McDonnell’s letter to Treasury chief shows Labour preparing for government

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John McDonnell

A letter sent today by Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell to the senior Treasury civil servant shows Labour is in preparation mode for a new election – and a Labour government to repair the damage done by the shambolic Tories:

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SKWAWKBOX comment:

In spite of the media’s obsession with Brexit and exploitation of it as a distraction from the serious domestic issues that need to be resolved in or out of the EU, Labour are steadily progressing toward the government that the country needs.

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  1. Don’t get too excited.

    Firstly, the Tories won’t roll over and play dead – even if they are.

    Secondly, Labour – in the unlikely event of a general election could well find themselves in the same situation as May after the previous one.

    Thirdly – they will find themselves hamstrung by the Tory Brexit project.

  2. Perhaps Labour’s best chance is to hit people with reality.
    1. Tory Neo-Liberal Austerity was only meant for working people, the first thing the Tories did was to give tax cuts to: millionaires, big business corporations, private landlords with multiple properties, hedge funds (£145m of tax cuts and hedge funds gave £50m to the Tories) so don’t worry rich and powerful this austerity stuff will not effect you – it is only for working people I.E. YOU!
    2. Then the Tories set neighbour against neighbour re welfare to distract from tax cuts for millionaires etc. who are distant from most peoples lives (with generally middle class poltical moron Right Wing careerist well paid Labour MPs previously having joined in the siren calls due to their poltical ignorance!)
    But there are 2 welfare states – the working class welfare state which is minimal and is associated with stigma and shame and the upper class one which is associated with luxury – 2,000+ tax reliefs for the rich & better off, £97b a year in tax cuts and tax reliefs for big business – ‘Corporate welfare’ plus £120b a year in tax avoidance to avoid giving to the community I.E. for the NHS, Adult Social Care, Mental Health etc. plus billions stashed in illicit offshore banking. Time for decent welfare for all and to make the rich pay their dues!
    3. The CONservatives CON the public and PRETEND to rule in “the national interest” but the evidence is that the Neo- Liberal Tories rule for the rich with their drive for cheap labour for working people but not for themselves!
    Their ideology is of course hypocritical – they believe in a small state and non- intervention in the economy but intervene in their interests to save the banks and to play for time (quantitative easing) in the economy and make massive state interventions to give tax cuts to millionaires and big business etc. when it suits them!
    As the New Left Review argues Neo-Liberalism is in structural crisis but to nip a possible fascism in the bud (“the emergency committee of capital”) we need to build solidarity & love amongst diverse working people and music and art will help our left wing democratic socialist cause! Solidarity!

  3. When we go into a GE, Labour must not put itself in the position of having to implement any form of Brexit, it would be electoral suicide. Brexit is a Tory project and 63% of the electorate did not vote for it.

    I’ve heard it said that if the right wing don’t get their Brexit they will stamp their feet and throw a tantrum. Tough, save me a ringside seat please!

  4. What percentage of the electorate didn’t vote for a toerag govt?

    We still got one…

  5. I swore my vote to Corbyn when I was placed on Universal Credit, nearly died and won my appeal which the D.W.P. then ignored. The Asian (D.M. Decision Maker with no qualifications other than those airy fairy rubbish issued by psychopathic mas murdering M.P.s) who passed me fit for work used the argument that, “death was not a repetitive condition so I should and could work”. The Asian doctor in the Tribunal was horrified and the white judge in the Tribunal agreed I was not fit for work. Even so the Asian Lawyer from Birmingham argued I should not be repaid all the money the government had stolen from me, but he couldn’t answer the judge’s “why not?” The D.W.P. stole it anyway. What has this to do with U.B.I.? An Asian idea. Look at the results by looking at any Asian street. I have been questioning voting for Labour for sometime now. This above is why,- For the many not the few? Well McDonnell you contribute your (we estimate £90, 000,000 per year ) I’ll contribute my £15,600 (- my medical equipment for 50 yrs “brittle” diabetes £4,600] = £11,000. You are no better than the common Asian McDonnell if you support U.B.I. I will vote for Corbyn because I believe he will get rid of Universal Credit and give us back our rights? How much money does he earn – and for what – any M.P.? You contribute your £100s,000s and then the Asian criminals their £100s,000s and then get the Westminster witches to tax those they have left to die on the streets. Then I will agree with U.B.I. U.B.I. is not the redistribution of money it is what stokes the evil of Universal Credit and leaves British Subjects dying on the streets – the redistribution of POVERTY! This is totally opposed to Marx’s redistribution of wealth. HYPOCRITE! This is the satanic idea of Asian animals. Join them John McDonnell and become a multicultural mas murderer of vulnerable British Subjects. The Queen has them swept away in case a blasphemous fraudulent bitch of satan should have its conscience pricked. You’ll have no problems, you and the T.U.C. have no apparent conscience, Wendy Andrews (Labour Member)

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