“AmberForLeader” Twitter account created

Amber Rudd – and the boss she would replace?

As Tory MPs prepared to meet to decide the political fate of Theresa May, DWP Secretary Amber Rudd has been front and centre among the front-benchers vowing support for May in the confidence vote that was confirmed this morning.

But during the day, news has emerged that a Twitter account ‘@AmberForLeader’ has been quietly set up this month and left dormant:

It may, of course, have nothing to do with the former Home Secretary or any ambition to follow May from the Home Office to Downing Street. It might have been set up by an admirer or would-be parliamentary supporter – or as mischief by someone looking to heighten tensions among senior Tories.

But its existence as a potential placeholder is interesting, to say the least.

Ms Rudd was unavailable for comment.

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    1. It is odd that you neglected to quote this from the same article

      It puts Orbán on a further collision course with the European parliament, which has already voted to begin disciplinary proceedings against Hungary over rule of law issues.

      However we should all be grateful that you have drawn our attention to this because it gives us a preview of what to expect if and when we leave the EU and a Tory government, free of those pesky EU regulations, can decimate our own Employment Rights.

      1. We have employment rights? My daughter was given just one day’s notice just recently after six months employment.
        My wife on a ZHC no rights.
        Bugger the globalist EU

      2. I understand you being upset at your family’s circumstances and whilst I have no wish to make you even more morose perhaps you should ponder about how much worse it could get when the Tories can slash and burn through the ‘Post-War Settlement’ without any constraint. Whilst you are at it you should also think about why all the leading proponents for Brexit are Tory Right Wingers. Do you really think that they have the best interests of your family as a priority. Do you really see the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Esther McVey, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson etc etc as your saviors.

        It would be spectacularly naive to blindly trust that a Tory government with a decent majority would behave any better than the Hungarian government.

      3. You may also find it useful to read this whilst you are contemplating whether to blame the EU or our Tory Government for austerity.


        As a result of this sustained ideologically driven Tory assault on our wages and living standards, British workers are getting one of the worst deals in Europe. The only country where workers have had it worse over the last 10 years is crisis-stricken Greece, while workers in other basket-case economies like Italy, Spain, and Serbia are the only other ones to have endure an entire decade of negative wage growth like the Brits have.

        Just look at France, where the gilets jaunes protesters are boiling with rage over falling living standards. In reality they’ve had a 6% increase in workers wages over the last decade in comparison to the 5% collapse the Tories have inflicted on British workers!

      4. Do you really think that the unelected in the EU have the welfare of ordinary people in mind? They are dancing to the tune of the bankers who pull their strings and are so globalist orientated that the likes of you and I are an afterthought at most. And as for your comment about ‘blame’ I am sure that you must be aware that austerity is driven by EU rules which the tories choose to adhere to for their own sick enjoyment.

        I know what we should do, lets stay in the EU and change it from the inside….
        Oh no we can’t because they are unelected officials who have no reason or interest to bow to pressure because they are UNELECTED and cannot lose their jobs. Ask David Cameron about that one.

        While we are on the subject what do you make of the deal that the EU have made for a 13 billion subsidy for arms companies out of tax payers money?


        So I hope that you found that ”’useful” reading. Turns out that the wonderful EU hasn’t got the interests of the poor at heart after all.

      5. Given that it is undeniable that the Tories want to slash and burn EU Regulation governing all manner of things including Employment, Food Standards, Animal Welfare and the Environment etc etc. (I say undeniable because they have published their intentions in print as well as stating it across all forms of Broadcast Media) The argument you put forward lacks coherence

        On the one hand you have a rant about the evil EU but then you admit that our own Tory government is even more evil and yet you want to give this and any future Tory government the power to make your life even worse once they’ve removed the constraints of EU regulations, By your own admission the EU cares more about you than the Tories do.

        I am also finding it hard to see a convincing argument that the EU has any impact whatsoever on the imposition of austerity in the UK. We are not part of the Euro-Zone so perhaps you could explain how the EU has driven austerity in the UK.

        I’m not claiming the EU is perfect, but neither is the UK’s system. Just for starters we have FPTP, unelected Ministers of State and an unelected House of Lords. Perhaps you could explain what I should be asking David Cameron and why the F…. anyone would wish to consult him about anything.

        As for your totally unrelated parting shot about the EU agreeing a joint budget from arms research, I’m not ecstatic about it but neither am I surprised. I am far however far more concerned about the contents of an article published by the same organisation. ”· The Danish, German, Dutch and Finnish governments have joined others in pledging to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia
        · UK has licensed almost £5 billion worth of arms to the regime – far more than all those that have suspended sales”


        Sent from Mail for Windows 10

      6. And btw my original remark had no mention of austerity, but was just a tangent you chose to veer off on. My original comment was replying to your remark on workers rights if you remember. Workers rights.

      7. This is a rather odd claim from someone who chose to introduce arms research budgets into this conversation

        However unlike yours mine is linked because there is a correlation between austerity and zero-hour contracts.

        The figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show there is a correlation between Austerity and Zero-Hour contracts. Until 2011 zero-hour contracts had bumbled along at <200,00 but as soon as austerity kicked in they began their exponential rise to today’s levels.
        It is certainly not illogical to link your current predicament to Tory Austerity,

  1. Amber Rudd’s previous attempt at following in May’s footsteps didn’t go well.

  2. Unless Amber Rudd finds herself a safe seat to move to, there wouldn’t be much point becoming leader. As it stands, she has a majority of 346 in her constituency of Hastings & Rye. She is almost certain to lose her seat at the next election.

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