Tired of the one-sided evening news? A new option is coming


Long-time friend of the SKWAWKBOX Matt Turner, former Editor of Evolve Politics and one of the few commentators to accurately predict the 2017 General Election, is preparing to launch a new YouTube channel, The Communiqué.

The aim will be to provide a concise, daily evening brief on British politics and a no-jargon take on some of the big stories of the day in and out of Westminster as an alternative to the mainstream evening news.

Mainstream media are increasingly becoming an undiluted channel for the Establishment, with no real dissection and a distinct imbalance in the guests they invite on to discuss news items. Matt’s new venture will also aim to report on issues that are often marginalised by mainstream broadcasters and newspapers.

While the YouTube channel is being set up there will be a daily thread, starting immediately, on The Communiqué’s Twitter account running through the news of the day, interesting stories and recommended articles/columns.

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  1. ‘Russia Today’ adds a certain flavour to the MSM narrative. As with the BBC & Channel 4, it is state owned media & the advertising is somewhat repetitive as there are few sponsors from the capitalist market. The ‘Daily News’ is worth watching, & there are some regular quality programmes such as ‘Going Underground’; ‘Max Keiser’ & ‘Cross Talk’ that often provides a challenging alternative reality to establishment MSM. Well worth a watch/listen, if, for no other reason, it annoys the hell out of the Tories.

      1. With you on that, Maria!

        Renegade Inc is, for me, the most stimulating programme on TV right now. Going Underground and Cross Talk, unmissable.

        George Galloway’s Sputnik and the (usually) hilarious Redacted Tonight (both on Sat) are worth a look, too…

    1. Russia Today also seems to have a less than subtle anti LGBT agenda. I’ve noticed it a few times. Sputnik News seems to have scantily clad women popping up every now and then.

      They are Russian versions of mainstream media.

      1. Quite right Ella. RT has serious issues but it is a great alternative to the western, one sided media options. I always noticed that you can only find out what is going on from the western media when powerful groups fall out with each other – then all the sh**t flows out. Equally RT gives you the Russian version of the same.

    2. “The real News” is also well worth finding,as well those you have mentioned steve.

  2. I bang on about Labour TV but oddly I’ve never thought to look for political YouTubers.
    Hope we’ll see contributions from you, Rachael, Mark, Bucky and all the other brilliant and dedicated people I haven’t yet found.

    So many talented Lefties out there maybe we’ll see more channels.
    ‘Guillotine News’ would be a catchy title 🙂

    1. Pitchfork Times? 🙂

      Brilliant idea for a lefty video channel politics and news bulletin. TV news is much more effective than the written word press, though it has its place as we see from Skwawkbox et al.

      What is also needed is a lefty alternative to BBC Daily News and Propaganda, sorry, Politics. I hope Communiqué expands into that slot too.

      1. Well enjoy those whilst you can given that a number of those SM tech corporations are busy systematically de- platforming alt-media sights and individuals by closing down their accounts.

      2. Good because twitter keeps blocking me. Might be worth a butcher’s. Regards

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