Video: Umunna begging Labour members not to leave party

The soundbites spouted by Chuka Umunna and his fellow quitters to the media over the weekend have been empty of policies, empty of substance – empty of anything but unspecific references to ‘values’.

So it’s interesting that when Umunna was a Labour MP, he made an appeal to disgruntled centrist members of Labour not to leave the party like the SDP did in the 1980s – specifically so that the ‘values’ he shared with them could be implemented in government and to avoid handing an advantage to the Tories:

Video from ‘Wear Red’ Facebook page, creator unknown

SKWAWKBOX comment:

It’s almost as if Umunna says what suits him at any given moment and doesn’t actually care if he sentences the UK’s vulnerable to prolonged Tory government.

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  1. If there is a mass exodus from Labour he doesn’t want the competition for leadership of the new party. He also doesn’t want the blame for splitting the vote and letting the Tories back in. It’s all just dawned on him!!!

    1. I suspect that for every MP that’s quit Labour, there’s another 2 Blairites that are hanging on and ready to bail if there’s an election and Labour win so they can reduce the majority. The independent group is a dead duck, running on policies that are more likely to steal support from the tories than it is labour. The next round or turncoats won’t turn until the election is won and they have their seats secured for another 4 years.

      Let’s hope Tom Watson tries it and that mandatory reselection comes in before the next GE.

  2. From a Scottish perspective we are sitting up here with the Pop corn out watching the Westminster rabble implode in on itself. This new lot offer nothing the only way that they will change politics on these Isles is hasten Scotland leaving after all who would want to be a union with that shower of self serving rabble that masquerades as a Government and so called opposition?

  3. Was that video recorded before June 24th 2016? I think we should be told…

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