Video: 2015. Before any antisemitism scandal, Corbyn was standing up for Jews, other minorities vs racist Tories

In 2015, in one of his first ever PMQs sessions, Jeremy Corbyn confronted the government’s behaviour and the risk it posed to Jewish people, Muslims and other minority groups

Jeremy Corbyn, November 2015

Video footage has emerged of one of Jeremy Corbyn’s earliest interventions as Labour leader. During one of his first PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) sessions, Corbyn challenged David Cameron to be careful that the Tory government’s rhetoric did not contribute to an increase in “antisemitism, Islamophobia and racism”:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Yet more proof of Jeremy Corbyn’s consistency in standing up for the rights and protections of minority groups against an Establishment all too willing to scapegoat them for its own purposes.

And long before the media decided to push a line saying differently.

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  1. Kirsty Wark has just interviewed Lord Levey who asked why did these AS allegations not occur under previous Leaders? Wark failed to give him the obvious answer that Corbyn is the only Leader who has had the guts to criticise Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians,. That’s the BBC for you.

  2. Yes, but that would tantamount to her acknowledging that the whole thing IS – and HAS been – manufactured.

    1. Afterthought: And it’s the same psychopathic and sadistic mindset at work in both cases.

      Julian, in effect, pulled the mask away and revealed the diabolical entity hidden behind it, and THEY didn’t like that ONE bit.

  3. Whatever happened to………..John Pilger & Julian Assange? Out of sight is out of mind; no platform. Now marginalised, John Pilger is a memory; an example of when we had an investigative journalist. Time the Labour Party opened its eyes!

  4. See who is sitting behind him in the video, ready to stab him in the back at a moments notice, they should hang their head in shame.

  5. Thanks for your a good investigation. The systematic investigation and appropriate and objective analysises would prove that Corbyn is not antisemitist that is the only way to stop this overwhelming alligation.

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