Nottingham East’s overwhelming vote of no confidence in Chris Leslie

leslie soubry
Chris Leslie gets chummy with Tory MP Anna Soubry at a pro-EU march

Nottingham East MP Chris Leslie has joined Frank Field, Joan Ryan, Kate Hoey and Gavin Shuker in losing the confidence of his membership after the CLP (constituency Labour party) passed an overwhelming vote of no confidence in him on Friday night. Leslie was not present for the vote, having apparently opted to attend a ‘people’s vote’ event,

The motion, which condemned Leslie’s ‘disloyalty and deceit’, reflects members’ anger at Leslie’s readiness to provide an anti-Corbyn voice to the Establishment media.

Leslie has long been one of the most frequent and least impressive of the hard-core ‘centrists’ seeking to undermine the leader of their party. He has also demonstrated an unappealing eagerness to cosy up to Tory MPs when the country needs to be rid of them.

Will the confidence-less MP now resign the Labour whip?

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  1. A very sad disillusioned person!
    If he thinks having a second referendum will make things right!
    He should put his thinking head on and go with Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the shadow cabinet!
    Let May, do her worst and come back with no deal, it then goes to a vote in Parliament!
    She gets a resounding no vote on it, then a vote of no confidence follows!
    The Tories, are backed into a corner with nowhere to go and the next step is, a GE!
    She will fold, because that hot potatoe she’s carrying is too much for her to handle!

    1. An interesting post by Duncan Shipley Dalton thanks for highlighting it. I am also wondering what the rules are for MPs that have a CLP no confidence vote against them? Can they just sit tight as they appear to be doing?

      It’s all so complex isn’t it.

    2. Time to test the system , proof in the pudding an all that etc !
      30% wasn’t it ? Humm so lets just see how easy it will be for this CLP to raise that and start deselection

    3. This may seem depressing but to be frank the issue is largely academic. Trigger ballots and votes of no confidence are merely catching up with the reality that in certain constituencies local community activists have already voted with their feet – requiring activists from outside Constituencies to be press ganged into some places to get the business done in elections.

      Whether a trigger ballot is successful in removing those who behave as though they are feudal Lords or Ladies will not alter the fact that people will no longer turn out for them, risking the seat.

  2. None of them will resign. Looks like the new “centrist” party is off the agenda for now as they continue to swing their wreaking balls using anti-Semitism and Brexit. What next in this stand off? LP really has to change the balance in PLP or at least get some leverage over MPs to curb their disloyalty and shenanigans.

    1. Put the PLP in their place. They are there to serve ! Oh , by the way that is to serve the people of the constituency who elected them under a Corbyn Labour Socially caring Party , not to serve themselves . They should have no more representation than a vote as a party member !

  3. On a slightly related note, I see mike ‘sour’ gapes is still taking his time…

    I’ve seen pirates walk the plank quicker than him. Just hurry up and do one like you’ve been threatening to…Or are the perks too good to relinquish?

    Parasites, the whole bloody shower of ’em. Stealing a (damned good) living.

  4. On another note – Just how the absolute F did that drip leslie ever make shadow chancellor?

    Anyway, I look at the E.midlands (Nottingham area) in terms of MP’s and it leaves a lot to be desired. It has to be the place most devoid of any political talent whatsoever. I thought my local area (murkeyside) was nauseating, but at least there’s less toerags here…Well, so we’re led to believe…


  5. Does the vote of no confidence do anything in terms of constraint? Or legally? Or does it only bear a symbolic message? Tks for your enlightment

    1. “Does the vote of no confidence do anything in terms of constraint?” No, it carries no official weight at Party level, but it allows local members to hold a trigger ballot to force the incumbent to compete for selection as a candidate, ahead of the next general election. So, good news.

      1. Thanks a lot for that. We need every small win we get. Regards

  6. Chris Leslie supported austerity with the words “there is no magic money tree” and then voted for replacement of the Trident nuclear status symbol.

    I hope his CLP will now look for a replacement for Chris Leslie.

  7. Let’s show him how real democracy works. Time to test the new selection process. He’s going to be the an ex MP and more to follow. Are listening Margaret, Chuka, Jess! Time for change.

  8. Leslie has just written a whiny Guardian article* complaining about the loss of a broad Labour church and bemoaning the amount of political intolerance within the party.
    Is this the same Chris Leslie who helped to frog-march Marc Wadsworth out of the Labour party for daring to criticise Ruth Smeeth for being too close to the right-wing Telegraph?
    Or was that a different Chris Leslie, who doesn’t give a toss about a the party being a broad church which accepts dissenting views?

    * https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/29/mp-chris-leslie-deselection-threats-momentum-labour-party

    1. Yes a typically deceitful line of argument that is an MP standard. Yep – whiny.
      But somewhere he said he was centre-left !!! Sorry about that cuppa that you’ve just splurted .

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