Video 1 of 4: McCluskey tells vibrant Politics in the Park “Liverpool sends racists back under their rocks”

In the first of four videos featuring Unite leader Len McCluskey’s inspiring speech to a packed Labour gathering in Liverpool, McCluskey speaks of his pride in Labour’s and Liverpool’s history of standing against racists – and tells his audience that expecting accountability from their representatives is just democracy

Labour member Victoria Jackson on a great Politics in the Park event

On Friday night, Liverpool Walton MP Dan Carden hosted a packed gathering of Labour activists at a venue situated neatly between the Everton and Liverpool football grounds. A spokesperson for Carden described the night:

The room was fully behind Jeremy Corbyn and his vision of a socialist Labour government in a fantastic display of solidarity between Labour members and Trade Unions.

There were lots of new members, too, in an audience inspired by speakers eager for a general election and a chance to campaign for a better future for this country

The event, which included great music as well as a range of speakers including Shami Chakrabarti, front-bencher Richard Burgon, economist Grace Blakeley and a guest video appearance by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was a vibrant example of the energy and vision that drives Labour and frightens the Establishment.

One of the highlights of the evening was an inspiring speech, full of humour, by local lad Len McCluskey – general secretary of the Unite union. McCluskey’s address set out Labour’s vision, purpose and priorities, touching on Brexit, democracy and the plight of the vulnerable under Tory government. It also featured hilarious put-downs of Tom Watson and the quitter group of MPs.

In the first of four videos, McCluskey evokes Liverpool as a representation of the left as a bulwark against racism – and defends local Labour members against the recent media onslaught against the city, underscoring their right to question their representatives:

Next: McCluskey’s witheringly humorous take-down of grandstanding deputy leader Tom Watson.

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  1. McCluskey is two faced, he:

    Slammed Christ Williamson –
    Scuppered open selection –
    Supported adopting the IHRA definition which has put members in danger of being falsely accused of anti-Semitism.

    1. Mmmm. The message for the left is that it needs to be a lot clearer on some issues.

      Bottom lines – anyone who doesn’t support Chris Williamson is a bit flaky. Anyone who thought the IHRA definition would be a good idea is a bit naive.

    2. I agree. I thought McCluskey was OK until recently, but it seems he is someone who needs watching because he is not wholly trustworthy.

      Emily Thornberry, a Labour Friend of Israel is another one.

  2. Yes great that all this maybe in the feel good factor , one wonders if of course this is all going nicely to Watsons so very transparent plan , to get ” bullied out ” of Labour . You can just hear the bleating and angst as he quits , then again who gives a toss about him .

  3. Great speech by Len and we need positive rallies to help boost the rank and file.
    Some may be feeling fed up with the constant attempts to wear us down when what we really want is to focus on fighting for diverse working people!

  4. It all needs reset , this is all part of the plan .What is killing it, is you, me and everyone reading this !!. Social media has been the downfall , the prize is there ! Don’t let them distract you with their bullshit.

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