W Mids Labour First gathers for Mann dinner speech. If you’re a leftie, be thankful


Right-wing Labour John Mann was guest speaker last week at the annual dinner of West Midlands Labour First – held at the Brandhall Labour Club stronghold of Labour First MP John Spellar:

mann invite.png

Somehow, against all odds and expectation, the event kept a low profile.

Mr Mann was his usual riveting self:

mann wmlf

The audience reaction bore eloquent testimony to the inspiration imparted and the fundamental energy and enthusiasm of Labour First:

mann wmlf2a.png
The energy in the room was palpable


At least it appears to be safe from being labelled a personality cult.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The Labour right is currently attempting to capitalise on the divided left slate for the NCC elections. Clearly the poor old right-wingers need the distraction.

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  1. ‘course we’ve only got your word for it that the photo is genuine.
    Could just as easily be a focus group for scalp polish.

  2. Apparently Mr Mann claimed during his speech that he had obtained evidence that the murder of Mr Khashoggi had been carried out by the Russians on the direct orders of Mr Corbyn.

    1. Isn’t there a legitimate way to get her deselected? Or at least to chuck her out of the party.. Are there no Labour Party rules that demand a member must agree with party thinking? She sounds more like a tory than anything, certainly nothing at all like a genuine representative of Labour.

    2. Yes, good to see another Labour MP fully on board with the LP manifesto. Well done Angela for your blatant disregard. No doubt there are some complexities to resolve, but not a whisper about water shortages, current inefficiencies, or all that money in the shareholders pockets. Last but not least, any scant vestige of an argument is predicated on past precedent rather than future possibilities.

  3. The poorly read.
    Were bloody well fed.
    And critical thinking enter not ye at the door.
    Then ‘Moses’ Mann who parted the sea.
    Spoketh and the room was dominated by a bore.
    One of the greatest minds in the Western World.
    Yet to be discovered.
    And the main course of this hearty meal.
    Thus curdlest the custard!
    Now go and read some bloody left wing books!

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