Video: Breaking – Field will vote for deal as ‘centrists’ rush to May’s aid

Frank Field announces his support for May’s disastrous ‘deal’

Formerly-Labour MP Frank Field, a Brexit supporter, has announced in the Commons in the last half hour that he now intends to vote for Theresa May’s dismal Brexit deal:

While claiming that his decision ‘doesn’t excuse the government for its incredible incompetence‘, Field will support a deal that manages – against all expectations before Theresa May tabled it – to be worse than ‘no deal’.

Right-wing Labour MPs John Mann and Kevin Barron have announced that they would also support May’s deal, while other right-wingers are reported to intend to.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Nobody should miss the fact that it is the ‘bitterites’, as described by Labour’s former deputy PM John Prescott, who are riding to Theresa May’s defence in her hour of need.

The poor and suffering of the UK will surely be thankful.

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  1. Quelle Surprise Frank!
    Well actually no -you have become entirely predictable and this won’t come as a shock to anyone. In fact it vindicates those who warned of your increasing affinity for all things Tory.

    1. He already resigned the whip once it was clear he faced a no confidence motion.

  2. John Mann – you absolutely disgust me. Your a nasty piece of work, you don’t represent the Socialist Labour Party and should resign forthwith. You will certainly be deselected as an MP. Good riddance.

  3. I’m a 62-year-old Disability Studies specialist—from Montreal, Canada—who since 2012 has been campaigning daily on Twitter and communicating frequently with the UN’s human rights office, in Geneva, on the welfare crisis impacting U.K.’s sick and disabled.

    Frank Field is mired in political controversy, but as Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee he has done a yeoman’s job exposing the flaws and human cost of the draconian welfare reforms and he might have that Committee’s best analytical mind. I have taken flack for supporting him.

    One of my tweets from yesterday might garner me a smattering of approval:

    The Guardian has demonstrated time and time again that it doesn’t support Jeremy Corbyn—but rather, the “Blairites”—some of them who are sympathetic and running to the rescue of Theresa May’s government. There IS an alternative to May’s deal: revoking Article 50.

    1. You still spouting the same tired arld sh*t, Samuel?

      C’mon then – Give us all the benefit of your ‘pearls of wisdom’ regards this. eh?


      If I was you, I’d refrain from your perpetual gushing sycophancy of field when I’ve repeatedly (ad nauseam) given several instances on here which prove that he’s the antithesis of the venerated MP you portray him to be.

      Just stop it. You’re boring people now.

    2. Blah…blah…blah..I’m from Canada and I think field’s great…

      …Yeoman’s job…blah…blah…blah…

      Meanwhile, not three miles from me in Birkenhead, England (frankenfield’s constituency)…


      …Yep, yeoman’s job alright, Samuel. Starving disabled pensioners on his watch in his constituency, next it’ll be his constituent’s schoolkids goin’ through the bins to find a scrap to eat…

      Your findings about field aren’t worth a carrot. You only study him (And come to the wrong conclusion EVERY time), people have to LIVE him.

  4. Well done Jon lansman Len McCluskey for pulling the support at Conf for Mandatory reselection I hope you’re happy now.This will be a taste of what is to come should Labour win a GE , getting rid of these quislings Will be difficult , without the tools to do it. THANKS!!

    1. People will have, for now, to make use of the existing procedure. As I have said before, it will have to show some success otherwise it will fuel demands for proper re-selection. It will not be possible to fob people off a second time.

    2. If a CLP can’t get 1 in 3 branches to support having a selection contest, it’s not going to win an automatic selection contest either. Bar’s extremely low now.

  5. One more reason this traitor and former friend of Margaret Thatcher the Milk Snatcher should be booted out of the Labour Party and deselected as an MP!

  6. John Mann stoops to his lowest stance yet (and that took some doing). That maggot surely must be deselected at the next opportunity.

    Let’s see how the othe LFI members vote…

  7. For anyone who missed it. Radio 4 Today this morning,interview with Dominic Raab,confirms interest in becoming next leader then goes on to explain why he will vote against deal this evening. “No businessman could ever support this deal.” Next guest was the President of the CBI who said his organisation supported the deal and urged MPs to vote in favour. You really couldn’t make it up,what a shower.

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