Video: May triggers uproar and mockery with ridiculous Brexit claim

Howls of ridicule in the Commons chamber on Tuesday

After her statement on Tuesday to MPs about her latest complete lack of progress in persuading the EU to do what it has said it absolutely will not, Jeremy Corbyn took Theresa May to task about her continual and reckless running down of the clock on her hopeless Brexit deal – and the damage it is already doing to this country and its citizens.

And then Theresa May reduced the House of Commons to howls of derision – by blaming Labour for the delay upon contempt upon delay that she has inflicted on the UK’s democratic process:

May and her government had been found guilty of contempt of Parliament for her constant evasion of accountability – and cancelled the planned ‘meaningful vote’ minutes after her ministers were guaranteeing it wouldn’t happen.

So her intentional amnesia as she claimed she had ‘wanted to have this sorted before Christmas’ was just too much for hundreds of MPs – and their raucous reaction showed that she is the one now held in contempt.

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    1. My son was five when the Referendum was held. Like maybe 1/4 million people in the UK, he relies on medication manufactured in France to control his epilepsy – changes in formula are not necessarily effective so even if there is a British – made alternative any change is high-risk. We have one more prescription to collect pre-Brexit and there is still no clarity on how medication supplies will be maintained. That’s one reason.

      1. What makes you think that you will not be able to get this medication unless the UK is a member of the EU.?

      2. @ butties Leaving with a deal would not threaten the supply of medicines. Leaving without one, or before the necessary arrangements have been put in place, will.

        It’s that simple. If we leave at the end of March, with or without a deal, it now will be a disaster because the country is not ready, thanks to May’s messing around.

    2. “Can anyone give reasons why honuring the referendum (and manifesto) without an Agreement is not acceptable?”

      For starters – can you imagine, given the record, the chances of the bunch of bozos that go under the name of ‘government’ getting to grips with the complexity of international trade deals to replicate – or improve on – what we have already? Davis – Raab etc. etc. ???

    3. There is no reason, Butties. But it will be convenient to have one under the current global capitalist neo-liberal economic regime. Actually, of the 135 non-EU members of WTO, 77 trade with the EU under WTO terms. https://fullfact.org/europe/who-trades-eu-under-wto-rules/. To repeat, there is absolutely no valid reason.

      @ Ultraviolet 13/02/2019 at 7:08 am answer to CMG 13/02/2019 at 6:22 am: ‘…Leaving without one, or before the necessary arrangements have been put in place, will.’
      Not quite. It’s not like imports from the EU will be stopped. The medication will still come through, but under WTO terms. The only effect is that it might be slightly expensive if, a big IF, the WTO tariff is higher than currently under EU rules. That pharmacist in France still needs to sell the product. And the supplier in UK, like any prudent business person, has probably made plans to keep the supplies coming – either from France or from elsewhere.

      The bottom line is we will still be driving Renaults, Citroens, Mercedes-Benzes, BMW’s, etc. because those companies still need to sell their products to UK consumers, albeit under WTO rules, like they do with the other 77 countries. As a matter of fact, to borrow one of their neo-liberal standard of measure, the UK has a trade deficit with the EU and a trade surplus with the rest of the world. Which means the EU is selling more goods to the UK than vice-versa. A few of the multi-national tax dodging profiteers might relocate, more especially when Corbyn’s Labour comes to power for the simple reason that they will no longer be able to exploit the workers from poorer EU countries when Labour government puts in place adequate worker protections.

      The complication is trade between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Should there be no-deal, the Backstop will still be implemented in one form or another to avoid hard-boarder between the two countries. This does not preclude future Labour government under Corbyn being able to negotiate a trade agreement that will completely do away with the backstop. And here, ‘future’ means as early as this summer.

  1. Under the thin guise of an attack on Theresa May, Skwarkbox in typical sneaky fashion attacks a “No Deal” Brexit.

    There oughtn’t to be such bad blood between the right wing faction of the Corbynistas and the Blairites! As this piece by Skwarkbox shows ,they both support the capitalist system – the Blairites blatantly and the right-wing Corbynistas in a more dishonest, cowardly fashion by hiding their commitment to capitalism behind “soft” Brexit.

    “Soft” Brexit is just as effective as Blairism in thwarting socialist economic planning and public ownership whilst protecting privatisation and marketisation, Indeed it was part and parcel of “The Project” – the Blair government going to pains to get “liberalisation” directives in place at EU level so that their and Thatcher’s beloved privatisation of public utilities could not be reversed.

    Yet how the Corbynista Fake Left passes off the vile, ropey EU as a good thing! This despite its regular crushing of the working classes of Member States – particularly its poorer Member States – such as Greece, Spain, Italy whilst enabling parties of the extreme right to go from the strength to strength in other Member States – Poland, Hungary, Italy.

    Margaret Thatcher’s greatest triumph was not New Labour but the capitalism-friendly Corbynistas.


    1. Spot On Danny. One has to wonder what the effect of JC going gung ho for Leave on WTO would do in terms of damage to the Tories. Of course he cannot because the party is infected with those who you identify and he is hamstrung by them and the IGATS lobby.

    2. “Skwarkbox in typical sneaky fashion attacks a “No Deal” Brexit.”

      What’s ‘sneaky’ about opposing profound idiocy?

      1. I note that the term ‘Trolling’ has taken on a new meaning from some here = “Wah! Wah! Someone disagrees with me!’

        I actually asked a question.

        To answer it for you – mountain of evidence and common intelligence applied to it indicates the disadvantageous nature of a ‘No Deal’. There’s nothing ‘sneaky’ about voicing that fact.

    3. Not even a little squirm of discomfort at sharing an objective with Rees-Mogg and the ERG Danny?
      You claim to be a scion of the left and yet they’re scions of the far right – either you or they must be deluded surely?
      If it’s them then I’d love to read how you conned them into forcing the referendum on Cameron – and how on Earth did the socialist arm of UKIP manage to stay hidden all this time, manipulating events in secret like that?

  2. The HCs yesterday was a complete and utter farce! Ian Blackford MP telling the truth, made to apologise to May who told an outright lie. Where’s the honesty gone, how can blatant lies be allowed to stand?

  3. In response to you , Danny, it strikes me as shocking that lefties like you do not seem to muster an ounce of compassion for people who will be put in a potentially life threatening position. To treat them as collateral damage is heineous.
    In that your attitude as such is far more Thatcher than you would believe (the I am all right Jack attitude). We can all theoretic about anything, if that is what makes your boat float. But we must not forget people, human beings who have/are suffering under the tories, and who will specifically suffer under a no-deal Brexshit or any Brexshit for that matter.

    1. Precisely, Sabine.

      We should never forget where the Brexit nonsense comes from – the extreme right.

      ‘Lexit’ ifs fellow-travelling with the ERG on a hypothesis that doesn’t stand rational examination.

      1. @ RH Let’s have your views on EU expansion to the East, proposed EU Armed Forces, EU actions in the balkans, Libya etc. In simple terms list the benefits of the EU to the working class. By way of example show how these effects on the youth of let’s msay Greece, Italy, etc .are in any way positive.

        Expose your rational examination.

      2. “In simple terms list the benefits of the EU to the working class.”

        The benefits to the poor depend on domestic policies, not the EU.

        What the EU does is provide a framework for co-operation and the resultant relative prosperity. The allocation of resources is a national issue – and the UK has been notable in promulgating the most extreme forms of neoliberalism, far beyond the dictates of the EU.

        As to the quantum of available resource – the decline is already visible, with the coiuntry still in the EU, and the main impacts will be found in the lower-skill sectors of employment.

        The idea that a UK, with its structurally flawed economy, will be more empowered as an isolated country floating in mid-Atlantic and subservient to the large trading blocks doesn’t make any sense. Apart from that, we will have lost a voice at the table of our nearest partners, and the clout that involvement brings.

        And that’s just trade, which alone promises greater impoverishment by any standards and (if it happens) a Labour government struggling with a dire economic outlook.

        As to Greece and Italy – I reckon you’re confusing the EMU with the EU. Note that neither country is rushing to leave the EU, and I would prefer working on an international basis to shift the overall neoliberal framework that dominates the globe.

  4. more and more true nature of TM and Brexit deal and how she handles the Brexit is reaching the level of madness than anything else. Her way to handle the matter is ‘bullying’ that may work among Tories but not EU and Corbyn. It seems at last a message about her and her government is reaching to Media, still?????? Hope!!!!

  5. Leaving without a deal is not unacceptable but is perhaps not wise and is perhaps better to have a deal that benefits working people.
    And all May offers is Half Out, Half in (to please Big Business and the City of London)!
    Perhap: A customs union is fine as long as we are aligned and don’t have to follow EC Neo-Liberal rules.
    Have democratic control of labour supply (as was Pre-Neo-Liberalism) so we can take skilled and unskilled workers we may need from any country in the World – so with socialist planning we are internationalists.
    Democratic control of capital supply (as was Pre-Neo-Liberalism).
    Allow UK companies and small businesses to trade individually in the EC tariff free but Govt pays a collective fee (£10b?) and this would eliminate the need for an Irish Backstop and would protect the N. Ireland Peace Process.
    There were perhaps 2 options for building a Left wing democratic socialist society, Remain and Reform via EC Partners (but this was LOST in a Peoples Vote) OR via independent nation states co-operating.
    So it has to be the latter.

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