Opinium poll makes THIRD showing Tories in 20s – and 7-point Labour lead

Opinium becomes third polling company to put Tory support in the twenties

Opinium has become the third polling company in as many days to report that support for the Tories in Westminster voting intention is below thirty percent – and seven points behind Labour:

LAB: 36% (+1)
CON: 29% (-6)
UKIP: 11% (+2)
LDEM: 8% (-1)
GRN: 4% (-1)
(Opinium 9 – 12 April, Changes compared to 29 March)

Labour now has an average 4.6% lead over the Tories across recent polls:

  • BMG (Labour +4%)
  • Delta (Labour +5%)
  • Survation (Labour +4%)
  • Kantar (Labour +4%)
  • Hanbury (Labour +9%)
  • Opinium (Labour +7%)
  • ComRes (level)
  • YouGov (Labour +4%)

The last time the Tories polled this low was in early 2015.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

There will be flat panic among the Conservatives. Expect an even greater intensification of smears from their allies in the Establishment media – even though the previous escalation has been unsuccessful.

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  1. “The last time the Tories polled this low was in early 2015.”
    And then the smear campaign kicked in…but they’ve been over using that technique for the last three years, can’t see it working now

    1. You are absolutely right and I think we have reached saturation point with the smears and they are not going to work.
      People look at Jeremy and they see an earnest and dedicated socialist,a straight talking man who opposes war and wants everyone to have a chance in life.He says if he is elected to government he’s going to raise income tax for the highest earners and use the extra money to provide for the poor and vulnerable in society.
      They cannot believe he is a simultaneously
      a pacifist and a terrorist sympathiser,
      a Stalinist and a Trotskyite ( Stalin ordered Trotsky’s assassination)
      a communist and pro Russian puppet ( the Russians abandoned Communism nearly 30 years ago and are just as Capitalist as the West)
      an anti Semite – (he has the backing of Orthodox Jews who are 30% of the Jewish population plus Jewish Socialists JVL and Jewish intellectuals , has backed Jewish causes to the hilt in parliament s attended Jewish religious festivals and has never once in 37 years as a MP made a single derogatory comment about Jewish people.
      Those who believe the smears despite the all the contradictions and without any supporting evidence are unlikely to change their minds but the majority of people are intelligent and fair minded enough to see right through them. They won’t be fooled.

      1. You were doing great, right up to “but the majority” – the sad fact is that they are fooled.
        When anyone earning less than £80k would pay less tax the Tory claim to be the party of low taxation falls flat but they’re still believed.
        The MSM is blatant in its bias but the majority are too dumb to see that – they’re convinced by plummy accents, Savile Row suits and all the other trappings of inherited privilege.
        Education is key to societal development but even before funding was cut curricula were narrowed.
        Student political action in the 1960’s opened the establishment’s eyes to the dangers of allowing the masses more education than was strictly necessary for them to donate their labour to capital.

      2. I don’t agree that the Majority are fooled about the character of Jeremy Corbyn. They vote Tory or whatever other party they choose because they support the policies of that party not because they genuinely think Jeremy is a bad person.

      3. No, man, it’s because they believe what the MSM tells them.
        MSM say Corbyn traitor, Corbyn Marxist, Corbyn antisemitic, Corbyn kill economy, it’s liked all over Twitter in seconds.
        Without the MSM and the idiots who’re too dumb to see they’re being brainwashed the Tories wouldn’t win a single fucking seat.
        Working people vote Tory for a number of reasons.
        Respect for suits & accents – hopes of career advancement by letting the boss know you’re a Tory voter & therefore reliable – or having that morning read a Sun front page about turning out the lights – the last thing they do is
        “Support the policies” ffs.

      4. Sitting in a pub the other day I listened to a conversation between a group of working men in their 40s. It very much supported Mr McNivens comments as it dismissed Mr Corbyn as a potential PM with those present stating he was a communist or a member of the IRA. I fear the Sun and Mail have done an effective job of poisoning the minds of many who would be the core Labour demographic and can only hope that younger voters will not have suffered the same indoctrination.

      5. The influence of the MSM is the truth that is rarely spoken in the Brexit debate. Amongst all the fulmination about the Groan (much of it justified), there is relatively little ire directed at the propaganda sheets that had massive influence in shaping the referendum.

        And, yes, it does have an effect. Around the referendum, you could hear fictions straight out of the Mail, Sun and Torygraph being parroted on a daily basis.

  2. I can’t reply to Jim’s comment directly. I have to disagree with Jim’s last comment in that research shows that it is not the MSM that convinces the majority (it reaches far few people to do that) but the echoes of that MSM on the broadcasting media – BBC and ITV (particularly the latter). OK the MSM generate the memes, the headlines and the agenda but it is how the broadcasting media echo and amplify these that beds the ideas into public consciousness. People will tell you they don’t believe anything they read in the paper (but they usually do!) However, a much broader wider range of people digest everything they see and hear on the news and on the radio as gospel, acting as reinforcement for those who read papers and direction for those who don’t. However, this is very positive because it means we only have to tackle the BBC and ITV to completely change direction.

    1. I don’t entirely disagree with you, but I think you underestimate the direct influence of the MSM. If perceived only in passing, all those papers passing through the supermarket checkouts do have a significant – if partly subliminal – effect.

    2. pimatters I cannot disagree with anything you have said and agree the insidious effect of the BBC is contemptible. However the blokes I listened to had their copies of the Sun,for the he racing and the comments they were making could have been lifted from their headlines.

    3. pimatters, I’ve heard a couple of BBC types lately refer to “the MSM” as if the BBC was still a thing apart – a superior thing, reliable and trustworthy, the broadcaster the rest try and fail to be.
      They went tabloid years ago but still try to trade on the reputation previous generations built and they pissed away – the useless, shallow Tory fuckers.
      Now they’re even emulating the Jesuits – brainwashing your children with their “lessons in how to spot fake news” ffs.

      The BBC is part of the MSM.
      In fact it’s the major part – the tip of the Tory spear, ten times more effective than the Sun or the Mail.
      Lately they’ve been couching their antisocialism in slightly less vitriolic language – I suspect because they fear Corbyn as PM might not be as magnanimous regarding their abuse of democracy as he is regarding their abuse of himself.

  3. MSM are ‘Perception Industries’ who will manufacture consent for their preferred ideologies, The lie often repeated will become truth & establish ‘normality’. Jeremy Corbyn is constantly accused of being Anti-Semitic; Chelsea Manning & Julian Assange are in jail for exposing ‘the Truth’; Anna Ardin & her anonymous chum Ms.W invited Julian Assange to Stockholm, where he stayed in Ms Ardin’s ‘honey-trap’ apartment. Coincidence? Beware guilt by accusation…..too easy?

  4. F**k the opinion polls – what do fiona bruce and isabel (f**king godawful liar and and self-pitying snitch) oakshott have to say?

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