Video: May faces calls of ‘resign!’ as she tries to blame Parliament for her Brexit chaos

May’s blame-dodging didn’t go down well…

May faces PMQs shouts of “When are you going?!”

Theresa May attempted to blame MPs for her and her party’s Brexit incompetence today in a staggeringly ill-judged attempt to present herself as on the side of the people. “I’d have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids”, basically.

But it received the reception it deserved, with uproar and repeated shouts for her resignation – and demands to know “When are you going?”:

Even the BBC couldn’t hide the utter bankruptcy of the blame-dodging, with Norman Smith telling Tory MP Rachel Maclean on the BBC News channel after the session:

But isn’t the brutal truth, a large part of the problem with Brexit is Mrs May? It’s her deal, it’s her divided party, it’s her red lines – it’s her leadership. She, perhaps, is the issue – not Parliament.

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  1. Theresa May will never resign – she is without dignity or principle and will cling on debasing the office she holds going from one crisis to another one humiliation to another. I have often wondered about her motivation – sheer pigheadedness?- who knows what goes on in the head of such a person?
    The reason she has not been ousted to date is the real fear of the Tory party and the Independents that if she goes she will take them with her. Despite the reports in the gutter press and the unashamed bias of the BBC,Jeremy Corbyn is very likely to win the next General Election and as has often been said Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. So we are stuck with this useless, stubborn ,PM who puts herself before her party or her country and who is leading us to a disaster.

    1. ” this useless, stubborn ,PM who puts herself before her party or her country and who is leading us to a disaster.”

      Partly right. But she ain’t ‘putting herself before her party’. She is integral to the current Tory strategy. They need her as mich as she needs them.

      But – big question : *who* (and in what scenario) is actually going to show courage, tell the truth and put the general interests of the country first by ditching the weird and terminally dumb Brexit project of the extreme right?

  2. Smartboy

    Her “motivation” for clinging to office is strict orders from the Establishment above. Because the alternative is inevitably Corbyn in No 10.

    And I can’t fucking wait!

    1. Wake up. She doesn’t need ‘orders’ from some shadowy organisation. It’s in plain sight – and supported by all the gulled Leavers who went along with the ERG brigade and the propaganda press.

  3. Just like the rat , that this PM is , stuck up a drain pipe there is nowhere for it to go now but out . Can’t bring same deal back to the House as Bercow has stopped it ,can’t get an extension without her deal being voted on by MPs , which can’t happen as …….. etc etc , like the hamster on a wheel ( only a rat ) .
    IMO her only options now are , resign and get the hell out of the way taking its red lines with it , or call a GE .
    The EU doing the job for us in a very firm eloquent way ,not only owning the PM but teaching her a very good lesson on the consequences of “how not to negotiate”
    Make way for a Corbyn Govt , it is but a matter of time now .

  4. Typical sociopathic behaviour. Fux up and blames everyone except herself.

  5. Sooner she goes the better.

    She may have brought Brexit chaos, but Corbyn’s and McDonnell’s rejection of No Deal puts them essentially in the same box as Blair.

    Blair marginalised public ownership by abolishing Clause IV

    Corbyn and McDonnell are perpetuating the illegality of public ownership by rejecting No Deal.

    When push comes to shove it amounts to the same thing – extreme capitalism for ever. Even nationalisation of the most basic utilities will stay illegal.

    Time to call a halt to the hero worship, comrades.

  6. Dominic Grieve’s speech was brilliant, and Greenign was good. Our side had soekm good contributions but Jeremy is not on top form at all.
    It was called to Grieve to best articulate May’s lies to Parliament and her blinkered intransigence.Probably best coming from her side anyway. People sit up and listen to Grieve as he is so reasonable on this. He was inciscive and really said what needed to be said. May reneged on the promise of requesting a lengthy delay. May is the one who has been slow, incompetent and indulgent. But Jeremy Corbyn, my favourite policy man, has shown a lack of dignity tonight by walking out of the meeting just now because Umunna was sitting there. Yes as the Leader of the Opposition he should have been accorded the dignity of being consulted on his own, but to walk out! No Jeremy. Bad move. That has shown you up as petulant. You are not doing a good job on this and neither is Keir today. Desperate times.

  7. Who’s your first choice for PM then Danny – Rees-Mogg? Johnson? Gove? Who?
    Is there another Brexiteer in contention that I’ve forgotten? Cummings? Carswell? Maybe you could get Farage elected President by universal acclaim?

    Thing I hate most about Brexit is that it burns brightest in the hearts of the least of us – the fucktards who keep a St. George’s rag in the car or worse, flying from an upstairs window in “over-run” Northern towns.
    I so fucking hate all those dickheads who are so proud to bask in the spurious reflected “glory” of England’s imperial past.

    And what do so-called Labour Brexiteers think will happen the day after we nationalise? Do they think the “special relationship” will stop the US threatening and bullying a Corbyn government like it does Maduro’s?
    The antisemitism smears aren’t enough to convince you the 1% will stop at nothing to hang on?
    The McCarthyite drive to make opposition to capitalism proof of antisemitism – Brexit gang too smart to fall for that are they?
    The US is on the brink of calling socialism treason and you lot want to leave the only western economic bloc big enough to resist?
    Brexiteers are quick to deny that it was about race or immigration but the ones I know think Trump’s great – and they love Labour being accused of antisemitism because they think that puts them in the “moral majority” and makes Lefties like me hypocrites.

    1. Blunt. But true.

      I can’t see Wolfie as the herald of a New Jerusalem, either.

      “you lot want to leave the only western economic bloc big enough to resist?”


      1. As an addendum – overall polling has shown a fairly consistent ‘Remain’ preference – larger than the referendum margin..

        Pressing ahead with Brexit on the basis of a minority vote was always a stupid idea. It is now clear that the status quo is the logical course of action, and that Article 50 should be revoked.

      2. It is notable that Theresa May’s speech has triggered a very quantifiable backlash.

        The Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU petition on the parliamentary petitions website which was languishing at around 200,000 signatures until May’s speech has dramatically increased overnight to nearly 800,000 signatures overnight. Apparently the site crashed overnight because of the volume of demand.

      3. Currently the number of signatories is increasing at a consistent rate of 1,000 votes per minute.

      4. Just topped the 1,000,000 mark.

        A massive platform for Labour to seize the initiative.

        Or is it going to continue as the wallflower waiting for the backwoodsman to ask it to dance?

      5. The fact that no-one can answer that question is a big part of the the problem.

      6. Indeed. It’s difficult not to be non-plussed by the political lack of nous in terms of taking a lead when there’s a vacancy in that department.

        True – you might fail – but it’s money in the bank when push comes to shove.

        At the moment I’m most worried by the response I’m most often hearing about Labour which can be summed up as “Who? Oh … them”

        It’s not actually the antagonistic propaganda that’s doing all the damage. It’s the lack of distinction.

      7. … and I note from the latest reports from Brussels that Corbyn is still standing in May’s shredded shadow by promulgating a ‘compromise’ Brexit.

        Isn’t a ‘compromise’ voting for the LibDems? 🙂

        Talk about missing the target!

  8. We’d all be much happier with a Corbyn/Labour Social Democratic Government.


    Social Democratic Nations Rank Happiest on Global Index (Again). US Ranking Falls (Again).
    Out-sized corporate power and wealth inequality were named as reasons for Americans’ chronic unhappiness in the UN’s annual report.

    The study noted that some of the highest-ranking nations ensured that immigrants have a high quality of life as well as native residents.
    “It’s true that last year all Finns were happier than rest of the countries’ residents, but their immigrants were also happiest immigrants in the world,” economist and report author John F. Helliwell told CNN. “It’s not about Finnish DNA. It’s the way life is lived in those countries.”
    The U.S. ranked 37th for social support, 61st for freedom, and 42nd in the report’s measure of corruption.

    Healthcare costs, high rates of addictions, socioeconomic inequality, and a poor emphasis on ensuring work-life balance were mentioned in the report as causes of unhappiness in countries around the world, including the U.S. The country’s low ranking in “freedom” may stem partially from the out-sized power held by corporations, with the government unwilling to protect its citizenry from large companies intent on boosting their profits.

    I’ll post a link to the full report below.

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