At least 35 Labour MPs set to vote against new referendum

Large number of MPs almost certain to vote against any motion to hold a new ‘public vote’

Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX exposed the misleading media handling of Labour’s Brexit amendment, as the so-called ‘MSM’ claimed variously that the amendment included provision for a new referendum or signalled a ‘shift’ in Labour’s policy toward one.

In fact, the amendment contains no mention at all of a new vote – and Labour simply reiterated its established policy of using a new referendum only as a final option to prevent Theresa May’s incompetence dragging the UK into a no-deal Brexit.

If such a motion should be tabled, the SKWAWKBOX understands that around one in six current Labour MPs – at least 35 – would feel obligated to vote against any new referendum, in order to respect the wishes of their constituents.

The group includes MPs from across the Labour spectrum, from the right of the party, ‘soft left’ and left-wing – and includes as many as eleven front-benchers. The figure does not include former Labour MPs now sitting as independents.

Labour has not ruled out the prospect of a ‘free vote’ on the issue.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Given the strength of feeling in many ‘Labour leave’ constituencies on the issue – and the number of MPs who have defied the whip in the past to support ‘remain’ amendments – the party would be well advised to make it clear that MPs will not face adverse consequences because of voting with their consciences.

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  1. I think it’s only fair such a vote should be a free vote. Labour don’t have a policy of stopping Brexit only stopping a no deal and a bad deal. But in the end it matters not because if won’t get 50% and should finally nail the stupid idea for good.

    1. None of it matters. In the end, May will cave in and we will leave in name only. As far as Corbyn’s concerned, as I said in the other thread, he could march naked at the front of the PV demo wearing an EU flag, having just been ritually circumcised but it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference, politically or personally. He could only redeem himself by denouncing Socialism live on BBC and changing the rules to always support neo liberalism and make Keynesian economics illegal.

  2. ” Labour don’t have a policy of stopping Brexit”

    So are handing the initiative to the Tories and going against the grass roots whilst handing credibility to the right wing Squitters.

    Not a good look, I’m afraid, for a radical Party

    1. You know what isn’t a good look? Spitting in the face of working class people by trying to overturn a vote to leave the neo-liberal EU bosses club that they decided. Nearly all of our top target marginals are in Leave voting areas, but by trying to stop Brexit, by ripping up the promise to respect democracy in our 2017 Manifesto, we are about to hand those target seats to the Tories on a plate, is that the type of ‘look’ you are seeking here?

      1. I think people know Corbyn has been bounced into this by the hard Remainers and media and appreciate that as its not going to happen, not much is lost. Even as they say Corbyn has betrayed Brexit they’ll be saying he’s allowed it. He must be doing something right!

  3. Was there ever a point when Parliament would have given a majority for a 2nd vote? It was just one of the weak points in the rather hysterical PV campaign, the others being; getting an agreement on the question(s) to be asked and facing up to the real possibility that after 9 months delay the result will be REMARKABLY similar to 2016 -or a bigger Leave Vote.

    1. Best for Britain probably never really believed a second ref was on the cards. I think splitting Labour and/or the Tories was the unspoken objective they saw as being highly achievable.

    2. This is true, but perception counts strongly here. Brexit looks at risk currently, and who is to say whether a short delay will turn into a long one that will then then into a sometime never one, or even another referendum (a fixed one of course)?

      Both main parties have boxed themselves in by rejecting ‘no deal’ (it is really telling that so few Labour MP’s come from a trade union background these days, they don’t know the basic ABC’s of how to negotiate), so then what? Who will get the blame when Brexit is thwarted? May will be gone, and in the working class leave areas that cover some of our key marginals we will now be blamed for overturning the referendum result, and the front bench comments from Thornberry and Starmer last night make that a certainty.

      1. Yes, it’s a good day for the parachute group, their objective of destroying Labour is one step closer.

  4. What everyone seems to forget is the 48% of voters,many Labour supporters who voted remain and are being ignored by all the major parties.The people who voted leave did so with the delusional idea that there was some utopia outside of Europe where Britain would be great again!Most were misled by the lies of campaigners(remember the infamous bus) and the propaganda of the msm.The referendum was never about anything other than the never ending war within the conservative party over europe.They calculated,wrongly,that remain would win and when the public chose to show their unhappiness with the whole state of things by voting leave there was no plan in place to implement this.The rats quickly abandoned ship,leaving the ineffectual and inept May in charge.Hence the disastrous state of affairs today ..Corbyn was always walking a tightrope trying to balance both sides and has done so brilliantly whist May looks increasingly desperate and incompetent. However this eventually goes at least half the population are going to be left angry and unhappy,but Labour cannot only concentrate on leave voters of they risk alienating those who voted remain.There is no good outcome.

    1. Good for you a mind reader! How can you speak for anyone on why they voted leave ? Just call them stupid didn’t know what they were doing bla bla……. Sure i could say the same about remain voters , do they want there sons or daughters in a European army? Lead by war mongers who can never be removed as no one voted for them? It’s the arrogance of you and people like you that will put people off wanted to remain. People voted leave respect the vote and will of the people .After leaving you can argue for an other vote to rejoin .Not before the first vote is enacted .

  5. Yes there are simply not enough votes for a PV in Parliament so it is as dead as a duck but anyway we had a Peoples Vote so some like the Independent Grouo to quote Brecht “Will have to find another public.”
    May’s Deal should lose so it looks like a bit more time may be needed but what have the bloody Tories being doing for the last 2 bloody years?
    Labour’s best idea was migrants needing job offers so we could take workers we needed from any country (outside Europe too) and we democratically control labour supply (as per Pre-Neo Liberalism).
    I would also like greater efforts to trade unionise migrant workers (so they win better pay and conditions) and we can build community solidarity.
    Bring back migration adjustment funds too for councils (cut by the Tories & Lib Dems as part of their austerity).
    Then get Labour in and state-Led public investment in the deindustrialised left-behind areas and we are sorted. JC4PM!

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