Watson criticises Gove – for ‘disloyalty’


It’s one of the ironies of politics that so many politicians don’t seem to get irony. Labour deputy leader Tom Watson chose to tweet a comment about Michael Gove’s decision not to resign from the Cabinet this week over Theresa May’s dismal Brexit deal, with a dig at Gove’s loyalty – or lack of it:

watson gove

Most of the rest of us, of course, have a memory that stretches into such dim and distant recesses of time as just two years ago, when Watson was at the centre of efforts to persuade Jeremy Corbyn to step down as leader during the ridiculous ‘chicken coup‘ in spite of Corbyn’s huge support from members. So active was Waton in this regard that the BBC struggled to keep up:

watson 2016

Corbyn’s supporters will, naturally, take a dim view of Watson’s behaviour then and his comment now – but it also drew fire from the right, as former Fawkes hack and now S*n scribbler Harry Cole let fly:

twatson cole.png

Of course, Cole seems just as upset about the attempted coup’s ineffectiveness as by Watson’s cheek – echoing Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s assessment at the time as ‘f***ing useless‘:

It’s about time someone took advantage of Labour’s new rules to mount a challenge to Mr Watson. He was invited to comment but had not responded by the time of publication.

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  1. “Tom Watson sparkling one-liners” no results
    “Tom Watson witticisms” no results
    “Tom Watson funny” nothing there either
    “Tom Watson quotes” apparently there’s this golfer

    All of which leads me to wonder whether somebody said it to him first.

  2. Tom Watson:
    “I’m swimming in an ocean of irony …”

    The hypocrisy of the right is something fabulous to behold.

  3. I certainly hope that Labour Party members in his constituency will try to replace Nuclear Warmonger Watson as their candidate at the next election.

    His willingness to press the nuclear button would kill millions of innocent people and it would open up this country to a retaliatory nuclear strike in which millions of our fellow citizens would be killed also.

    How can someone who advocates such a murderous course of action be allowed to even remain a member of the Labour Party?


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