As quitters quit, Labour gets on with offering hope and preparing to govern: Corbyn in Broxtowe

Labour offers hope instead of the same old establishment demand for cuts, privatisation and austerity – Corbyn in Broxtowe

At a public rally in Broxtowe on Saturday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will set out how Labour offers hope to people up and down the country, “instead of the same old establishment formula of cuts, privatisation and austerity.”

The rally will take place in the Broxtowe constituency whose MP Anna Soubry resigned from the Conservative Party this week to join the ex-Labour quitters. Soubry has a majority of just 863 votes.

Corbyn will be joined at the rally by the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon, Shadow Justice Minister Gloria De Piero and Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Broxtowe Greg Marshall.

Corbyn is expected to say:

Over the last few years, Labour’s membership has grown dramatically and set our party on a new course. I understand why that has been difficult for some.

As leader of the party it’s necessary of course to listen to the concerns of our MPs as well as our members and affiliates.

I’m disappointed that a small number of Labour MPs have decided to leave our party and join forces with disaffected Tories, who say they have no problem with austerity that has plunged thousands into desperate poverty and insecurity.

Our programme for change won huge support in the General Election because we offered hope, instead of the same old establishment demand for cuts, privatisation and austerity.

That’s why we now back public ownership of the utilities and railways, why we now oppose tuition fees and corporate giveaways, and why we’re no longer afraid to ask the rich to pay their fair share of tax.

Our movement, the labour movement, is the greatest force for progressive change our country has ever known.

We created the NHS and the welfare state, we brought in the Equal Pay Act and every piece of anti-racist legislation of the 20th century. We introduced the minimum wage and the world’s first Climate Change Act.

We, the Labour Party, are a movement of half a million people in every city and town in our country. We’re your neighbours, your colleagues, your friends, fighting the same battles alongside you because we’re part of your community, standing up for your interests: the interests of the many, not the few.

So today, I invite still more people to join our democratic movement. Together, we will end the injustices of the past and meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

We will take on the powerful interests who are determined that nothing will change, so together, we can live peacefully, on a sustainable planet, with an economy that rewards the many, not just the few.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Corbyn’s statesmanship – and his status as a Prime Minister in waiting – are only made clearer by the cynical, disingenuous and self-serving behaviour of a clique of ‘old intake’ MPs who have quit Labour this week, to the immediate improvement and strengthening of the party.

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  1. If he favours “public ownership of the utilities and the railways” he will need to make this an absolute red line in any “customs union” with the EU, along with freedom over state aids with which to run them. What he says he wants is presently illegal (i.e. beyond the powers of the UK Parliament) under both EU law and the Theresa May Withdrawal Agreement.

    Ideally he should have said something about the massive public ownership driven housing programme (again, currently illegal under the EU “level playing field” regime). Surely an absolutely fundamental part of our economic and social policy.

    Otherwise, excellent stuff! Great on the TIGers.


  2. Can’t wait to see fresh PPCs introduced to the constituencies of Labour’s Quitlings at fanfare events – and I hope the constituency offices now vacated (they’d better be) will have had the locks changed and will soon be manned by those PPCs for surgeries under the guidance of appropriate mentors.
    Maximum support as soon as possible obviously, public exposure increasing with experience and confidence.
    Oh, yes… and SHUN the Quitlings.

  3. Brilliant move – going to Browtoe IMMEDIATELY. Excellent planning by Corbyn’s office.

  4. Heh heh heh heh heh. Why can’t I think of stuff like that? 🙂

    Gordon Maloney

    i am giving chuka umunna 8 days to hold free and fair elections in streatham or i will recognise the chair of the CLP as interim MP #Laboursplit

    10:29 AM – 18 Feb 2019
    459 Retweets 1,544 Likes

    1. Feeling low? Brexit/AS/Quitlings getting you down? Need cheering up?
      Forget lolcats can haz Cheezburger? Go to Twitter, find @gordonmaloney’s post and read the comments.
      The quality of Tory trolls is in the toilet. Not just any old toilet – the ‘Trainspotting’ toilet.
      Irony-blind, brain-bleached mouth-breathers.
      Darwin Award laureates – with a vote that cancels out yours 🙂

  5. I wish the Blairites would stop leaving the Labour Party in dribs & drabs & just get on & do it in one foul swoop!!!! Then I can stop celebrating their departure & not have a hangover every morning.

    1. Think of it like a political soap opera… endless episodes giving each ‘actor’ their day in the limelight, plot twists and turns to keep the followers interested and media hype building until the grand finale where all is revealed…

      It’s a nonsense dreamed up by sick minds and self serving, arrogant people who care nothing about the suffering of people due to government policies….

      1. OH MY GOD!!!
        IT’S 10:44 AND FIONA’S GONE MISSING!!!

      2. But I have absolutely no interest in them. I think an awful lot of us dont give a monkey’s.. .

    2. “I wish the Blairites would stop leaving the Labour Party in dribs & drabs”

      C’mon – you don’t think its accidental, do you? It keeps feeding the propaganda initiative.

      1. I think there is more than propaganda going on here… misinforming the public via PSPs, corporate media political shenanigans is a now deeply embedded feature of UK political scene. I suspect we are seeing subversion of the UK democratic and parliamentary process.

        These MPs claim to be an ‘independent group’ but are also apparently members of a private company while still operating in their democratically elected capacities in parliament without forming a political party which would be open to financial scrutiny. I think this is a really dangerous precedent myself.

        Of course this has been long and carefully planned.

      2. Maria, ‘carefully planned’ – meh – but by them? I don’t think so.
        Doesn’t take a Machiavelli to work out a little plan like that though – more like a Mandyavelli.
        As for those third raters, they hardly even cut it as henchmen – he probably had to explain it to them three times.

      3. David, I doubt this assault on Corbyn will just involve these third rate ‘actors’. I expect an assault from all sides including within LP… Watson is already doing his part.

        I am beginning to wonder if we could be seeing the beginnings of an undemocratic push for a unity gov or block of Remainer/”extreme centrists”. May has conveniently delayed the MV again…

    3. They’re doing it in stages because it draws maximum publicity, makes it last for a good week or two. It’s all been massively pre-planned. Don’t believe a word about how none of them knew about the others resigning beforehand.

      The CLPs should definitely be able to do something about these squatters. They’re even prepared to support the May government – can you believe it? After all their talk about being so concerned about the effects of austerity blah blah blah …. if I voted my MP in on the back of the 2017 Labour Party Manifesto, and then they turned around and supported May in a VONC, I would be absolutely chomping at the bit in fury!!

      1. “The CLPs should definitely be able to do something about these squatters.”

        The CLPs can do nothing – except build capacity and campaign. Let’s be realistic – this lot of Squitters are not going to vote for Christmas and resign their seats.

        The parachuted tourists of the Blair era are not simply going to go away.

        I’m more worried about the Party *not* doing what can be done.

        At present, the placation of the Israel lobby simply endorses the Squitters. If Jackie Walker’s hearing goes the same way of that of Marc Wadsworth, it will display a flakiness that doesn’t bode well for winning elections. Timidity and crumbling under fire is never a good look.

        Then there’s Brexit. Two things for sure – there isn’t support to be gleaned from the core Brexit constituency – the reasonably comfortable elderly middle class in the south-east. Contrariwise, there are many votes to be lost from disillusioned (mainly) younger Remainers throughout the country.

        Work it out.

  6. Good move by Labour – get on with the job of fighting for diverse working people!
    To offer a democratic transformation of society (as an example to other countries) we just need to try to elect 350 left wing democratic socialist Labour MPs.
    Let’s go for it and if successful we could be in for more exciting times than the 1945 Labour victory.

  7. All this leaving by quitters is to try and wrong foot the party and try to stop them advocating the progressive agenda to the electorate. They are in fact enabling the Tories. Jeremy going into Soubry’s back yard and showing the people of Broxtowe that there is a different way forward. I hope he does Ian Austin’s constituency next week!

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