Video: neutral election observers explain Venezuela’s world-class election system is unriggable

At the weekend, the SKWAWKBOX published a clear-cut case of disinformation about the situation in Venezuela – and showed that in spite of Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s claim that the country’s election was rigged, its electoral ballot system has been described as world-class even by right-wing media.

When right-wing governments were not busy trying to bring down Venezuela’s left-wing government, of course.

But evidence from two separate, independent election observers underlines even more clearly why claims that Venezuela’s election was rigged and that right-winger Juan Guaido’s self-proclaimed presidency is therefore somehow valid, simply do not stand up to any kind of scrutiny.

Irish MP Chris Hazzard, who acted as an election observer in Venezuela, spoke out on social media, making his opinion of Hunt’s claims unmistakably clear:

But another election observer, London journalist Calvin Tucker, made a video last year detailing the vote-casting process and why it is impossible to rig or stuff:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The evidence is clear that the Establishment is selling politically-motivated snake-oil.

Maduro’s government may be imperfect, but its democratic validity is beyond question – and the process that gave it its mandate is far more foolproof than governments in the UK and US can currently claim.

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  1. I think the point is, Venezuela’s opposition has always been fractured and suddenly up pops a political nobody with half the world’s backing, and just like that the government is illegitimate.
    This “crisis” is limited to middle class areas, and though the government is currently unpopular, the opposition is even more unpopular. People know exactly what’s being planned….an upfront in your face theft of democracy and installation of a puppet. The EU and Hunt’s response is to once again kiss America’s bottom.

  2. Will Hunt send bombers if Brazil invades? Or RN ships to assist in a blockade? It was 17 years ago we joined the Americans in regime change in Afghanistan, will the new war take as long? It’s worth noting that 17 years later the Taliban looks set to regain power – with the backing of the US! Millions killed and displaced for no reason. Is Hunt human?

  3. That s*** Gapes, supported obliquely by Emily Thornberry, has joined in the attack on Venezuela today in Parliament

  4. Tories Lie , bears shit in woods , as sure as the sun rises and sets each day !! Hunt the lying xxxt

  5. Whilst US Republicans gerrymander boundaries and make it has hard as possible for the poor and black citizens to vote (Daily Kos).
    Also have an odd electoral college system where Clinton in terms of the popular vote beat Trump by 3m but lost.
    I went to hear a talk on the US Elections last year by an ex-Labour MP and he said then if any Latin American country had a Presidential system like the US then the US
    would be screaming blue murder!
    Millions in the US have signed a petition calling for Presidents to be elected on the popular vote (Daily Kos).
    Right Wing US Neo-Liberal hypocrites!
    Perhaps the Right is the US are panicking as The New Left Review argues because Neo-Liberalism in the USA is in structural decline and maybe this is why Far Right US Billionaire Barbarians are funding far right groups around the World – “Facsism is the emergency committee of capital.
    Intetesting how some Right Wing countries including Canada and France plus puppet Govts in Latin America when the USA says Jump! They say – How High?
    Stand with Socialist Venezuela!

  6. Is there anyone out there who thinks that the establishment, supported by their puppets in the MSM will NOT try the same thing here in the UK when Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, wins the next election?

    1. This is exactly what I have been thinking.

      Look at how Kennedy was assassinated and the media refused to investigate it properly.

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