Juncker ‘denies’ mocking Maybot dance (video). Kind of

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker appeared to mock Theresa May’s embarrassing attempt at dancing last week at the Conservative party conference when he performed a similar ‘dance’ at the podium as he prepared to give a speech to the ‘Committee of the Regions’:

Mr Juncker’s spokesman declined to provide a direct response to a media enquiry, instead pointing to a tweet by another of his press team that she said answered whether he had indeed been mocking May.

Which it did – kind of:


But Schinas’ allusion to an Abba song lyric, ‘Without a song and dance what would our life be?’ suggests that the denial might not have been entirely serious. May’s ‘dance’ was to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ – probably without permission of the band.

Certainly the audience’s raucous laughter indicates that they immediately made the perhaps-implied connection to the Maybot.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Of course, diplomatically, Juncker can’t admit he was mocking May. But perhaps the the ‘denial’ was also diplomatic.

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  1. Certainly the audience’s raucous laughter indicates that they immediately made the perhaps-implied connection to the Maybot.

    Well, it was certainly more may than Yeltsin…

  2. Yawn. Trivial stuff compared to the Labour Left’s capitulation on supporting the capitalist EU which prohibits the extension of public ownership. Appalling sell out by Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott! Abandonment of democratic socialism in favour of permanent retention of capitalism.

    1. Please detail this Danny. My impression is that JC is trying to hold things together, but Starmer makes life difficult with his trying to take over Labour’s approach. JC is not pro-EU.

  3. Trivial stuff?

    Of course it is – of course! Ridiculing the PM isn’t a sad reflection of the state of the Govt, and the regard it’s held in throughout the rest of the EU (And no doubt further).

    The ‘woman’ is a f**ing joke abroad; while here, it’s policies are killing people.

    That’s how ‘trivial’ it is.

  4. UK poverty and homeless people dying isn’t worth a mention then. Let’s focus on crap instead.

  5. I find it difficult to imagine that anyone would want to ridicule Mrs May,or indeed,find anything to ridicule her for. Her dance was simply another example of her strength and stability as was her admission that running through a cornfield was the naughtiest thing she had ever done which has endeared her to the younger generation. This is a PM in touch with ordinary people. …….. Sorry I think reading Laura Kunsbergs blogs are getting to me.

  6. ”Sorry I think reading Laura Kunsbergs blogs are getting to me.”

    It’ll be the grauniad next week, the way things are goin’.

    1. Blimey you will be telling me I shouldn’t watch Jo Coburn or listen to Humphrys and Robinson next!

  7. Imitation is the ‘sincerest’ form of flattery.

    To put a positive spin on it – Maybe she’s started a worldwide ‘dance’ trend amongst political leaders. Who’s going to be the next to emulate her, Trump, Duterte, Erdoğan or Putin?

  8. Remember ‘Things can only get better’? I never liked D:Ream.
    We should use this next time. Dead rockers rule.

  9. ‘Things can only get bitter’. There will always be the elephant in the room as the EU commissars can never allow GB economy to flourish post Brexit. If they do, it will spell doom for the EU project.

  10. Luxembourg and Sweden are the only EU members among only 22 UN states worldwide never to have had their land invaded by the Brits, apparently.
    I didn’t know that but I bet the rest of the EU do…

  11. I want to know why ABBA haven’t sued the fuck out of her already!

    I believe they have a ban on their music being used in a political context.

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