Video: even the BBC couldn’t find anyone to support May’s blame-dodging speech

Theresa May’s speech was hideously bad, desperately ill-judged and deeply in denial. So bad that not even the BBC could find anyone to speak positively about it in its round-up afterward

The BBC has spent most of the last nine years passing on Tory propaganda, misrepresenting Labour and ignoring Tory disasters. So when even BBC News couldn’t find a single comment favourable to May’s bankrupt display, you know it was bad:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

In the immediate aftermath of the speech, nobody was positive about it. Nineteen hours later, as Mrs May would put it, “Nothing has changed”.

Small wonder, as the statement – even by May’s standards – was uniquely full of denial, cowardice, finger-pointing, dishonesty and an utterly reckless disregard for democracy and for the safety of those onto whom she tried to shift the blame for her disastrous performance. Shame on her.

Now more than ever it’s clear we need a general election now – for the sake of the whole country.

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  1. What an utterly dreadful woman who cares little about her fellow Parliamentarians. She’ll get one of them killed along with right-wing MSM support for her unbridled hostility!

    1. “She’ll get one of them killed…” That begs the question, “Which one?” Don’t answer. I’m pretty sure I know.

  2. “Titanic” Theresa’s blame-swerving speech is a fascinating insight into her character. She appears to be devoid of any capacity for self-examination: genuinely frightening and more like Dirty Don than we might expect.

  3. Well said Skwawk. The BBC news and current affairs is quite loathesome.A degraded narrative of prejudice and omission , often bland, selective of items, juxtaposition and interviewees to favour the right, and weighted with unevidenced innuendo, pitted against what is good, right and true and honest. It is so laced with vitriol. against the left one wonders the chattering elitist tongues are not blistered. I used to work for the paternalistic corporation when it had a hotline to Thatcher -the Board of Governors chaired by Marmaduke Hussey, a landed nob and ‘friend’. It did bad things then but I am astonished at what it gets away with today.

  4. “The BBC has spent most of the last nine years passing on Tory propaganda”

    Whilst the effect may be broadly the same, I think that this sort of statement misunderstands the way in which a dominant narrative is created. Broadly, the problem is not that the Beeb is promulgating the interests of the Tory Party – it is using a taken-for-granted view of the world that arises from the shared cultural/class basis of those involved in the production of news.

    I was minded to go back to some of the Glasgow Media Group’s work from the 1970’s and 1980’s. ‘Twas much the same then – and it’s worth taking time out to look at the research.

    I guess the difference I’m scratching at is the difference between direct political censorship and the workings of innate bias. The opne thing that has changed is that the Tories have, indeed, instituted greater political control over the management of the BBC.

    In practical terms – I noticed that there was a Guardinista celebration of the fact that ‘Newsnight’ would be presented by three women. Which is, actually, not really a significant achievement if they all come from that shared cultural background.

    I have no idea of how Emily Maitlis, Kirsty Wark, Emma Barnett and Laura Kuenssberg vote. Nor do I much care *if* they do the job properly. But of that outcome, I have only extreme scepticism, because I can be sure on the past record that they will all approach political matters from the perspective of the same given tropes.

    They share the same background, preconceptions, thought and language.They also operate within the small circle of Westminster/Whitehall/’Fleet Street’ and have their minds shaped by definitions that originate there. And that does matter – and is much harder to deal with than direct political control.

    Don’t hold your breath until one of them references – say – ‘Witch Hunt’ when questioning someone over ‘antisemitism’ in the Labour Party. You’ll die of asphyxiation – that I can promise.

    1. Yes,the recent Maitlis interview of J Cleese was very revealing,she was genuinely shocked when it dawned on her that Cleese didn’t share her prejudices.

  5. It was either a stupid blunder or brilliant depending on her motivation ! If she is trying to get a NO DEAL, this is the best way to go about it ! If she was trying to shame parliament into supporting HER deal , then what she said was a blunder !
    Now , the Speaker denies another vote and it’s bye bye Brexit !
    This beats East Enders …..WEST ENDERS !

  6. Two words to most disastrously incompetent and dishonest Prime Minister in British history:

    GO! NOW!

    Thatcher was a nightmare, but even she had the good grace to step down when she lost the confidence of her own party and Parliament.

    May has no conscience, no boundaries. What a psychopath!

    1. Imagine my surprise, scrolling down to find neither of those two words was “OFF!”

  7. No choice but the General Election. All media have been trying to avoid a ward of General Election but would not avoid that forever. The leadership is obviously in doubt and who could lead the country? Who is most genuinely to think of the nation? Only Jeremy, more and more a word of GE come up again and again, hoping but has to be because no choice.

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