ours and then we’re just supplicants.
    By then they’ll be the 0.1% because they don’t want to swallow just what’s ours, they want to swallow ANYTHING smaller or weaker than themselves – even their billionaire “friends.”
    Neoliberalism, the billionaires that own it, the Tories and centrists that feed it and the MSM that infects the people with it – all are a plague on humanity – diseased with greed.
    So no – no broad fucking church for me thank you – the centrists in Labour can eat shit and die. (Old hippie greeting)

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