Video: the Corbyn speech even his opponents hailed as that of a PM-in-waiting

Corbyn’s statesmanlike speech and transformative vision hailed even by erstwhile opponents

Jeremy Corbyn in Llandudno yesterday

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave what many are calling the greatest speech of his career so far yesterday, as he spoke to the party’s Welsh conference. In spite – or more likely because – of that, it has been largely ignored by the media.

The speech, rooted in a concept of ‘real politics’ – and real change – that rises from communities rather than taking place in arcane language in Westminster, ranged over issues from the NHS to the living wage to the environment and Labour’s planned Green Industrial Revolution.

And so powerful was it, so inspiring, that it saw even many of Corbyn’s previous opponents and critics in the party hailing it as the speech of the next leader of the UK. Former Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones – never by any measure previously a Corbynite – was one:

The excellent EL4C created a short highlights video:

But the full speech is a must-watch and shows that Corbyn’s and his party’s vision is undimmed by the Establishment’s relentless, increasingly-desperate attacks and smears – and is now available below, including subtitles:

Watch and share, so the country can see.

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn the REAL Prime Minister of the UK

    Move over Theresa May, your time is up!

  2. Over the last 3 and a half years Jeremy Cobyn has endured wall to wall criticism, smears , insults and abuse. Then he makes a speech like that! Len McCluskey was right – Jeremy is a man of steel, a true socialist and our next Prime Minister!

  3. Margaret Hodge’s latest leak to the Sunday Times back-fired spectacularly and ended up making Corbyn look good for once (it’s unlikely that was the objective) and now this speech slams in the rebound!

    A good weekend I’d say…

    1. I think the general response has been disgust that Margaret should show such bad faith by covertly taping a private conversation between Jeremy and herself as a so called ” insurance policy”. When it became absolutely clear such ” insurance” was unnecessary she leaked part of the tape to the press. However as timform says this backfired on her. The leaked tape showed Jeremy to be a genuine and sincere man doing his best. She on the other hand came across as malicious and untrustworthy.

      1. …and that will have been noted by both the party and general voting public.

        Then they will see just how little the wider public cares about her niche crusade.

        The daft old bat should stop digging!

  4. It’s 08:15 Monday and BBC News channel has announced ABOUT FOUR TIMES that Margaret Hodge will talk about “Labour antisemitism” on BBC Radio London later this morning.
    I don’t remember them ever acting as continuity announcers for specific BBC Radio London programmes except on the regional part of the programme.

  5. Brilliant speech & JC4MP!
    We also need 2 share 2 truths with working people.
    Firstly the Tories and Lib Dem coalition Govt as a first move gave tax cuts to millionaires (some got an extra £110,000 per year) and tax cuts to Big Business Corporations so the rich & poweful were PROTECTED from Austerity and it was and is (carried on by the Tories with gusto) only ever meant for working people – US!
    Secondly the Tories & Lib Dems changed local government funding to be decided on population size only instead of being on population size and NEED under previous Labour Govts.
    The result has been Northern mainly Labour Councils losing £6.9b with Southern mainly Tory Councils gaining £3.5b so we need to hammer these points over.

  6. Interesting. Mr Corbyn delivers a fantastic speech worthy of credit but where are SteveH, Allan and RH to commend this excellent speech?

    Seems like all they ever want to do is knock Labour and campaign to overturn the largest democratic ballot in British history.

    It is most likely that they Liberal Democrat or Ind Group trolls.

    1. ‘Intrernal Affairs’? Is that the well-known waste recycling plant?

      No. Can’t be. Waste recycling outputs something of use.

      Actually, I came to this stream to post about Corbyn’s praiseworthy support for Shamima Begum’s right to legal aid – as opposed to Yoda’s populist knee-jerk.

      Simply rabbiting on about how marvellous ‘Jeremy’ is seems a bit of pointless virtue-signalling. I never go in for hero-worship in politics.

      You really don’t have to behave like an arse, IA.

      1. Internal Affairs 11:32 pm · ·

        “I seem to have triggered the trolls.”

        Look if indulging in virtue signalling makes you feel good about yourself then that’s fine by me but silly childish attempts to coerce others into following your example just to boost your own self esteem is counter productive.

      2. What? Internal affairs? No celebration of Corbyn’s principled stand on the Samima Begin affair?

        More interested in posting self-abuse about nothing in particular?

        Shocking! Must be a Blairite troll!

  7. Funny comment today Neo-Liberal Right Wing Tory Home Sec Javid “I could have had a life of crime” but perhaps those who have read Marx would add “but now I am a Neo-Liberal legal capitalist thief!” (?)
    Oh re Hodge who made 200 complaints against Labour of anti-semitism (only 20 alleged perpetrators were Labour members) and tax dodger (Jewish Chronicle) was recently boasting on TV how she drove the BNP out of her constituency but a left activist tells a different story; this activist alleges that Hodge pandered to the BNP narrative whilst it was left activists who poured in to campaign and inspite of her drove the BNP out! (?)
    I think when you secretly record a discussion with someone you seriously lose the moral high ground.

    1. We disagree about many things – but you are spot on re. Hodge. She is a deceitful self-advertising poseur.

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