A tweet from Theresa May about #CashForSmears scandal. If only.

Last February, Tory MP and then-vice chair Ben Bradley had to put out a humiliating tweet to atone for a clearly libellous comment about Labour Jeremy Corbyn, after Corbyn’s lawyers had a little word with him.

He was even required to intensify his humiliation by asking readers to ‘please retweet’. It was the Tories’ most ‘successful’ tweet up to that time and probably since, with almost 55,000 retweets, not including quote tweets and screengrabs.

In spite of that, senior Tories continued to defend Bradley, even after it became clear that Bradley’s numerous other social media missteps included quips about sterilising chavs.

Labour supporters knew, of course, that this was because Bradley was no aberration – the whole ethos and practice of the Tories are based on smears. It’s what happens when a party is politically and intellectually bankrupt.

And now it’s been confirmed by the revelation that not only was the government paying a company of former intelligence officers to conduct online smear campaigns against the Labour leader, but they were using public money – your taxes – to pay for it. Labour will table an urgent parliamentary question tomorrow.

Theresa May should now be preparing a Bradley-esque tweet on her own and her party’s behalf – it would make the response to Bradley’s look like a drop in a bucket.

She won’t, of course – and the Establishment media are trying to help her out of yet another scandal by ignoring it. So to save her time and trouble, here’s one the SKWAWKBOX made earlier for her:

Labour will table an urgent question tomorrow about the scandal, which undermines the UK’s democracy and misused public money to do so. Most of the Establishment media are likely to ignore it.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

If only she and her had the integrity.

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  1. A clear case of misappropriation of funds. Public money is to be spent on the public – people for their benefit, not on bribes to the DUP nor on spreading lies, etc. Tories really need the book throwing at them!!!!!

  2. Yes using public funds for party political purposes? They need reporting to the appropriate body (Electoral Commission) and to apologise in Parliament plus pay the money back plus be fined heavily!

  3. The Tory party are now getting in to Trump country. Try and smear your party with as many lies as possible. Then deny them

  4. Smear and fake news have to be stopped that would kill everything. From top to bottom, these bully culture is more than pathetic but confuse everybody and lose value of everything especially not good for young people. You cannot allow bullies win the game.

  5. More scandal – this time it’s Interserve:


    Not on BBC TV news but is online and in a tweet.

    “The Labour party leadership – ideologically opposed to the role of private companies in the provision of public services – has insisted that no new government contracts should be awarded to the company while it is in a parlous financial position.

    That position is widely considered within industry to be detrimental to the future of a company that employs 75,000 worldwide, 45.000 in the UK.”

    So the fact that the share price is down from over £7 to less than 7p in four years isn’t the problem, it’s Corbyn’s ‘ideological’ (read treasonous) suggestion that it might be better not to throw more public money down the same drain as Carillion – we’ll get that on the record now so we can blame him when it all goes tits up.

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