Video: history and drama as Tories become 1st govt to be held in contempt of Parliament

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Late this afternoon in the House of Commons, the Tories became the first government in the history of this country to be found guilty of contempt of Parliament, when MPs voted by 311 votes to 293 in support of a motion of contempt for the government’s refusal to disclose Brexit legal advice. The Tories, for fear of losing the vote for the release of the information last month, did not even contest it – but then said yesterday that they would only be releasing a summary.

The moment of the announcement of the result after votes were counted were dramatic in parliamentary terms, not least because of the comments that microphones picked up in from the Commons benches and BBC studio as the government’s defeat and disgrace became clear:

The DUP again voted against the Tories, setting a pattern likely to persist into next week and beyond.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

In any other period in the UK’s history a government in such disgrace and disarray would be dissolved and a general election called.

But the Tories cling to power for dear life – so a nation desperate for change and leadership must wait until Labour’s motion of no confidence next week for a chance to see concrete steps toward a new general election begin – or even, possibly, a change of government without one.


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  1. As Bercow politely “suggested” that the information required should be provided within a reasonable time-frame and Leadsom said it would be made available the following day I was left wondering why it wasn’t provided immediately.
    It seems to me that when the government first refused sight of the evidence and contempt was alleged it ought to have been taken into custody by some authority such as the Sergeant at Arms to avoid any question of shredding, redacting or other falsification before the house could vote.
    Obviously any such attempt to frustrate the will of the house should carry serious criminal penalties.
    Just basic common sense.

  2. Ah, you’re right, I should have listened more closely to the form of words – maybe Bercow’s apparently trusting acceptance of her answer duped me into forgetting for a moment that they’re all professional dissemblers.

  3. And now Grieve’s amendment has passed, which, for rather complex reasons, since it only gives Parliament the right to pass a non-binding motion against no-deal, which will not satisfy hard Brexiters, makes it even more likely that May’s deal will be rejected. Looks very much like an election will be called before the end of the month

  4. Is May to receive no punishment for Contempt Of Parliament? Or lying about the contents of the legal advice? It’s like it never happened.

    Why are we not surprised? No consequences for Windrush, Grenfell, fiddling their expenses, dismantling our public services, or downright cruelty against the poor, the sick, and the elderly.

    My memory goes back as far as Harold Wilson and this is the most dishonest, deceitful, morally reprehensible government I have ever known. They are enemies of the people they proclaim to serve.

  5. DUP again voted against the Tories. Why is that a shock to anyone? Theresa May would have known that DUP could not accept her ‘Deal’. ‘Our’ PM is a Remainer, it is what she wants. It is a trap; we will not be leaving the EU. The only options left are her ‘Soft’ deal or Remain. Bad trick.

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