Dugdale responds to Formby letter – but not to the point

Kezia Dugdale

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX exclusively published a letter sent by Labour general secretary Jennie Formby to MSPs (members of Scottish Parliament) in response to their complaint about Labour’s decision not to further fund Kezia Dugdale’s defence against a libel action brought by the owner of the Wings over Scotland website.

The letter described the extent of Labour’s contribution of initial funding for the case and the reasons the party decided not to do so for continued legal costs. The SKWAWKBOX offered Ms Dugdale the opportunity to comment and she has now done so via a spokesperson, who said:

Jennie Formby’s letter throws into question whether she believes in the party’s values of solidarity.

As for her bizarre claim about the party having ‘no sign off’, Kezia Dugdale was the leader of the party at the time of writing. Is Jennie Formby really suggesting that Scottish Labour leaders need ‘sign off’ from UK officials? That should deeply trouble the current leadership.

Ms Dudgdale’s response appears to suggest that ‘solidarity’ means licence to commit alleged libel – accusing someone of homophobic comments – without consultation with the party and yet still expect members to foot the bill for resulting legal action.

Even more to the point, Ms Formby’s letter did not say that Dugdale needed approval from ‘UK officials’ for her article – but conversely, if Ms Dugdale was entitled to write what she wanted without ‘sign off’, then she was equally independent when it comes to the consequences.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Her spokesperson responded to the letter – but missed the point.

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  1. The sense of entitlement and lack of self awareness exhibited by Kezia Dugdale is mind-blowing.

    She’s self evidently so wrapped up in her own hubris that she’s completely lost sight of who’s money this is. This is much worse than company directors who frequently end up in court for the miss-appropriation of their own companies funds.

  2. We need to be told who approved the initial funding to Kesia’s lawyers because from the above statement, by her spokesperson, it would be quite easy to infer that Kesia approved these payments herself.

  3. When the tories say socialists are good at spending other people’s money, they really mean non-socialists are good at helping themselves to others’ money – like themselves and dugdale.

  4. Seems straight forward to me , Dugdale seems to have wrote a libellous column in a local paper off her own back without Labour party authorisation , and other local rag decides to sue .
    Its called responsibility for ones actions .
    Stop wasting any more of our members money and our officers time .
    Just another opportunist having a go at Labour /Corbyn .

  5. Just looking through the mainstream media news recently I notice that Kezia Dugdale is busy sticking the knife into the Labour Party with her accusation: ‘you can’t trust the Labour Party’.

    It’s glaringly obvious that she is the one who can’t be trusted and the question would be more appropriate if reframed as: ‘You can’t trust Kezia Dugdale’.

    I’m interested to know if she’s another Ruth Smeeth, ie. an American/Isreali sponsored puppet. I do wonder…

    1. Why do courts & access to justice cost so much money?

      …And always did. No coincidence a very large proportion of MP’s are from a legal background…

  6. Good god how on earth can Dugdale state:
    “Jennie Formby’s letter throws into question whether she believes in the party’s values of solidarity.”
    Her complete lack of insight as to what solidarity means given her multiple attacks on Corbyn and the left is breathing taking in its hypocrisy and arrogance.

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