Watson tweets offer of help on Morgan’s ‘transphobic’ tweet and apologises – to Morgan

Piers Morgan’s ‘joke’ causes outrage and offence among LGBT people. Tom Watson apologises for ‘assistant’ deleting response. Apologises to Piers Morgan, that is
Good Morning Britain’s tweet

Television presenter Piers Morgan outraged trans people and the wider LGBT community this week with a ‘joke’ in which he mocked that he was now self-identifying as ‘trans-slender’. It was an appallingly crass and offensive performance – although only one of his co-presenters seemed to realise it. Good Morning Britain tweeted the footage:

The tweet triggered an immediate reaction accusing Morgan of transphobia, bullying and more:

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson also tweeted in response – but not to condemn the transphobic affront. Instead, Watson tweeted an offer of help – presumably for weight loss:

The tweet must have garnered a rapid, negative reaction as it was deleted. But today, in response to one critical comment, Watson then jumped back into the thread with this follow-up:

Rather than apologise for adding to the distress caused by Piers Morgan’s ‘joke’, Watson ‘doubled down’ by apologising to Morgan – and claimed that his original tweet had been deleted by an assistant without his knowledge.

But Labour insiders insist that Tom Watson is well-known in Labour circles for an obsessive, ‘control-freak’ approach to his Twitter account. One told the SKWAWKBOX:

Deleted by a member of his team…no way. He never shares his password and won’t allow his staff to do anything on his Twitter account.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Tom Watson to ask:

  1. whether he stood by his tweet apologising to Morgan when the target of the ‘joke’ was obvious and it had caused such offence
  2. whether the claim by Labour sources that he is obsessive about maintaining personal control of his Twitter account

He had not responded by the time of publication, over six hours later.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Watson’s original tweet that caused such offence was deleted – according to him by one of his team. Labour sources say that cannot be correct – but in any event, there appears no doubt that his follow-up was his own work.

As for Piers Morgan, we’ll just leave this here:

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  1. A moronic dumbed down ‘ news ‘ show, headed up by a egotistical self serving twat. Trite, banal and puerile ‘ journalism ‘ at its very worst.

  2. Trans people have enough to contend with without being the butt of jokes by Piers Morgan backed up by Tom Watson. They are both a disgrace.

      1. Let’s hope he never tries to self-identify as a democratic socialist.

  3. The utter banality of both of them – Morgammon 1st for thinking it’s witty and charming, 2nd for (allegedly) nicking it from some kid on social media and 3rd for having to read it from fucking notes.
    And Tom “I haven’t been in the news for five hours” Watson’s “If you need any advice going forward…..”
    Advice on what – pulling the spare skin up over your head? How not to sound like a half-full hot water bottle when you bend over? Staying out of sync with the Millennium Bridge? WHAT FUCKING ADVICE?

  4. Sorry, but, regardless of the utter vileness of the man, I can’t get upset about what is, effectively, a play on words.

    The term ‘homophobia’ should be used for any act or speech which can be defined as encompassing negative attitudes such as prejudice, aversion and hatred toward homosexuality and LGBT+ people. That tweet does none of those things.

    Maybe Morgan is homophobic, I don’t know, but I don’t believe this tweet is. What this overblown reaction to it displays, however, is exactly the same intolerance that is shown by the right to anyone on the left who criticises Israel. I have been suspended from the Labour Party for alledged anti-Semitism simply for doing that.

    Much as I dislike Morgan and all he stands for, I am not going to level the same shoddy lack of logic against him that has been levelled at me.

    We should strive to be better than those whom we criticise, not fall into the same pattern of knee-jerk reactions and unthinking, unjustified accusations.

    1. Katherine, I have some sympathy for your point of view and much sympathy for anyone suspended merely for criticising Israel’s government.
      Reading the replies to the Morgan tweet there seems to be genuine hurt and offence. People my age grew up in homophobic and racist times but we have the capacity to learn better – even if we have to force change on ourselves.
      Sometimes I slip into old patterns of thought and have to turn off the link from brain to mouth.
      If we’re to evolve don’t we by default have to give the benefit of any doubt to groups that we know genuinely do still suffer abuse and discrimination?

  5. In all honesty, there isn’t much worth an article in that. Piers Morgan being mildly offensive in his way of expressing an opinion shared by many (that gender self identification should not be allowed) and a politician trying to lighten up the outrage.

    I know you don’t like Watson here at the Skwawkbox, I don’t either, but be careful not to turn it into a vindictive smear campaign of disinformation.

    Politician making a crap joke at the wrong time is really no big deal. And doesn’t reveal his opinion on trans people.

    As for self-identification, many leading feminists do raise the alarm following some cases where trans gender abusive people used this status to gain access to vulnerable women. The debate is not as simple as being against self identification means transphobia.

  6. A whole article about nothing. What a waste of web space. Its getting to the point that people will have to have any remarks vetted by the “Ministry for political correctness” before one is allowed to speak at all. Before long somebody will find the phrase “trans-fatty acids” offensive. And please don’t anybody try to lecture me about ‘causing offense’ as you will make yourself look silly.

  7. Beyond a justifiable dislike of both Moron and Watson – this is getting a bit paranoidl-obsessive.

  8. Just when you think Tom Watson has sunk as low ino the gutter as is possible, when he is already lower than a snake’s belly, he manages to descend even further, diving from the gutter to the sewer.

    And just like clockwork, up pop Tom Watson’s bootlicking lackeys, people like RH, to defend him.

    RH is defending a person associated with a racist apartheid regime. Birds of a feather flock together.

    1. You really do need to do something about your lack of literacy to help with that silliness. Start with a dictionary and look up ‘defending’.

    2. Internal Affairs 06/04/2019 at 1:55 pm

      Just when you think Tom Watson has sunk as low ino the gutter as is possible

      Much as I dislike Tom Watson and what he stands for at least he hasn’t sunk to the level of some others who try portray those that disagree with them as rapists.

    1. No it’s not a joke it was a piss take on the Trans gender group.
      You maybe fine with that but maybe if you were the butt of his “joke” perhaps referring to a characteristic of your make up then perhaps you’d be less likely to brush it off.
      You see people like him are in positions of influence and in piss taking , it normalises that route of ridicule and intolerance .
      SO your advice of maturity and growing up which you refer to is perhaps best taken by you yourself Pat.

  9. Off-topic but IMPORTANT!

    It occurred to me today that I hadn’t had any posts via email from Skwawkbox for a few days. A quick check of the archives reveals you’ve been posting as usual, yet my email alerts have dried up. I’ve tried re-subscribing but each time am told there was an error and please try again, to no avail. So now I’m having to check the site several times a day to see if there’ve been any new posts.

    What’s going on? Have I been blocked? If this comment gets through ok, perhaps not. More alarmingly, has the Skwawkbox been hacked? Has any else out there been having this problem?


    1. I have had a similar problem and I have had to go directly to Skawky’s own page.Very strange.

  10. Oh, that’s weird. I heard there was a meeting and somebody got shunned – guess it was you!

    Hello? Heĺlo? Anybody there?

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