Breaking: Bercow rules govt has contempt case to answer. Debate tomorrow

Commons Speaker John Bercow

Earlier today, six opposition parties – including the DUP – sent a joint letter to Commons Speaker John Bercow calling for proceedings against the government for contempt of Parliament. Contempt of Parliament is a serious offence, carrying custodial penalties for non-MPs and potential expulsion from the House for MPs.

The government has withheld information from Parliament even after being ordered to release it by an uncontested vote of MPs – and Attorney General Geoffrey Cox accepted in the Chamber this evening that he could be expelled for withholding legal advice he gave to Theresa May about her Brexit deal. May and others could also be found liable.

In the last few minutes, Bercow has ruled that there is a case for a contempt finding. A Commons debate will be held tomorrow.

If May and her government are found guilty, it will trigger a major constitutional crisis. Another is likely next week, when Labour will bring a motion of no confidence if and when May fails to get her Brexit deal through Parliament.

In either event, a general election may not be far off.

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  1. Bercow knows he’s finished and is going down , if the Tories get their way , so this is his payback and swan song. Well done stick it to em John

  2. Tories will have been reminding him of his duty to the party all day – wouldn’t be surprised if his phone’s still too hot to touch. 🙂

  3. Maybe those comfortable sods will reach a solution behind closed doors. Nevertheless, I am sure Bercow will be delighted that he’s still around to enjoy and preside over days like this. He’s on record as saying he wanted to be around for the finale. He also has something of a record for making parliament matter.

  4. So, there is a parliamentary debate. What happens next? A vote to determine if the government (or selected sacrificial ministers) are in contempt or does it go back to the speaker to decide? It will be a travesty if one or two ministers are singled out or allowed to fall on their swords to try to save or delay the fall of the government in my opinion.

    When will the full government legal opinion be released? If the May regime somehow squirms out of this contempt debacle, it must be released immediately so there is time to be digested before the vote on the ‘deal next week.

  5. Cox will happily go, to augment the odds that may will stay. Those slimy toerag bastards have signed the same pact with satan as the kopites have, I’m certain of it. Every fooking time they get some decison or fluke occurrence….But I digress

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see a few red tories either abstain or vote with…Those that have made noises about voting for may’s brexit, most likely; plus the vindictive rodents that had the whip withdrawn.

    Every week for the past 5-6 months it’s been ‘crunch time’ for may, and every week it’s still ended up clinging on… The turd just won’t flush.

    I’ll take nothing as done until it IS done.

  6. NEWS
    The Tory’s amendment has been defeated.

    The Tories have been found to be in contempt of parliament.
    A few suspensions will reduce their already non-existent majority even further. Can they still command a majority in The House?

    1. It will be interesting to see who didn’t vote for the government on the motion.

    1. Not sure how many defeats but at least three in a row. I am beginning to seriously wonder if May Gov can make it to the vote next week.
      Surely there is more to come from the finding of the government in contempt of Parliament…

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