Excl: Kinnock – “I plan to vote against May’s Brexit deal”, not just abstain

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Stephen Kinnock

Centrist Labour MP Stephen Kinnock told Sky News this morning that he and other centrists ‘can’t vote for that‘ – ‘that‘ being Theresa May’s ‘truckload of fudge‘ Brexit deal.

However, Kinnock – and a number of other centrists who had tweeted using similar wording about their intention not to support May’s deal – did not say, ‘I will vote against it’, leading some observers to note that abstentions might be planned. This would not ‘support’ the deal, but equally would do little to prevent its passage through the Commons in early December:

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The SKWAWKBOX contacted Kinnock and others to ask for clarification of their intentions. At first, his office responded with a link to the tweet pictured above, but when the lack of clarity was pointed out, a comment from Kinnock himself was provided:

I have been absolutely clear for over two years that I will only support an EEA-based Brexit; one that maintains full access to the single market while increasing our control over our laws and immigration, whilst reflecting the 52:48 vote and helping to reunite our deeply divided country.

Given that it appears that Theresa May has not specified this type of Brexit in the political declaration, I plan to vote against her deal.

Responses from others will be published as and when received.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

With Esther McVey, Penny Mordaunt and others tipped to resign this afternoon, the DUP stating it plans to vote against (assuming no further sweetener is found) and May receiving a slating from pro-Brexit hardliners on her own benches during today’s Prime Minister’s Questions, May looks in trouble – but the voting arithmetic remains extremely tight.


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    1. It may be more constructive to welcome his very clear stance with hint of good grace

      1. We ought to be able to convince any thinking person (dunno about Kinnock) that only full-on socialist policies have a chance of even pausing the growing wealth gap.

        And that sometime soon, when they have no further need of Tories or the MSM because they’re beyond the power of democracy to affect them – the 1% will have no more interest in politicians than they currently have in the rest of us.

        Free market capitalism logically ends with the last two richest men on Earth fighting each other for dominion over an apocalyptic anti-society in a ruined, corpse-strewn landscape.

  1. Jess Philips says she doesnt get asking for a GE as it wont change things, yet she wants a peoplesvote, which should they lose wont change things.

    I didnt vote in the referendum but I actually think I would like a peoples vote now so i can vote in the opposite way to these people. How are we supposed to govern with them in our midst? If they lose their peoples vote they should be forced to resign or at very least every single one of them involved in it should be put up against decent opponents in the ensuing trigger ballots. I seriously hope that decent candidates are being looked at up and down the country. No more Jareds thank you.

    Awful people.

    1. I would like a peoples vote now so i can vote in the opposite way to these people.

      You should cast your vote on the question on the ballot paper and nothing else. Treating a referendum as a protest vote is just plain silly.

    1. He’s repeated his pledge on camera this evening – Ch5 BREXIT Judgement Day.

  2. So let me get this straight. Right wing Labour MPs who have been strongly pro-Remain, and have spent the past two years criticising Corbyn for being too pro-Brexit, may be voting FOR May’s Brexit deal, while Corbyn votes against it, in order to shore up the Tory leader and prevent a Labour Government.

    I think I am living a cross between George Orwell and Alice in Wonderland.

  3. It will be quite an unusual experience for Kinnochio to be in the same division lobby as Mr Corbyn.

    1. Sitting around half asleep thinking Junior’s lucky he favours his Ma not his Pa I suddenly had the answer to something that’s been bothering me.
      Blair – anybody else think the older he gets the more like Denis Thatcher he looks?

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