KKK protest outside Northern Ireland Islamic centre

newtownards kkk2.jpg

Men dressed in KKK outfits, including hoods and crosses, have gathered outside an Islamic centre in the Newtownards area of Northern Ireland. A local woman, who took pictures of the men, told BBC Northern Ireland:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

As many have observed since the election of a right-wing extremist in Brazil last night, the far right is not ‘on the rise’ – it’s already risen with the assistance of so-called ‘mainstream’ media and must be resisted.

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  1. No it is through concerted efforts of right wing politics, moneybags and msm. They work on fear and divide and rule, scapegoating vulnerable people. People have to wake up and fight this .

  2. Fight this hatred whether it is on the streets or on social media this sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable
    Remember this this the society what your kids and grandkids will be growing up in,

    1. Nope, Newtonards proper Dup Uvf stronghold .Think Deliverance and you get the idea. I’m surprised there’s a Muslim centre there, even Catholics would be as rare as hens teeth in that town.

  3. Race, religion, football, postcode – for many they’re just the excuse for violence.
    I suspect most men get a kick out of violent confrontation and its rush of adrenaline but most of us have the socialisation, wit and self-control to avoid addictive behaviour and keep ourselves in check unless gratification is forced upon us by other addicts and circumstance.

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