New Survation poll puts Labour over 40% – well ahead of Tories and in spite of TIG

Most accurate pollster of 2017 general election shows Labour polling high – even with quitter group included in poll

Polling company Survation – the only firm to predict the 2017 general election result correctly – has published a new set of Westminster voting intention results for England and Wales.

These stand out because they show Labour at 41% and well ahead of the Tories – in spite of the inclusion of the quitter group of MPs, which Establishment pundits claim will damage Labour’s prospects:

Survation’s latest results make encouraging reading for Labour supporters

Other recent polls have also suggested – not surprisingly – that the right-wing, so-called ‘centrist’ quitters are doing more damage to the right-wing Tories and the centrist LibDems than to Labour.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

With the nation turning to Jeremy Corbyn to save the country from May’s incompetence, his and Labour’s strength is winning out. Bring on the next general election.

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  1. Ann Coffey was criticising the Blair government spending on education. If TIG are now criticising Blair for being too left wing, then its quite clear the party really is nothing more than the Remain wing of the Tories.

    Not surprised they have 1%. I know a small number of former Lib Dem voters who are strong Remain (although one does think some EU powers should be repatriated back to the UK). All of them despise Chukka and chums.

  2. I am surprised TIG have as much as 1%. First of all most people never heard of most of them and those they had heard of like Chuka they didn’t rate

    1. I’ve no intention to cause offence or despair but there is a cross-bencher that bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr. POTATO HEAD. No offense. Regards

  3. I just checked the wikipedia listing to ascertain when the poll was conducted – ie since Sunday and the super massive black smear by the Sunday Times – and it turns out it was conducted from the 3rd-8th of April. In other words, most of the poll was conducted BEFORE Sunday.

      1. Yes, and the Sunday Times headline – ie ‘Labour’s hate files expose Corbyn’s anti-semite army’ – was more befitting of the Sun, or the Mail and Express.

      2. Allan, the Times dumbed down to the level of the News of the World is really quite sad.
        I haven’t bought it since it was a broadsheet and then everything but the crossword made me angry.
        I guess the quality of Tory journalists has kept pace with that of their politicians.
        Useless inbreds can’t even play the banjo.

  4. Just for the record, I just checked the Survation poll results again in the wikipedia listing (they were initially posted in the ‘2019’ results section near the top of the page, but then at some point moved to ‘Polls Including The Independent Group’ section way down the page after the 2017 poll results), and I noticed that unlike every single other poll result listed – which mostly cover GB, and less frequently UK – the Survation poll area covered was England and Wales.

  5. I trust Survation esp since they won a tidy sum for me at the GE. Regards

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