BBC W Mids to feature SKWAWKBOX Watson exposé

BBC West Midlands picks up exclusive SKWAWKBOX revelations of Tom Watson’s behaviour at NEC disciplinary committee and hypocrisy in defending allies accused of serious wrongdoing

The SKWAWKBOX has published a series of revelations around the behaviour of Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, who has attempted to hijack the party’s disciplinary procedures while also trying to protect suspended local allies from serious accusations.

The revelations challenge Watson’s fitness for any involvement in disciplinary processes.

Now the BBC in the West Midlands has taken up the story and will discuss the revelations during its regional Sunday Politics programme this weekend:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Whether the BBC’s piece will properly examine and present the information remains to be seen – but the information will reach a significant audience across Watson’s home region and who knows what else might come to light.

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  1. Don’t hold your breath – remember its the BBC we are talking about here

    1. Let’s see what happens? The way the BBC is st the moment anything could happen. He’s decided to go on the march today, that will upset his electorate no end!

  2. @tom_watson

    “Brexit is stuck in the parliamentary pipework. The impasse works for neither Leavers or Remainers. I have come to the reluctant view that the only way to resolve this is for the country to have the final say. Tomorrow I will join the #PutItToThePeople march.”
    The big question is, “Can he fit into his Luigi suit yet or will he have to go as Mario again?”

    1. PutItToThePeople FFS.

      Proof positive he’s a fuppin’ Tory.

      The Conservative and Unionist Party – “Putting it to the people since brainwashing was invented”</em"

  3. This Just In…‏


    “For clarity @skwawkbox your article is not correct. We often retweet items of interest from blogs and newspapers. It doesn’t follow that they will be featured on the programme. BBC W Mids to feature SKWAWKBOX Watson exposé https://skwawkbox.org/2019/03/23/bbc-w-mids-to-feature-skwawkbox-watson-expose/ … via @skwawkbox”


    “Kuenssberg Puts Foot Down – W Mids Treads Carefully”

  4. I have to say again – constant repetition of the fact that Watson is a Twat, Liar, Lying twat … (insert own insult) etc. is beside the point.

    Hard fact : the current policy has gifted him this opportunity to speak hypocritical bollocks unto the disempowered.

    Those people listening (and the 4.2m signing the Article 50 petition) are potential supporters waiting for a real alternative to the Tory shit-show.

    Nobody said it was going to be easy, but standing in the Tory shadow nattering about better forms of suicide has passed its sell-by date.

    1. … and if you doubt that conclusion, have a look at Facebook responses to a Labour posting about a doorstep campaign. I’m generally sceptical about antisocial media, but the quantity range of scorn and satire directed at the Party is a worrying symptom.

      And no – it’s obviously not down to trolling by middle class capitalists.

    2. I agree with you about remain RH. But it’s interesting that brexitlive is correlating the number of votes for the revoke A 50 petition by constituency – and Watson’s is currently 645 out of 650. 2% of his constituents have signed. I’m hoping there will be a massive walkout when he starts to speak this afternoon. But I doubt it.

      1. Simon – As you will have gathered, I have no time for Watson. But I would firmly uphold the role of an MP as a representative – not a delegate. The accounting is done later at selection and election.

        On the numbers relating to the petition – obviously absolute numbers on-line will be indicative rather than absolute. What has startled me is the unexpected fact that the actual numbers on-line are dwarfing the margins so frequently quoted in the referendum result.

      2. RH, so would I. I don’t think that TW should alter his position because of his Constituency’s views, but I imagine that many in West Brom will disagree, just as in Kate Hoey’s constituency (she’s 16 out of 650). It was a point of information rather than argument.
        My animus against TW is for other reasons. Once again, I suspect we agree. He’s a man who says his critics just don’t want to hold a civilised debate but calls them racist thugs.
        I presume that your 2nd para is about the Revoke A50 petition outgunning the ‘no deal’ petition by a factor of 10 to 1.

  5. “I presume that your 2nd para is about the Revoke A50 petition out-gunning the ‘no deal’ petition by a factor of 10 to 1”

    That wasn’t what I was thinking of . I was simply picking up the fact that 4.3m in an on-line poll is considerably more than the margin claimed for the fake ‘victory’ in the actual referendum. Of course, the two figures aren’t directly comparable – but I think that the comparison does put the referendum non-result into perspective.

    “My animus against TW is for other reasons.”

    Indeed, Simon. But it really narks me that this faker of a machine politician who has manipulated the ‘anti-semitism’ crap has been given, essentially. a free ride simply by the leadership throwing a sickie.

    1. RH, excellent pen portrait of TW there. But I think you’re being a bit hard on the rest of the Labour leadership. They are still bound by conference policy and throwing their weight overtly in favour of another referendum might please members but would further alienate a lot of Labour voters.
      There might be 30% of the electorate who have signed the A 50 petition in Islington but it’s 2% in Walsall North.

      1. Fair questions. My point (borne out by third party analysis) is that Labour would considerably gain more votes by backing Remain – or clear steps to putting the question to a new vote. It could then focus on a progressive domestic agenda to win over the Kippers.

        Your comment on Walsall North is interesting – I’ve noted the current anomaly around Birmingham in contrast to the pattern around other major urban areas.

      2. RH, think that the livefrombrexit info about the petition is very interesting. Because of the number of the participants (over 5 million now) it gives a real insight into how split the country is. You’re right about Birmingham, low levels of signatories per constituency, even in pro remain seats. The same applies to Liverpool, I think. And in Scotland. Perhaps it’s getting less publicity there.
        Also, of the constituencies with most signatories, 16 of the top 20 are Labour held seats – and so are 16 of the bottom ones, (and that includes number 650, tory Walsall North, which in normal circumstances should be a solid LP seat). More of the latter have relatively small majorities than the former. I think this underlines why the LP leadership is still reluctant to move towards what most of its members would like (maybe not so many on here….), which is to support another referendum.
        It also seems to show that, however this whole sorry mess ends up, we are going to have a horribly damaged country for a long time. And that, indisputably, is the Tories/Media’s fault.

    1. Sorry, Danny – but this is irrelevant to the current shit-fest situation. It’s self-indulgent verbiage, not politics. When you’ve got a *viable* and *credible* way forward that will command electoral support and produce concrete benefits in terms of producing a Labour government commanding a working economy – let us know.

      Meanwhile, the major part of the Labour membership and vote will pursue the objective of putting an end to the present right-wing scam that has been ineptly tolerated for too long.

      1. … oh – and have you noticed during the day how much credibility has been freely gifted to Watson by the incompetence of the official Labour (non) position? I’m wondering if my 4-year old grand-daughter should take over the PR function. It could hardly be a less effective operation.

    1. Sorry but just couldn’t resist it .
      Yes yes I know I know but he is one all the same and the sooner he fucks off and leaves the party the better , he’d be much happier in the Tinge party anyway I am sure .

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