Versi’s epic, viral thread on mainstream anti-Muslim race hate is a must-read and -share

Muslim Council and human rights spokesman Miqdaad Versi’s thread this morning on Islamophobia as a mainstream media phenomenon quickly went viral – but needs to be seen by everyone

One of Versi’s challenging, informative and frankly horrifying tweets this morning

Miqdaad Versi is a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain and for human rights organisation Rights Watch UK. This morning he posted a thread to Twitter demonstrating that anti-Muslim hatred is not a fringe phenomenon but rather driven and normalised by calculated propaganda from the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

Not only that, but he shows how that normalisation provides a constant feed of ammunition to far-right hate-peddlers, who use the ‘mainstream’ fake news to support their vile narratives – and he roots it all in the tragic, all-too-real consequences of that hate seen in Christchurch last week.

The thread went viral, but needs to be read and digested by everyone who cares about justice and equality – and even more so by those who don’t. The thread is reproduced below with his permission and without further comment. Please read, digest and share:

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  1. My god, that thread should part of the school curiculum. Has got to Sunday night’s BBC news where the presenter asked a guest “Do you think the Muslim comunity do enough to condemn terrorism?”

  2. A wake-up call. The media has been consumed by a false narrative about non-discrimination – largely a fiction. This has been shamefully nurtured by members of a privileged political class looking for advancement – of both themselves and the interests of a foreign power.

    Here you have the reality of discrimination – the obverse of the media’s forged coin.

    And, of course, the plight of the Palestinians in terms of awareness in this country is a reflection of this reality and the falsity of the zionist narrative.

  3. A very nasty Establishment is trying to divide us, we must not let them succeed.

    1. I remember a theory on the left with regard to our predicament. The basis of it ran thusly, apartheid is colonialism within set parameters or walls if you prefer. If we can’t fight beliefs such as this then we should hang our heads in shame. We hold the moral high ground, they have the money, media and various other assets. Bring on the GE. Regards

  4. The vilification of Muslims by the MSM is utterly disgusting. Muslims are under represented in parliament and are mostly working class. Few of them are wealthy.Most are therefore powerless, treated like second class citizens and are an easy target for MSM Tories and other racists.
    There is a major problem with Islamophobia ( and other forms of racism too) within the Conservative party. The Tories have made little or no effort made to combat it and it is virtually unreported by the MSM. The MSM seem to consider that the only racism worth mentioning is anti semitism and the only racists are us – Labour party members. Shame, shame, shame on them. They are in reality setting Muslim people up for attack and it can no longer be tolerated. I suggest every anti Muslim article that appears and which incites hatred against our Muslim brothers and sisters is reported to the police as a hate crime. It is the only way to deal effectively with the filth being churned out by the gutter press.

  5. Yes Yes and yes again. So true. We have known this for a long time. Melanie Phillips, Niall Ferguson, so-called historian of the right, Paul Dacre who used to edit the Mail and is now overall MD of the Mail and the Mail on Sunday, the Sun, the Sunday Times, the Express……

  6. Yesterday morning I posted a couple of comments in another thread about a Richard Littlejohn article published in the Daily Mail in April 2016, the day after the Ken Livingstone interview in which he defended Naz Shah and, in passing, alluded to Hitler supporting Zionism. The article was headlined ‘‘The fascists at the poisoned heart of Labour’. Here are some of the clips from the article again, and I think we can all see quite clearly who the fascists are, and where the poison and hate-mongering and fear-mongering is coming from:

    It has come to a head with revolting remarks about Jews — first from Naz Shah, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, and then, with depressing predictability, from former London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

    Naz by name, Nazi by nature, was revealed to have backed the transportation of Jews in Israel to the United States. Red Ken rallied to her defence by claiming, absurdly, that Hitler was a Zionist.

    Jew-baiting is what it takes to get elected in the ‘Israel Free Zone’ of Bradford West these days. How else did she manage to unseat PLO puppet George Galloway? Her views are largely consistent with vast numbers of her Muslim constituents. And don’t forget that until this week she was a member of a Commons committee investigating anti-semitism.

    You couldn’t make it up.


    ALL psychopaths are fascists, and all fascists are psychopaths, and they make very effective black propagandists as such, controlling what millions think and believe about numerous topics and individuals and groups of people, disseminating their hate and bile and disinformation on an almost daily basis, poisoning their minds and their souls, and enjoying every single moment of their deceit and deception. And numerous psychopaths such as Littlejohn DO of course “make it up” ALL the time, and THAT is precisely what he did in THIS article, and saying that “You couldn’t make it up” was his little joke to all those who knew that he WAS – those in the know – AND who are highly amused by it all – ie the hundreds of thousands of other fascists/psychopaths out there!

  7. MediaLens:

    The Destruction of Freedom: Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange And The Corporate Media

    ‘The corporate media is institutionally opposed to the interests of the vast majority of the public; that is why we reject the label ‘mainstream’. The corporate media including BBC News, systematically promotes imperialist and exploitative state interests, together with private power in the form of big business, financial speculation, military forces, the arms industry, the fossil fuel lobby, destructive agribusiness, unsustainable food production and rampant global consumerism that is destroying ecosystems, ramping up mass loss of species and endangering human survival through climate chaos. This oppressive system, with the corporate media a vital cog in the apparatus, must be exposed, confronted, dismantled and replaced with a society that truly promotes democracy, justice and human potential. It is up to us to make it happen before it’s too late.’


  8. Has anyone noticed that the Party has just produced a definition of ‘Islamaphobia’?

    It contains the same sort of verbal contortions as the parallel IHRA definition of antisemitism :

    ““Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

    FFS – racism and other harmful generic prejudices aren’t too difficult to define; it’s the contortions (see IHRA ‘examples’) that cause the trouble.

    One might ask why an umbrella definition of racism/generic prejudice isn’t used? Is it the result of pandering to other specific prejudices?

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