Labour debunks ‘elitist donor’ claim

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Right-wing ‘Labour’ sites have claimed that Labour has resurrected Tony Blair’s ‘Thousand Club’ and that this is because the party’s finances are less healthy than they have been since the pro-Corbyn membership surge wiped out Labour’s debts.

As usual, it’s complete nonsense.

A Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

It’s just a refocusing of our donor strategy. We’re doing a lot of things that the party wasn’t doing before, so we’re offering donors the chance to sponsor specific projects.

In particular, that means things like our new community organisers, BAME leadership/candidate development programmes, policy work and so on.

It gives those with deeper pockets the chance to show genuine altruism – but all linked to organising and community engagement. Many saw the old Thousand Club as elitist, but the new Rose Network is about benefiting the grassroots and communities.

The only benefit to donors is to feel directly connected to the work to elect a labour government as soon as possible – and of course our thousands of small donors, those who can only afford £10 or £20, are just as valuable.

Yet again right-wing rags are trying to make something out of nothing.

Labour doing what it takes for the many, as usual.

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  1. I’d have liked to see it stated in black and white that Labour will never repay donations with honours – leave that kind of corruption to others.

  2. We usually have a raffle at our Ward meetings and I make certain that fellow members are aware that I buy loads of tickets. (I am hoping for my “letter” from the Palace in the not too distant future.)

    1. May I be the first to offer my congratulations on either your upcoming 100th birthday or your elevation to the peerage, Albert! 😉

  3. Being the festive season I am a magic fairy ‘Lord Swift of Mongolia’ and I grant your wish – you get a Corbyn Citizen’s Award.
    Also having magic powers I predict with all the tickets you buy you have much chance of winning the raffle in 2019 Ha! Ha!
    O2 Internet access back up!

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