CLPD, Momentum speak out on Mediocre Seven

Two of the Labour movement’s main left groups, Momentum and the executive group of CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy), one of the party’s key left groups, have issued statements about this morning’s departure of the MPs who have already become known as the “mediocre seven”.

The CLPD statement read:

Earlier today seven MPs, elected to parliament on Labour’s 2017 manifesto, resigned from the Labour Party, letting down millions of people who stand to benefit from the election of a Labour government.

Since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as its Leader, the Labour Party’s priority has been the defence of people’s living standards and ending Tory austerity. Labour is fighting for policies that will vastly improve people’s lives.

The Labour Party is a broad church, with a diverse range of views, even inclusive of those that oppose the party’s progressive agenda. Regrettably, the small number of MPs that have left the party will campaign against Labour and assist the Tories hang on in government.

The attacks made on the Labour Party, by the departing MPs, are entirely false. In particular, the Labour Party is totally committed to eliminating prejudice and bigotry, including antisemitism, where ever it exits in society and Labour’s Leader Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely resolute in this fight.

The overwhelming majority of Labour MPs and members will continue to work hard for the election of a Labour government.

A Momentum spokesperson said:

Labour’s common sense socialism has widespread support amongst the public, has inspired hundreds of thousands to join the party and caused the most spectacular electoral comeback in British history.

Labour now has a plan to rebuild Britain. These MPs want to take us back to the politics of the past.

With a back to the Blair years programme of privatisation, tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of the banks, they offer no concrete solutions, no new ideas and have no support amongst the public.

Across Europe, parties stuck in the middle of the road mould have no young supporter base to speak of and are plummeting in the polls, enabling the rise of the far right.

Tens of thousands of volunteers regularly come out and campaign for Labour. This fringe minority of MPs have today not set out any agenda capable of inspiring anything remotely similar.

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  1. The Seven Dwarfs:

    Doc: Chuka Umunna
    Grumpy: Luciana Berger
    Happy: Chris Leslie
    Sleepy: Ann Coffey
    Dopey: Mike Gapes
    Bashful: Gavin Shuker
Sneezy: Angela Smith

    1. This manoeuvre could result in the receipt of baubles and fancies as thank yous for all the work they have done to undermine Labour. Some will get orders and badges but those with the vilest vocabularies could be invited to join the elite of AA, Artificial Aristocracy. One step at a time comrades. Seven is a lot better than none. It’s in touching distance but the knives will be out and sharper than ever before. Best wishes to you all.

  2. Berger would’ve been ‘whingey’ had there been a dwarf called that.

    Leslie – ‘Happy’? I’ve seen happier looking bloodhounds than that gormless dullard. Christ, but he makes gordon taylor (PFA chairman) and andy murray look positively orgasmic, the miserable bleeder.

  3. ‘Mediocre Seven’ sounds about spot on! I just saw Len McCluskey’s demolition of them on the Guardian. No-one seems impressed.

    1. With all the suspicion of the Graun, John Crace’s piece today is the best piss-take I’ve seen.

  4. Hmmm…How to refer to the whoppers in future?

    The malingering seven.

    Flake’s seven

    Seven shades of shite….etc

    All ideas welcome 🙂

  5. Knowing the tactics pursued during the carefully prolonged resignations stunt during the 2016 Chicken Coup – over about a week, to keep the story in high profile for as long as possible via a compliant mass media – I would not be at all surprised if there are a few more Right PLP quitters to surface yet over the following days. The more the merrier ! We need at least more than thirty of the PLP fifth columnists out ASAP , and their constituencies supplied with reliable socialist PPCs ready for a snap General Election.

    1. ‘Knowing the tactics pursued during the carefully prolonged resignations stunt during the 2016 Chicken Coup – over about a week, to keep the story in high profile for as long as possible via a compliant mass media…..’.

      Yes, exactly, but I would stipulate two things – ie that the MSM is complicit, as opposed to compliant, and that the the machinations of the saboteurs ALSO includes the two meetings of the PLP two weeks ago and Monday of last week respectively in which THEY fired up their anti-semitism attack/falsehood again. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the ‘events’ of the past two weeks were all thought out and planned in the weeks and months beforehand.

      And could I just add that we should ALL bear in mind that when we post comments they should be informative and measured, as opposed to infantile and childish, and be wary that our ‘enemies’ – ie shills posing as one of us – can always come on SB leaving such comments so as to ‘encourage’ others to do the same. And THAT – as is their objective – is not good for the way people who ‘visit’ SB perceive IT or US (as in us). Please always keep this in mind, and that we don’t do the reputation of SB any favours if we sink to that level.

  6. I don’t know who coined it, but the best name I’ve seen is the Dead Centre Party.

  7. For now I am happy with ” 7 former Labour MPs” but I look forward to the day when its “7 former MPs” LOL!

    1. How about SDP Mark 2 or SDP2019? The fate of their predecessors in 1981 is a matter of historical record, and believe me, it’s not good.

      Who was it who said, “Those who fail to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it”?

  8. From a distance-Canada- these look to be a bunch who know that they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being re-selected in future: their locals are very hostile.
    Missing are those from long standing bastions of the right wing-Austin, Philips- who are obviously confident enough of being able to hang on for a while that they are sticking to their places to cause as much damage as they can. The worst are yet to go. .

  9. C4 stated that the PLP in a meeting following the announcement applauded the defectors. The Skwarkbox s writings on the labour 7 was also highlighted by C4 so well done!

  10. I see the Tories are jumping for joy as they naively believe that the “Labour Split” (MSM) has taken the spotlight off their own godawful mess.

    But the brown fertiliser is surely about to hit the fan for them. It would not surprise me in the least if Tory remainers like Anna Soubry also set their sights on pastures new. She, and those of her ilk may well fee; that they can no longer be in the same party as ‘no deal’ Brexiteers such as Jacob Rees-Mogg. and cleave to ex-Labour right wingers such as Umunna, Berger, etc.

    Watch the sickly, triumphal grin fade from Theresa May’s face.

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