Clegg reaches peak LibDem with parting statement as he skips off to Facebook

clegg glum.png
Nick Clegg

Former LibDem leader Nick Clegg has expressed his delight to be quitting the UK for California to take up a position with social media giant Facebook. He also announced he was giving up his efforts to stop Brexit:


As someone who has spent a lifetime arguing for Britain’s wholehearted commitment to Europe, it is of course a wrench to be leaving the public debate at a crucial time in the Brexit process. But the key decisions will soon pass to Parliament, of which I am no longer a Member, and once I had decided to take up this unique new challenge at Facebook, I felt it was best to get going sooner rather than later.


Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie spotted the obvious issue:

wylie clegg.png

Campaigning on something – and then abandoning all of it at a crucial juncture to work for people at the heart of everything you’ve opposed. It has a familiar ring.

Nick Clegg has reached peak LibDem.

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  1. Says it all …..
    Done the damage, helped screw the country, and now does as all of the careerists do and effs off , and I mean all, no matter which party as there are few genuine honest politicians left , but I can think of the odd one or two gems and they all just happen to be in the Labour Party!

  2. Vice Cable is just as bad. He would actually do what Clegg did and go into a coalition with the tories. Just who do the lib-dens represent?

  3. Social media as ‘a force for good’ can only be free of interference by advertising and control by government; open to every viewpoint. Glegg can only make facebook less free. It’s controlled enough already. Democracy needs a social net as an alternative to fb.

  4. Farcebook – never failing to repulse me for a plethora of reasons. I thought clegg put the kybosh on the snooper’s charter?} Now he’s gonna work for the most loathesome ‘intelligence – gathering’ platform of all?

    I hate farcebook, I detest the slime known as zuckerberg and I fucking despise clegg with every fibre of my being. You can shove yer farcebook as far up yer ‘arris as you can get it.

  5. “As someone who has spent a lifetime arguing for Britain’s wholehearted commitment to Europe”

    Seriously? This is some revisionist bollocks! The Lib-Dems had an in/out referendum on EU membership in 2010 as their manifesto pledge!
    It was their bloody idea! Clegg and his band of useless yellow scum flounced out of the Commons in 2009 when the speaker (at the time) denied them an in/out vote in the Commons!


  6. At least when they realise he speaks out of his cloaca he’ll find a welcome in US politics – Trunt must be running out of Americans corrupt enough to take his pay for keeping quiet.

  7. This political parrot is dead, this political parrot is no more, it has ceased to be, it is beret of life, but is not at peace. There are more soon to follow.

  8. Good riddance to the Hampton Wick that facilitated the Tories back into power and destroyed the trust of 100s of 1000s who voted LibDem TO KEEP THE TORIES OUT!

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