Brand new Corbyn video: May’s deal disastrous, only Labour can bring country together

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has released a new video in which he reminds the country why Theresa May’s ‘deal’ is disastrous, why the Tories should stand aside – and why Labour is the party that can bring the country back together by focusing on the real-life, day to day issues that affect all of us:

The video had not, at the time of publication of this article, even gone out on Labour’s official party or press office Twitter accounts. Share widely.

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  1. It’s time for London and the South East to shed some asset wealth, shed some debt and accept lower house prices, a pound that is competitive on the world stage, the chance never before offered of rebuilding modern manufacturing and a healthy economy,……and accept that leave won the vote and there can be no return.

  2. Good video and message , reiterating Labour is concerned with much more than just Brexit and that I hope ALL our members wherever they live however they voted can coalesce around and agree on .When the times come (soon I hope ) that there will be GE and we all fight in unity for a JC Labour Govt , cos , as JC said there will be huge pressures and some will no doubt be from within the PLP to frustrate that chance of a Socilist Govt

  3. Good message from JC and the evidence against the Tories is mounting up!
    Pay freezes and austerity for working people US but for THEM Tory tax cuts for millionaires and corporations plus for hedge funds (£145m) who gave £50m to the Tories!
    Since austerity £6.9b cuts for Northern Labour Councils but a £3.5b gain for Tory Southern Councils.
    Education spending (including colleges) £95b in 2010/11 now £87b!
    4m kids in poverty.
    Homelessness quadrupled.
    Millions desperate for a decent home!
    Millions in poverty pay.
    Millions (apart from the luxurious upper class welfare state) being treated brutally re working class welfare by the Tory Barbarians.
    ‘Ye are the many.
    They are the few.
    You make the wealth.
    They legally steal it from you!’

  4. I had goosebumps watching video . . Let’s all hope he becomes
    PM very, very soon . .
    we ALL in my house love Jeremy
    Thank You

  5. Excellent journalism from the SKWAWKBOX, as usual, and the same approbation of Jeremy’s video.
    Bazza’s comment is also to be commended. I particularly loved his little poem.

  6. On the day that WILL – one way or another – be an historic day in British politics, forgive me if I slightly change the subject. But only very slightly:

    In the Institute for Statecraft piece entitled ‘Cyber Responsibility Programme for Children’ that someone linked to in another thread about a week ago, it says (at one point):

    ‘…the programme will educate children to discern truthful information from propaganda and disinformation…’

    And a bit further on it says:

    ‘…and by the Institute’s current programme to track, understand and counter disinformation from Russia, Daesh and other malign sources.’

    And it finishes by saying:

    ‘A long-term function of the programme will be to support the development of a world-leading reservoir of potential cyber talent among children and young people (initially 8-16 year olds, but with the potential to educate even younger children as the programme evolves). To this end it will include an assessment process to identify and support exceptionally talented children.’

    The following is a perfect example of “malign sources” – malign forces – dissembling “propaganda and disinformation”, and when reading it, bear in mind that Labour’s 1983 manifesto was dubbed “the longest suicide note in history”:

    In 1987, the day after the Labour Party – AND the Tories – published it’s manifesto, the right-wing tabloids – ie the Sun, Mail, Express and the Evening Standard – ALL told their millions of readers that the Tory Party manifesto was 77 pages long and that the LP manifesto was only 17 pages long (and the Alliance’s – ie the Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party – was 23 pages in length). The front-page headline story in the Sun (which had a circulation of over four million at the time) was:

    Never has so much been hidden from so many by so few

    And immediately below it and underlined, it said the following:

    What has the Labour Party been doing in the wilderness these past eight years? Not a lot, judging by the manifesto it unveiled yesterday.

    And it then continues:

    It runs to a mere 17 pages, a political pygmy alongside the 77 pages produced by the Tories. Even the Alliance managed to scrape together 23 pages of wishful thinking. Never in the field of Labour politics have so few tried to fool so many into believing so little.

    On the same day the front-page headline of the Daily Express (which had a circulation of over 1.5 million at the time) was:

    Wall to wall whitewash

    And immediately above the headline it said:

    Never has so much been hidden from so few, says Heseltine

    And of course it goes on to tell its several million readers about the length of the Tory and the LP manifestos etc.

    And the Daily Mail (with a circulation of almost 2 million at the time) went with the following front-page headline:

    Maggie and Neil – the long and the short of it

    And the first paragraph went thus:

    The most comprehensive Tory manifesto in living memory, and perhaps the shortest one in Labour history, were on offer to the country last night.

    You can guess the rest! And the DM’s sister paper, the London Evening Standard headlined it:


    And in the ‘article’ it says the following:

    Moves Forward, at 77-pages long, dwarfs the 23-pages from the Alliance and 17 from Labour

    Collectively, these four newspapers were read by over sixteen million people, and this is what they were all telling their readers within twenty-four hours of the GE being announced and the parties publishing their respective manifestos, leading them to believe that the Tory Party manifesto was over three times as long as the Alliance manifesto, and over four times longer than the LP manifesto. And they DID so of course knowing full well that very, very few of their readers were likely to see even ONE manifesto, let alone all three. So was there any truth to what they had led their millions of readers to believe? Well yes, in terms of the number of pages, but they ommited to mention one little detail – ie that the size of the Tory manifesto – the booklet – was a third of the size of the other two. If you added up the average number of words per page of each of the three manifestos and multiplied it by the number of pages, a totally different picture emerged:

    Labour Manifesto 825 words X 17 pages = 14,500 approx

    Alliance Manifesto 975 words X 23 pages = 22,500 approx

    Tory Manifesto 275 words X 77 pages = 21,500 approx

    The above is just one of literally tens of thousands of examples of Big Lies and fabrications – and deceit and deception and manipulation – disseminated by much of the MSM over the years, and especially the right-wing press, but it serves as an easy-to-understand example which can be used to convey to our children (14+) the corruptness of the ruling elite and their propaganda machine, and their total contempt for democracy and freedom of thought.

    Let’s ALL do our bit to assist the Institute for Statecraft in their laudable work in educating children to discern truthful information from propaganda and disinformation, and making them aware of the malign forces at work in the world.

    1. “Let’s ALL do our bit to assist the Institute for Statecraft in their laudable work in educating children to discern truthful information from propaganda and disinformation, and making them aware of the malign forces at work in the world.”

      I have to ask, have you been in a coma? Have you missed the reports about the Integrity Initiative, a spin off from the Institute of Statecraft?
      It appears clear these are out and out propaganda networks pushing dangerous cold war narratives, targeting journalists, researchers and politicians who question the government narrative. They specialise in smears, lies and disinformation and then use that to smear politicians, academics, journalists and even Corbyn!
      For starters here’s Aaron Bastani’s take.
      Do you really want them (and BBC btw) going into schools brainwashing children?

      1. NB The point being that the people behind Statecraft know of course that the MSM – and especially the right-wing press – are the Establishment’s propaganda machine, and that left-wing news blogs such as Skwawkbox and The Canary expose their lies and deceit – as does RT – ie The Sputnik, Crosstalk, Max Keiser, etc – and Statecraft are, I assume, going in to schools to put it in the kids heads that such news-sites churn out fake news. And Statecraft are doing it on behalf of the PTB, because the last thing THEY want is for young people to know the truth.

        l can only assume you haven’t picked up on the many times I have posted comments on SB in which I have exposed lies and deception of, and by, the Establishment and their political cronies, otherwise you would have known I was being ironic, and the last thing Statecraft is gonna do of course is enlighten kids about the *Establishment’s* propaganda lies and deception.

        My apologies for getting you unneccasarily flustered.

    2. “My apologies for getting you unneccasarily flustered.”

      Gobsmacked rather than flustered…your irony went over my head I’m afraid.

  7. I am heartened to come on this page and read support for Jeremy Corbyn. I am afraid out in the vastness it is all about so called labour voters who are not going to vote labour but are going to vote for another party apparently. I think it is best to take it with a pinch of salt. No one who is a true labour voter would vote for another party just because they did not like the leader. I did not like Neil Kinnock, yet I voted for labour not for Neil Kinnock. How ironic now though I vote for labour but also I like the leader and his beliefs very much. whats not to like ? unless you have lots of money and will have to pay yor dues under a labour government. I think people should now be seeing beyond the propaganda that has been going on relentlessly for years. We need affordable housing, better paid secure jobs, better life chances the list goes on. Jeremy Corbyn is talking about all this and it has all been costed, after all he is not going to be giving huge amounts of cash to DUP to prop up his government. He is different and has been in politics for many years, cant wait for Mr Corbyn to get in to number 10.

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