Video: rare truth on BBC Question Time went super-viral

Comments from teacher in Question Time audience about government’s shameful attempt to punish teachers and nurses if they fail to spot children at risk of involvement in knife crime has been shared thousands of times on social media

An intervention by a teacher in last night’s BBC Question Time has gone viral on social media after being shared by a well-known Twitter activist.

The video shows a London teacher giving a Tory guest some home truth about the government’s latest blame-shifting nonsense – an attempt to make education and NHS staff personally responsible if they fail to spot a young person at risk of involvement in knife crime:

Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright attempted to shrug off the comments, but by the end of the intervention he looked distinctly ill at ease – no doubt the huge audience applause played its role.

So far, the original tweet by activist ‘Rachael_Swindon’ has been shared almost 7,500 times and the video has received almost 800,000 views.

The video needs to be even more widely seen.

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  1. Skwarwkbox. “Chronicle attacks Corbyn meeting with Orthodox Jewish leaders – with more fake news” – More fallout from the policy of appeasement and the crazy decision to adopt the discredited IHRA definition. John McDonnell please note.

    1. Absolutely.
      Joe McCarthy was only defeated when people decided to confront him.
      People who tried to accommodate him only encouraged him.

      1. Was it the ‘people’ who got rid of McCarthy? Ironically it seems to have been Alan Dulles when McCarthy began to suggest the new CIA were homosexuals. He was by that time seriously alcoholic and crashed. He had the popular support that public bullies often receive. It was generally felt he was right about Communists, Socialists and homosexuals ‘infecting’ the Nation. There was a time when the political establishment feared him, even his one time backer Richard Nixon.

  2. It’s strange that when the Government Ministers meet for urgent consultation it never occurs to them that the real culprits are everybody around the table, especially ex Home Secretaries and Chancellors. They could start by arresting each other as much more direct way of tackiling the problem

  3. It’s sounds so easy; put pressure on teachers to bring down the numbers. If they fail then investigate them, suspend them, put them through years of hearings with absolutely nothing happening; tar their name in the employment file. Somebody has got to pay. It’s the same for terrorism and child abuse; teachers are to blame, too soft is the Tory view point.

    1. Paul, it’s just the same old establishment blame game – “It’s not our fault, it’s everybody else’s fault. Our policies would work perfectly if the people didn’t keep letting us down. If it wasn’t for them and Labour ruining Britain we wouldn’t have knife crime or poverty or deficit or company failures or bank crashes or dole queues or inflation. People should just recognise their inferiority and be grateful for what they’re given.”

  4. Rachael Swindon – along with Skwawkbox, one of socialism’s greatest assets.

  5. The fakery is much more general – start counting the number of time that the ‘solution’ to a problem is to off-load it to schools (and sometimes other services) as if putting something on a curriculum wish-list was the result of deep thought.

    Always a sign that the advocate doesn’t really understand the problem (or is trying to duck it) – and certainly has no idea of how children or schools actually work.

    Kneejerkery : a common political strategy.

  6. Let MPs take responsibility for the standard of living of the British people. I propose that MPs are paid no more than the average working wage. Bonus payments can be made if & when our standard of living rises & climate change is controlled.

    1. I’m sure the entire nation shares your thought. Pity the politicians won’t have it – as we know they are perfectly capable of flying in the face of public opinion and not give a toss.

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