Anti-Galloway site is Progress/Labour First ‘data trap’

A site has been launched asking visitors to ‘flood the office of Jennie Formby with thousands of emails’ protesting against former MP George Galloway’s wish to rejoin the Labour Party.

But the site is hosted jointly – like others before it – by right-wing groups Labour First and Progress:

The site’s privacy policy makes it clear that data submitted will be used for much wider purposes than merely an attempt to prevent Galloway becoming a Labour member:

We are collecting this data for use for the campaign for Labour members to stop George Galloway from rejoining the Labour party. This campaign wants to build a lasting network of support and debate around the ideas it inspires. It will be used to help us provide you with information to match your interests. We may also use it to alert you of activities you may be interested in and events happening in your area now and in the future.

Labour activists have described this as a ‘data trap’, allowing the right-wing pressure groups to harvest personal data for any other campaigns or purposes it chooses.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Lavour First and Progress have collaborated like this before. Any Labour members should be extremely careful about which organisations have access to their personal information.

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  1. On the plus side those T’s and C’s dont sound like they came from a takeaway food site ?

    1. Jenny,thank goodness. I have had misgivings about them for ages. My concerns rest with the socialists comrades all devoted to democracy who give their, time, funds and commitment to that body. Honourable comrades all but we are closing in on the grail. Regards to all so let’s concentrate on unity and victory.

    2. Yep, Momentum is just another bourgeois machine for maintaining a Parliament which is corrupt and no longer a genuinely democratic institution and hasn’t been for forty years or more! It is a club by the rich greedy, and powerful!

      1. What BS you couldn’t get any more corrupt than the Tory’s and blue Labour

  2. What are their reasons for opposing his re-admission?

    Because Clause 6.I.2 of the Labour Party’s rules states:
    “When a person applies for re-admission to the party following an expulsion by the NCC on whatever basis or by automatic exclusion under 2.I.4.A of the membership rules, the application shall be submitted to the NEC for consideration and decision. Such
    applications shall not normally be considered by the NEC until a minimum of five years has elapsed…”. Galloway has been out for more than 15 years.

  3. George Galloway’s heart is in the right place; he’s an honest, committed socialist but he hasn’t ever learned to engage his brain before opening his mouth.

    It would be a bad idea for him to be admitted into the Labour Party at this time when the false allegations of antisemitism within it are still raging. It would be handing a huge gift to the anti-Corbyn media.

    1. You think the claims of anti-Semitism are going to stop as long as there is a leadership who ‘might’ try to stand up for a moral and ethical foreign policy especially regarding Palestine/illegally occupied and colonised Palestinian territories?

      At least Galloway isn’t an appeaser and is not afraid to stand by what he believes. LP needs a bit of guts and fighting spirit but I agree now is not the time LP is not ready or willing for the real fight…foreign policy…nothing changes really does it in the imperial heartlands, fight for domestic crumbs as long as the slaughter, exploitation and destruction for profit abroad goes on and on and on..

      But, but, but “We tried”… sorry not buying it anymore.

      1. Maria, my reply was to 4foxandhare, I’m just very slow on the keyboard. Hope this reply ends up somewhere in the right county at least…

      2. “Maria, my reply was to 4foxandhare, I’m just very slow on the keyboard. Hope this reply ends up somewhere in the right county at least…”

        David… I didn’t think you were replying to me. I have managed to understand the way the comments system works on here.

    2. For years I was as wrong about him as you 🙂
      I’d dismissed him instantly on seeing the excruciating cat act – now I suspect he may have been so bored by the triviality of his ‘housemates’ and the situation that he’d turned to alcohol – I might have done the same.


      Long after the hearing I watched on YouTube the US Senate attempt to give him a public lashing over what they were already satisfied were his ‘dishonest dealings’ with Saddam’s regime.
      This is my memory of it, see what you think – I’m often wrong and I haven’t watched it again since then.

      Over about an hour he took them and their case apart with truly surgical precision.
      He had total command of his facts and of their falsehoods and in all his responses he treated them with such condescension, barely-controlled anger and disdain for their ineptitude that they were left mumbling, defeated and desperate for the beating to be over.
      No hesitation, no dissembling, he spoke forcefully and totally convincingly throughout and never dropped a stitch.
      They’d quite naturally begun in expectation of handing him his arse but they left as meekly as small children after a caning by the headmaster.

      I was left feeling humiliated at having so seriously misjudged a man of that calibre on such flimsy evidence.

      1. “I’d dismissed him instantly on seeing the excruciating cat act ”

        … trouble is, indeed, that getting into that position in the first place raises massive questions about judgment.

        Nobody else made him look a bit of an idiot in that case.

      2. RH, I’ve been teetotal for over thirty years but I ‘had a couple of drinks etc.’ before that.
        Can’t say every bad decision was made while off my tits but many were orders of magnitude worse than just making a fool of myself with a woman in front of a camera – and it’s not like he stood shoulder to shoulder with a Bush, is it?

        In the same way that Tories say “Oh, well, you know Boris…” when he craps out – we’d get to explain George with raised eyebrows and a shrug. Or a Glasgow kiss, depending on the company we keep.
        Tories have an infantile buffoon with a constantly-smouldering fuse – on a banger – in a pile of cowshit.
        We’d have a man with a mind like a steel trap who takes no shit from anyone, not even the Masters of the US-niverse.

      3. I take your point, David. But I was thinking more of the extended off-your-tittery involved in participating in the first place in ‘Big Brother. I’ll put it no higher than ‘not a safe pair of hands’.

        But I wouldn’t exclude him from the Party.

      4. I’ve been saying for ages he’s the best leader we never had, but I also agree that it’s not the right time for the reasons you mentioned, which is a pity.

        It would be a shame if Mandelson’s gremlins were given a reason to go to work on his social media history, cos we all know they’d manage to find something there to hang him with.

        Just like they did with Derek Hatton…

  4. Galloway is a brilliant politician with a quicksilver mind, if you doubt me search YouTube for his appearance before the American Senate. I have never seen anyone beat him in debate. If I could see him on QT with Fiona Bruce I would die a happy man. Furthermore there is no good reason to exclude him.
    Which is a pity, because if you get George you get his massive ego, and that always causes problems.

    1. I know little about him other than what I’ve written, so ‘always causes problems’ may be fair.
      ‘Massive ego’ may also be fair comment, I’ve no evidence either way.
      I’m not a follower.
      If he has, then at least he has the excess of intellect to justify it.
      There are 650-ish massive egos that don’t.

    2. I’m not sure I agree with your “massive ego” comment and having thought more about it, Labour is going to need all the experienced and committed candidates it can get in the next GE. I am aware there will be a lot of resistance to Galloway’s reinstatement from certain influential ‘left’ quarters though.
      Still, any party that still has Blair et al as members is in an odd position on the question of Galloway being reinstated as a member.

      … make a fool of yourself for charity (I understand) on a reality TV show and you aren’t fit to be a member (poor judgement) but mislead the public to make wars of aggression destroying whole countries and you are still fit to be a member… I just don’t get the logic myself.

  5. ‘Because if you get George you get his massive ego, and that always causes problems.’


  6. George Galloway will not only take MSM to task on AS allegations,
    but more importantly will help us get back Scotland

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