TV’s Riley ‘meeting Rees-Mogg’ for ‘talks about potential political future’, says Rowe

Rumours of meetings to discuss a political future

Former Madam Natalie Rowe has claimed on social media that Countdown mathematician Rachel Riley has been meeting Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg privately for talks about a potential political future for the celebrity.

Ms Rowe claimed that Ms Riley had blocked her because she was aware the news was about to emerge:

Riley has angered Labour supporters recently with what they say are unfounded accusations of antisemitism against the Labour Party’s members and its leader, as well as similar accusations even against respected – and Jewish – left-wing intellectual Noam Chomsky.

The SKWAWKBOX has been unable to reach Ms Riley for comment on the accuracy of Natalie Rowe’s claim, but a call has been placed with her showbusiness agents. Mr Rees-Mogg only answers enquiries by letter.

Riley was reportedly scheduled to appear on the BBC’s Newsnight this evening. so it will be interesting to see whether she is asked about her political aspirations.

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  1. You have provided zero evidence to back this claim up other than an unverifiable tweet.

    Are you just a fake news site now, Steve?

    1. I think meeting with JRM shows about almost as much ignorance as is possible. You may think JC is far left but for that you’d have to acknowledge JRM as a psychopaothic scrooge from the 18 th century. Which he almost his

    2. If there’s anything inaccurate in the article *as written*, do feel free to point it out

    3. Lia, maybe ‘they’ were trying to set skwawkbox (and other JC supporting alternative blogs) up! And come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing you on SB before, and it’s funny how you just HAPPENED to be the first person to leave a comment. So will we be hearing from you again at some point? I look forward to it.

  2. And ….??? So …..?????

    Except : be prepared for the resurrection of antisemitic nonsense from the venal and the dim as things get sticky for the Tories.

  3. Thats the last time I watch any vesion( countdown) of that. Stupid woman

      1. Not stupid, but possibly evil. I always was suspicious of her numbers wizardry. AND her fella’s Russian! Case closed:

        Burn The Witch!

  4. She would undoubtedly be a great asset to the Tory Party, and she has obviously earned some kind of reward for all her diligent work reinforcing the fake anti-semitism program against JC and the left of the Labour Party.

    It was widely reported in the MSM a few months ago that she had received some “abusive” tweets – “for standing up to Jeremy Corbyn about anti-semitism in the Labour Party” – one of which said she was “brainwashed and thick”. She is neither of those things of course, and I have no doubt whatsoever she is fully aware that the vast majority of the accusations and allegations of A/S are false, phony and contrived, and is more than happy to go along with it.

    Whether the rumour turns out to be true or NOT, I doubt she sees herself doing the Countdown thing for very much longer. And in HER case, beauty is obviously only skin deep, and she is very free with slinging the term anti-semite around at people, including Noam Chomsky, and recently called George Galloway “anti-semite scum” and told him to “fuck off”. She would of course, as such, make an excellent Tory politician!

    1. ” I have no doubt whatsoever she is fully aware that the vast majority of the accusations and allegations of A/S are false, phony and contrived”

      I have no idea whether she is aware or not.

      But – have no doubt – the Hasbara initiative has penetrated the consciousness of many as ‘truth’. It is dangerous not to recognize the fact.

      Slagging off the odd inconsequential TV ‘celeb’ isn’t going to change that.

      1. “I have no idea whether she is aware or not.”

        Er….. one thing you are NOT is naive RH, so why would you pretend that you ARE.

        And where do you get the “slagging off” from in my comment? As for being an “inconsequential TV celeb” – which she is NOT – yet again you appear to be deliberately missing the point. And YOU were the one who just last week posted a comment saying how we need to focus on the fake anti-semitism campaign!


    1. Even Hitler may have been mainly courteous. Catholicism is immaterial. We just need a leader who has integrity and doesn’t have psychopath tendencies.

  5. Half-suspected her of political ambition when she jumped on the Corbyn A-S bullshit bandwagon but thought being on the spectrum she’d know her limitations – if you’ve seen her try to tell even a rehearsed joke on 8/10 CDC you’ll know what I mean.
    I dumped her right away obviously so now I need a new fantasy fuck…

    1. Yeah, why do these maths bints on Countdown always turn out to be Tories? First Vordemann, now this.


  6. I don’t know what the average audience is for Countdown, but I have no doubt that a significant minority of those who watch it on a regular basis are people who – one way or another – have been affected by Tory policies/cuts and their Austerity program – the sick and disabled and unemployed etc.

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