Video: UN rapporteur Alston: govt policies could have been ‘designed by misogynists’

Philip Alston, speaking in London

UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston’s presentation of his preliminary findings has just concluded – and the litany of horrors he described will take some time to write about.

But Alston’s closing remark was astonishingly frank and conveyed much about his findings concerning the policies of the Tory government, the mentality behind them and the harshness of their impact.

Alston spoke of the ‘really remarkable gender dimension‘ of Tory policies and their hugely disproportionate impact on women, particularly mothers, before concluding:

Alston also condemned the impact of the Tories’ ‘ideological’ policies on children, disabled people, asylum seekers and others. More details to follow.

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    1. Was distancing herself from this report part of the reason that McVay resigned yesterday. Is this part of the preparation for her leadership bid. (surely life wouldn’t be so cruel)

      At the very least she must be relieved that she won’t be held to account for its findings.

      1. I’d thought about that being a possible reason for mcvile’s resignation for a moment…But only a moment.

        You see, your last sentence makes it clearer to me. Mcvile doesn’t give a f**k about this UN report. No toerag has done so with previous UN reports before, so why should mcvile now?

        Then there’s the persistent lying to parliament with impunity…

        No, they’ve continued, unfettered and unabashed and with increasing vigour with their punitive austerity idealogies; all the while laughing in the faces of the UN and the poorest.

      2. I think she deserves universal credit for the honest and forthright stance that she has adopted on these and other issues.

      3. In a way there’s no one more fitting to become Tory leader. She epitomises their inherent evil better than anyone else I can think of.

        She really ought to be at the helm when their whole rotten ship goes down at the forthcoming (please God!) election!

  1. Blair was right “The class war is over”. When a comfortable, bourgeois lawyer explains that poverty & social injustice is simply a gender issue, I wonder if he is interviewing for a job in the Guardian; Channel 4 or the BBC? Crass generalisations are not an aid to perception, but if you really want to know where to find it, go look in places such as the inner cities.The so-called ‘Patriarchy’ favours the elites, regardless of gender’ as the ‘Masters’ still make the rules, but now for their wives; girlfriends; daughters & mistresses, Dominant ideologies made to manufacture consent in MSM.

    1. You may find it informative to read Professor Philip Alston’s statement.
      (I’ve posted a link above)

  2. your text says ‘loan claimants

    ‘ and he says ‘loan parents’

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