Man arrested after jumping Parliament barriers

A man has been tackled and arrested by police officers after leaping security barriers at the Houses of Parliament, reportedly shouting ‘I’m coming for you politicians’. Nobody was injured in the incident.

After being tackled to the ground and handcuffed, the man was led away by police. His motivations are not known.

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  1. Nah.they got completely wrong,it is a Tory MP running away from Parliament.

  2. “I’m coming for you politicians” suggests he didn’t pose a serious threat – I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he was unarmed.
    Possibly just homeless and looking for a warm winter in prison.

  3. Hilarious typo Steve 🙂 – Freudian slip? :

    the many was led away by police.

  4. I don’t know fuller details and I’m aware photos can give an incorrect impression but am I alone in being very disturbed, unsettled and concerned by that image? Is that why that one was released?

    1. Absolutely , just look at the Cop with the SUB MACHINE GUN ffs , head shot or what . CHrist is this what the Cops have become under the bloody Tories , gun toting trigger happy wild west effing cowboys !
      Deeply concerning to say the least.

  5. If it’s the weapon pointed at the suspect that concerns you Maria, the officer wouldn’t shoot with a cobbled stone ground and three friendlies – the danger of ricochet is far too great.
    Safety will be on – aiming it at the suspect’s face from where he can see the weapon is to intimidate him into compliance.
    Police are trained to shoot at ‘centre mass’.

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