Dyer re-elected NCC chair unopposed

Anna Dyer

Anna Dyer has been re-elected unopposed as Chair of the National Constitutional Committee (NCC), Labour’s senior disciplinary body – news which will delight Labour members eager to see the quasi-judicial group run in a more thorough fashion than was the case under the previous Labour administration.

Glasgow-based union activist Ms Dyer, who was elected to the NCC at last year’s annual conference on the left slate, was voted in as interim Chair in September, replacing the Labour First-aligned, right-wing incumbent.

Highly-regarded for her integrity and determination, Ms Dyer also came to prominence in 2013 when she successfully sued the then McNicol-run Labour Party for ageism. In September, she told the SKWAWKBOX of the settlement and apology she won from the party:

I took that action because there were some terrible practices and behaviour going on in those days that did a lot of damage to vulnerable individuals and to the party’s reputation. It was never about money and no financial settlement was involved, but things needed to improve and they did.

Anna Dyer

Her determination to bring change for the better will be put to good use in a busy period for the NCC.

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  1. Why wasn’t Marc Wadsworth’s case at least reviewed? Why are the Blairites still getting away with undermining Jeremy Corbyn and not being punished? They are blatantly breaking the rules by ‘Bringing the party into disrepute? Who is responsible? NCC, Jenny Formby or Labour HQ? I’m not even going to retweet this blog

    1. I find it incredibly annoying that when anyone questions the situation with Marc Wadsworth this is somehow enough for others in PLP to say “thats antisemitism”. it is a ridiculous state of affairs. I cant see Marc getting satisfaction within the party. he should bring a legal case and if he wins hopefully shows us some mercy and doesnt take us to the cleaners.

      1. Marc is taking legal action being supported by crowd funding. It’s ridiculous when that is Marc’s last resort. Ruth Smeeth was let off over false antisemitsm claims against Marc. Why wasn’t she charged with false allegations and bullying? I am losing faith in those at the top in Labour HQ. Nothing much as changed

      2. And he expressed his sadness, at the time that that this was his only and last resort. I guess it’s a very bad legacy that takes time for a new executive to work through; Yet, you’d think the injustice of a case like his was so blindingly obvious that a new executive should have addressed it immediately. Where is their passion? I’m really glad someone has raised the question again.

    2. A very pertinent question. But, of course, Marc Wadsworth is but one innocent victim of the disgusting tactics of the right wing alliance that defiles the memory of holocaust victims for partisan ends. In addition, the pretence that they represent Judaism in this country is a slur on non-zionists.

      I’m not in favour of witch hunts, but should LFI be connected with the Labour Party after their behaviour towards anti-racist members and their blatant objective of obscuring the fact of ethnic cleansing in Palestine?

      Far from defending the community against anti-semitism, they promote it.

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