Video: breaking – Tories plan new anti-drone measures following successful trial

After the ‘barking’ measures proposed by Tory front-bencher Liz Truss proved less than effective in combating drones, the Tories are preparing to roll out new anti-drone measures at airports across the UK after a successful trial:

In a bid to enhance its environmental credentials, the government is said to be planning to make the rolls by recycling old, defunct versions of Theresa May’s Brexit proposals and Brexit debate order papers, which are in abundant supply.

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  1. May will get through her Brexit after all with her nebulous tactics. On the other hand, a lot of criticism to Corbyn. He keeps missing opportunities to get into the government. How do you think?

    1. He keeps missing opportunities to get into the government.

      For the benefit of those of us who aren’t quite as perceptive as yourself, could you list these ‘missed’ opportunities?

      1. Like virtually every PMQs!

        He needs oratory training from George Galloway – the best leader we never had…

      2. Tinform – In which case you’ll have absolutely no problem in providing a long list of specific examples. I look forward to reading your reply.

        A ‘fine example’ (we haven’t seen much of him lately), one only has to look where Galloway’s oratory skills got him. I was particularly impressed by his appearance CBB.

        However although I accept there is always room for improvement (as amply illustrated by JC’s improved performance since he became leader) I would argue that Jeremy’s more measured approach has self evidently served him quite well.

      3. If you think I have a computer at home and have the time or the inclination to accommodate at length the demands of pricks like you, you’re sorely mistaken.

        I get a free computer hour a day in the library and life’s just too short!


      4. timfrom 24/12/2018 at 5:08 pm

        It was you that said “Like virtually every PMQs! “ so I was simply taking you at your word that you knew what you were talking about and that you would therefore have no problem at all with furnishing some examples.

        I am puzzled by your reference to your PC time in the library because you obviously have a web browser on your phone.

      5. And if you’re Labouring (geddit?) under the impression that Galloway’s appearance on CBB was a political one, then again you’re sorely mistaken. And a bit dim. Though I will admit. it must’ve been one hell of a lot of zeroes on the cheque they offered him to peruade him to appear on the show in the first place…

      6. To be honest the thought never even occurred to me. I guess that leads us to the obvious question, does that make me the dim for one not thinking it or does it make you the dim one for thinking it?

      7. No actually I don’t have a smart phone, just a dumb one, and a tablet, which is used for reading stuff. I prefer to write at a proper computer.

        And what thought was it that hadn’t occurred to you?

        Anyway if it’s all the same to you this line of conversation is at a dead end. Stop looking for trolls where there aren’t any, have another mince pie, maybe a glass of wine and enjoy your Xmas

      8. timfrom 26/12/2018 at 7:21 pm
        I must admit to being a little confused by your reply. You don’t seem to have had any issues posting on this site either now or in the past so it seems to be a little disingenuous to claim you can’t give a few examples because of your equipment’s limitations.

        As for the rest of your post. All i wanted was for you to supply some evidence to back up your original statement so I could decide whether to take it seriously or not. However please don’t concern yourself any further your prevaricating has helped me make up my mind

      9. it seems to be a little disingenuous to claim you can’t give a few examples because of your equipment’s limitations.

        No, not the equipment’s limitations. It’s TIME limitations I’m talking about. I would have thought that was evident.

        And the evidence you ask for is in pretty much any of his PMQs performances you care to choose. Just because I post on here doesn’t mean I think he’s infallible. I want to see him do better. Wouldn’t it be dull if we were all Cult Of Corbyn disciples like you?

        Now sod off, troll!

      10. No, not the equipment’s limitations. It’s TIME limitations I’m talking about. I would have thought that was evident.

        ….and yet you’ve managed to find the time to write c300 words telling me why you can’t. Anyway please don’t concern yourself any further, as I said last night (at 19:21) I had already decided to metaphorically file your original post in the bin.

      11. timfrom 28/12/2018 at 5:55 pm · ·

        ….. but I’m not the one who chose to use derogatory language that in a less enlightened age were associated with those who suffer from learning difficulties.

  2. Yes that seems a more environmentally friendly use for her cruddy waste of paper. . Only other thing it’s good for is bog roll!

  3. Only problem I can see is that it’s a Tory plan, so it will never hit target

    1. Thanks for the interesting info, it’s a shame you had to tarnish it with your gratuitous accusations. Personally I support BDS because I believe in obeying UN Resolutions and the Rule of Law. That doesn’t mean that I can’t be appreciative of any help that Israel can give to one of its allies in a time of need.

      Perhaps a more relevant question would be why hadn’t the Tories already deployed this existing technology because unlike you and I it is unlikely they were not already aware of its existence.

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